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11 hours ago, Eric Brammer aka PSR said:

I may consider Andorra as a place of residence?! Taxes there are??


Very very few taxes here PSR....That's true.......till now !......

Is it heaven to live in Andorra ? Surely not.....Even if you guys find the pictures beautiful it's only because like anyone else in this thread, i try to choose the best ones in a bunch of awful ones......:cool:

And to answer Corey's Frontside.......         

Copie de 03292017151420F492073P95_DSC_0504 COMP.jpg

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Yesterday half the local hill was roped off due to a GS race.  This left one of the arguably best carving runs on the hill inaccessible unless you were willing to take a t-bar lift and hoof it a bit (ie nobody  was touching it).  I was riding with a fellow hardbooter who wasn't scared of a little work and a war commenced, right under the lifts; EC (Swoard) vs. Bomber (Coiler) style.  


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