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My 178 cm SG GS board is 14 years old and I think I'm due for an upgrade.  Surprisingly the bride is in favor of it with the understanding that this will likely be the last new board I'll ever get.  I'm looking for recommendations.  For those that don't know me, I'm a NASTAR junkie and have run the program at Okemo since 2006.  I race on skis and board and have won the NASTAR Nationals on skis once and on the board twelve times.  I've been ranked #1 Nationally in my age group every year for the past dozen or so years.  I'm 71 years old, 5'8" and 165 lb.  

The GS boards that keep coming to mind are Kessler, SG, and the Donek Rev.  I'm thinking of going a little shorter (172 cm?). I don't use a riser plate but would give some thought to doing so if there would be a discernible difference in performance.  I ride in Head Stratos Pros (28.5 mondo) that have been softened to provide more forward flex.  Bindings are F2 Race. I have severe arthritis in my right knee but I'm getting a replacement in May.

Looking forward to your recommendations!



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Have you ridden a Kessler? 

I've got a 185 with an early Apex plate... it's older, the edges are thinning... it's got a little damage in the tail... it's the standard width which makes me run higher angles than I like...  I don't ride it a lot.  

Best race board I've ever ridden and I've ridden old exotic race boards, REVs, F2s, and Coilers.  Not best by a little...best by a lot.  If I was racing for cash tomorrow you better believe that board would be under my feet.

Get a custom Kessler... don't even hesitate... ride it into your very own sunset.

BTW, you kick ass... keep it up!

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