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Loon/WV Opening Days

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Chappy, I've tried calling you a couple times this week. Your mailbox is full again. You have a package coming from All Boards Sports, attn Hollywood. 

It's a white top 168 ..............................................The wif is unaware of this executive decision I made. 

T32 member's, year end bash at the Bitta-end this Saturday, ALL T32 member welcome to join in. The Margaritas will be flowing at 7, pre-game at BaBes Blue Balls. Bring your 1/2 tons. I wont be in town until about 4:30pm. 

Let me know.


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Tough break Stevo. 

I'm gonna be up all night trying to come up with new names for each of my boards.

AND! Stop Stealing My Ideas! These things are expensive to think up.  I'm gonna check the archives, but I think you owe me a few $$.:smashfrea

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So the plot thickens. The 3- Frenchman and former T32 founding members just texted me, MANCAMP is open for business this weekend in Joe Thornton. Fire up the Larry Enticer's...................

Lots going on tomorrow in the Great Whites. GUY fatha, any .40cal range slugs on you ? I'm just carrying a couple clips of hollow point$. Let me know, I'll pay you back in grain !!! 

Get sum !!!


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