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What Edge and Base Angles Are Ya Setting For Hard Charging Carving??

What Edge & Base Angles You Setting For Hard Charging Carving??  

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  1. 1. So What Angles Ya Running For Hard Carving

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When I had a new Coiler NFCE delivered I asked Bruce what edge tune it came with. 

0 on the base, and 89 on the side, no detune.

Tried it out as it was and very happy. I'd previously run a range of base and side angles but I'm planning on keeping it simple from here on.

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Base -1, Edges -5

Too often riding on sometimes icy, hardpack at Windham, New York. but I am still not that good in Ice. Fear?  Bad technique ?

Mostly riding Donek FC171, FC185 and Coiler WC185 formerly ridden at World Cup races by
Olympic Gold Medalist Jasey Jay Anderson. I won the Coiler at the ECES at Sugarloaf !

I do my own edge & wax tuning. I am starting to play with the Tooltonic " Ice Catcher" on one board.

Eastern conditions have just turned "spring/summer" for February/March 2018, and will continue based on the 30 day forecast, so I guess my testing is over for this season. 



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