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Mt. Bachelor 2017/2018

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I got my first day of the season at Mt. Bachelor yesterday. Bluebird day with fast grippy snow and pretty thin crowds until around 11 or so. Cloudchaser was still a little bare - there are some rocks and grass sticking out on piste -- but there's good coverage on other chairs.

Tickets there are now eye-wateringly expensive - do they raise prices over the holidays? I'll be back in April, but that's probably it. 

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On 2/13/2018 at 7:46 PM, C5 Golfer said:

Anyone know how the conditions are now.?  I am coming that way Mar 7-11 - wondering if it is nice enough to bring my board to Bend.  or just drink Beer.


Hey Al, I haven't been there since New Year's, but they are doing better than Hood thanks to colder temperatures. I would think it's probably worthwhile bringing your board, but maybe check back the week before. In general, I think coverage should be fine. I assume that you guys have the same weather patterns as us, which often bring heavy storms in March, so I would expect more base in early March than they have now, and possibly powder days. 

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