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Personal journey through StrongLifts 5x5

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On 01/12/2017 at 11:12 AM, Corey said:

I'm really interested to see how this all translates to the snow! 

Ok, I've now had two days on the snow this season! After the past year's barbell work, how did things go? My quads/hamstrings/glutes are good to go. My back oblique muscles and the sides of my calves were underprepared just like every other season. 

What will I do differently next year? I dropped the full-contact twist and instead focused on raising my squat/deadlift alone. The full-contact twist is coming back. Also will add some one-footed balance work to build the muscles that roll the foot side-to-side. 

For the rest of this season, I hope to ride more. You know, for my health. :D 

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I'm back.

What's been going on?  Not a whole lot of anything special.  I stopped lifting for the month of December for no good reason.  Well, I decided to stop driving my WRX and bought a big ass GMC SUV with the hopes of unloading my WRX pretty quickly. 

I'm back in the gym after using the floor space to acquire truck and car parts.  StrongLifts recommended 50% de-load since it was almost exactly one month since I lifted last.  I accepted their recommendation and upped the squat weight a bit.  Squats are ramping up quickly by increasing 10lbs per workout instead of 5lbs and the upper body stuff didn't drop very much.  I could have probably done just a 20% drop in squat deadlift and rows, but figured my spine would like a little mercy.  Bench and Press are mostly unaffected.

It's been good to get back to listing, it's been too long.  I'll have a much better update in a couple of weeks when I'm lifting my weights on par with my end of November numbers.

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