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185 Donek Hazelwood

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I have finally put some time on my new Hazelwood.

Some background

This is my 2nd Hazelwood Sean has made for me. I am 220 lbs.

1st Hazelwood was 190cm long, 24 CM wide, 10-12 VSR with 1 inch of taper. I rode this board as my all mountain/ powder board for 3 seasons. The board is great but I wanted something I Could ride all day and not require the same real estate.

2nd Hazlewood 185 CM long, 23 CM wide, 9-11 VSR, and one inch of taper.

The difrence between these machines is incredible the small hazelwood is an absolute blast but lacks the float of the original. The diffrence in edge transition with only 1 CM diffrence is  mind blowing. The 1 meter smaller side cut radius makes a huge difference that I did not expect. 

Both of the Hazelwoods are great boards, the difference small changes in dimensions gives me a new appreciation for all of the effort to select something everyone can enjoy.

I can say that my first coustom board was a guess and my 2nd and the 3rd have helped my understand what changes make a board what you want.

Thank you to Donek and Sean specifaclly for designing a product that can be fine tuned over time.

Warning custom boards are addictive!


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Stance the 'smaller' one back a bit more, run only a mild rear cant (but NOT FLAT) to let your hip drift astern. In the future, consider more 'rocker-up' along the nose, or, another 5mm of width up front to give better float.  But, I know nothing, I crash Tankers like Capt. Hazelwood did... "PSR"


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