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F2's 2018/2019 Catalog is available here- http://anyflip.com/vhkh/uyhc

If they made hardboots they would be a one stop shop for alpine snowboarding (hard or soft). Heck they even have a splitboard and bindings (pg. 38-39)!

Interesting items in the catalog-

Page. 14/15- Complete Softboot carving setups- F2 Socks, F2 Boots, F2 Bindings (flow like), F2 Boards  Impressive!

Page 23- Extreme carving board (168, 22cm waist, 11scr)

Pg 27- Powder Freecarver (Axxis hmmn where have I heard that name before?) (164, 23.8cm waist, 9scr)

pg 45- Sandwich Carbon S-Flex Absorber Plate They call it "New System"  so I'm wondering what's changed since 2007/2008? Looks the same to me.

pg 45- F2 branded Allflex Plate...

pg 46- Ski Poles for Knapton (F2 really does cover all the trends!)







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