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SOLD!!!! Jasey Jay Custom alpine 174 cm race board + Plate

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Bought it used at the beginning of the seasonn impulse, never got around to actually try it.... Got a few other boards in my quiver & Need the $$$ for kite surf gear.

Don't know much about it other then it's supposed to be rocket fast.

It's in Very good condition. Normal stiff, Edges are good & sharp, base is in excellent shape. 

Killer combo with carbon plate.




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 I have to admit, I'm a bit of a gear junkie, a little bit impulsive at times with gear purchase... 

Got 2 small children at home, not getting as many days out on the mountain as I used to, plus just came back from a week in Whistler riding pow.

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Not sure what the above means but sounds like a fantastic deal for whoever jumps on this. JJA’s boards w Plates are super easy to ride. Looks like a super fun board. I want it but must resist....... good luck w the sale

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