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Best way to prevent heel lift inside boot?

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2 hours ago, digger jr said:

Had to modify Gloria’s rear boot. This is working well now.

Doesn't the modification limit the forward movement... the buckles must clash... they are practically* touching in the photo.

*might actually be touching, hard to tell.


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Modded my previous Head Stratos Pros for better heel hold and better forward flex control (video shows details). 
Modded the  rear foot UPZ after my first trip away riding them was marked by major rear heel lift issues.

In both sets of mods, changing the ankle strap angle was a key step to achieving good heel hold down. Compare the ankle strap angles on Northwaves .950, Mountain Slope .951, Deeluxe, Head SPs and UPZ boots.


Holes from original ankle strap attachment point filled with cuff offcut plastic melted/welded with soldering iron for watertight seal.
M6 toothed T-nuts & machine screws used to replace buckle rivets. 

I cut away slightly too much cuff and created gaps where the liner surface can be seen. Hasn't been a major problem given that I can cover these with the trouser cuff and have routed Intec handle extension through knee level vent in my trousers. Note that I also took the cuff extension from my old head SPs and added them to the top of the UPZ cuffs.

Buckle rivet repalcement detail.jpg

Catch Tnut detail.jpg

Cut Too Much 1.jpg

Cut Too Much 2.jpg

Edited by SunSurfer
additional photos and detail on request from BOL member

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Just reading the earlier comments... Cranking on the buckles to hold the foot down is ineffective and likely to be very uncomfortable. A heel heel lift under the liner, or under the footbed can work, especially if dorsiflexion is an issue. Other wise pads etc on the liner.

There are lots of videos about putting on ski boots around. Flexing forward to push the heel back doesn't work so well in SB boots, so I had always done the bang heel of boot on the floor thing. Then I saw a video by Harold Harb. The lifting the liner trick at 12.20 is the best thing since sliced bread. You don't need the loops to pull the liner up. I find I just need to press the heel down and back (without any real banging on the floor). 



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