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Found 1 result

  1. Snowboard (non) development

    @Jack Michaud proposing an integrated plate mount in another thread got me to thinking about the stagnation of snowboard development. Seems like the last time we saw a quantum leap (?) was the not so recent titanal ‘revolution’ (or its ensuing replacement with carbon fiber when titanal threatened to become unobtanium). I believe I recall @Beckmann AG also being a little vociferous* on this theme. So BOL’ers this is your chance to share that game changing snowboard idea you’ve spent a life time thinking about but never got around to wheeling out of the workshop. To begin this thread I will throw myself at the mercy of the forum with this: Why not double edges? Think Gillette razor. Could twice the effective edge allow you to run half-length boards with the same mechanical grip? Anyway, you get the idea, so don the pocket protector and release your slide rule …. * the use of vociferous is an unashamed ruse to lure the deep thinking alpine thesaurus to the lab to ensure a level of 'quality control' :)