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June MLK 1-15 to 17

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I havent been on the board at all both the forum and the Coiler...


Going up to June next weekend Sat Jan 15 to Mon 17th.  I am getting over a stupid hamstring injury so I have no time on the moto or boarding so I will be without legs...  Hopefully we get more snow than rain.

Anyone else?



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I ran into Chris/2Stroke a number of times today.  Great to chat with you!

It really wasn't prime carving conditions at all.  When it was smooth enough, it was too soft to push it, otherwise it was chunky monkey all over.  Fairly tiring slarving unless you sought the tree pow.

There was one other guy in a yellow jacket that I didn't get to connect with.

I might be there tomorrow, but on two sticks. :eek:

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Like nekdut said, a bit soft on Saturday and a bit tiring, would dig boots in if pushed too hard, but I still had fun.  Sunday had all the refugees from Mammoth, parking lots full by 9 and a 2 hour trip to make it to the lodge.  Ran into Joe in the lot who decided on snowshoeing.  Once at the lodge, after 11 now, we decided to eat lunch right then and that was the best decision.  Snow was firmer and the crowd on the mountain was no issue, full for June which means about a 3 minute line at J7, Gunsmoke empty and held groom.  Rode the Volkl gs and it worked really well for me, it appears to have less radius on the front than my Coiler so it seemed to cut thru better on turn in but held well when pushed.  Monday was epic, nice groom, firm enough but left deep signature trenches.  Saw a few carving softies but not other HB's yesterday, Joe made it up but we didnt connect before we quit at 1 with 14 runs in and quads toasted.


Back in 2 weeks...

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