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Found 35 results

  1. New Binding purchase assistance

    Hello everyone...hope all are well. Wanted to throw a few questions out there to get my current setup, or lack thereof, moving forward. After trying out some Sidewinders, a came to realize I really like toe lift and heel lift without much cant fore or aft. After reading many of the threads on here about such topics, and after re-reading Beckman's article on Binding Setup, (fantastic by the way!) I came to realize I've been woefully short of a good setup for many years. All my years of riding plates/hb's, I've always used the Burton 7* unicant wedge under rear, flat up front, and did not realize how painful/unbalanced I was until I brought the front toe up a few degrees. My current interest is either a set of Sidewinders or F2's, where I can play with toe and heel lift as needed, making sure I don't get into something too stiff...tried Fin's TD1 years ago, both stepin and standard, and it was way to much for my riding. I had purchased a set of Sidewinders a few years back, liked the softness and comfort of them, but did not get much time on the snow during that time, and foolishly sold them on here. Tried like hell to buy a new pair of boots and another pair of SW's last year, but it was just too damn difficult/time consuming to get anyone at Bomber to take my money. So, my current thoughts moving forward is either a set of F2's of some sort, or another set of SW's. I do like simplicity, which my old/current set of Burton/Ibex offer. Here are my questions about this, and I appreciate the time and information in advance. I've never had/seen/setup F2's. I'm interested in their supposed simplistic design (similar to my Burton/Ibex), and very interested in what I hear is pretty easy to do regarding toe and heel lifting, if that is truly the case. I'm not at all interested in fabricating to make things work, as I just don't have the tools, etc., so I'm hoping all is easy to do out the box. 1. F2 Ti Race: Compared to my Burtons, are these much stiffer, or more rigid? How about compared to SW's.? 2. F2 Ti Race: What comes in the box regarding shims? How readily can I add a few degrees of toe lift and maybe 3-4 degrees under heel...with, or without cant? 3. F2 Intec Titanflex: I'm interested in these from a convenience and potentially a softer setup, but concerned about being to twitchy/stiff...as I found out from my TD1 Stepins many years ago. Given the build on these, I see they may be, in theory, a little softness built into these compared to others, but for those that have played around with these, are they close to the SW's in give/play, or is there a noticeable difference in being a more stiff/unforgiving interface? 4. F2 Intec Titanflex: The descriptions of these would seem to indicate more customizations to lift/cant, etc. than the F2 Ti Race...Would this be true? 5: F2: Binding setup regarding lift/cant, etc.: Can anyone point me to a video, or series of pictures, that would illustrate what these offer and how to go about setting these up? This would be huge to get a visual on my end. Haven't had much luck in my searches finding such. 6: TD3 SW's: If I decide, based on opinions/information expressed here regarding the F2's, to go this route again, there is definitely a large price difference...and I'd be foolish not to bring this into consideration. I'm assuming I'll be able to purchase these at some point in time. I have read a little about the possibility of Fin/Michelle taking back over their creation, and I hope this is true. It's unfortunate what seemed to have happened, but would explain my troubles in trying to place orders last year. FYI on me...I'm not as aggressive as I used to be, and ride small mountains here in VA and WV. My current board is an old Volkl Spline 164 and usually rid mellow angles, 45-50 forward, 35-40 aft, and this is mainly due to riding a 91 Burton M6 with fixed 45 - 35 Vari-plates and Nordica SBH for ever. I'm about 230lbs. I know...bunch of questions, but I just can't get my hands on any of this stuff where I am, and am trying to limit any surprises up front. All the best... Randy
  2. Intec heel

    Intec heel good back up . Full operational. Mist little clip on hanger but i repaire. 60$ Can. + shipping.
  3. F2 16? Elimator

    Looking for a good shape F2 Eliminator, non Carbon, but any other version would be fine. Mine is about to give up the goose. Focusing on softies, this year, easier to teach the 8 and 5 year old, rockin softies. Thanks, Mike
  4. Selling my F2 Silberpfeil. It's a 172 all round carver that's in good condition. Recommended rider weight is "over 60kg" (130lbs) It's an "older" board but it rides like new. I got it from one of the guys on the forum (Thanks Glen) and now it's time to pass it on. Only $150 plus shipping. Here's the F2 site description: "Representing a class of its own for almost 20 years, the signature move of the Silberpfeil remains the same: effortless, yet radical carving turns at steep angles. Designed for aggressive carvers, who love riding ‘on the edge’." Check out my cute sales video on YouTube:
  5. Spring Quiver Clearance - *All Sold/Traded*

    Well. I am more and more realizing Mid Atlantic is not the area to enjoy alpine snowboarding over last few seasons. So, I decided to let go few decks that don't get to be ridden much. I rode them at least once a season. Price is firm unless you get two or more. PayPal gift please. From Right to Left: Original Sin 3800 168 - Avg. condition but who cares, it floats. The bindings are not included - SOLD Burton Supermodel 181 - Good/Excellent condition - SOLD F2 Silberpfeil 172 - Excellent condition - SOLD Pogo Impact 168 - Excellent condition -- SOLD Madd 170 w/ red wall - Chopped nose for modern look so about 167 or so. Avg. condition - Decided to keep it SG Full Race 163 - My go-to board regardless conditions. Base has many surgeries. Small area of edge were replaced. True rock board but still outperform most - SOLD Madd 158 w/ red wall - Avg. condition Decided to keep it (not pictured) F2 Race Titanium bindings - Large, 5.5 mm bails, 4 cant wedges + 1 heel/toe lift, Avg. condition. - SOLD Shipping is extra. I usually send it thru USPS Priority. From 20152, it usually runs $25-50 for CONUS. Once it is packed and weighted, I'll send you the invoice.
  6. loin d'avoir des flocons par chez nous, DHL s'est pointé chez moi en début de semaine: Des F2 Race CNC (le deal était top bon). Puis JJA est en train de me bâtir une nouvelle planche (Cypress 169 custom juste un peu plus molle) pour remplacer celle que j'ai scrapper l'an dernier. D'ailleurs j'ai visité Jasey cet été quand je suis passé à Tremblant. J'ai fait le tour de l'atelier en plus d'avoir un cours de fabrication de planches en accéléré! J'ai manipulé ses propres planches. Je trouvais ça stiff...
  7. F2 Speedster RS 183

    F2 Speedster RS 183 for sale. Board, base and edges are in supreme condition. Professionally tuned. Super-fast ride. $300. Does not include shipping or bindings.
  8. Kessler 174 and F2 titanium plates

    Custom Kessler 174 (pictured on left) Sidecut Raius: 15.6m Insertssystem: 4x4 and UPM Stiffness: for about 70kg rider waist width: 190mm Ridden for only 1/2 of a season F2 race titanium size medium. Perfect condition and ridden about 10 times. kesser $800 + shipping and PayPal fees bindings $180 + shipping and PayPal fees or local pick up in the Denver area
  9. F2 RACE TITANIUM MEDIUM - $190 obo

    for sale f2 race titanium medium used one season before I decide to sell, I always check it. when i checked binding, few parts had issue, so I replaced them all. So now it has brand new cant (all 4), lift, heel plate, screws. (red circle) + 2 extra mounting screws. Medium will fit for 24,5 - 27,5. No box, No disc cover, No stomp pad, No leash cord. 190 usd include shipping(for us) - obo for more info text me 2ol3752936 or pm me
  10. Advice on bindings

    Just bought a F2 Silberpfeil. I like to carve but kinda new with it. What bindings you advice? F2 Intec Titanflex - Intec Titanium or maybe F2 CNC race Alpine? I've Deeluxe boots
  11. for sale f2 race titanium red right now its small but you can change to large made in germany only used 10 times this season never used center disc cover. stomp pad. leash cord. plate volt. small lift no crack for plate and lift comes with manual and original box fit 21.5 to 26.5 for small 26.5 to 31 for large 210 usd include shipping(for us) for more info text me 2ol3752936 or pm me
  12. F2 titanium bindings for sale

    Set of F2 bindings for sale. $275 cdn shipped in NA.
  13. Hi!! I'm Looking for a pair of F2 Intec step-in bindings in good condition, if you have an extra pair raise your hand and PM with pics and price. I believe L is best since this is for MP29 size boots. Must be willing to ship to J7J 0M4 (QC, Canada) Thanks in advance!!
  14. Additional photos and info available by request. I'm in the Hartford Ct. area for local pick up. Shipping charged at actual cost. I like PayPal. "Like new" Burton Alp 151 - used once! $75 + shipping SOLD Color fade but otherwise very good/exc. condition. Good Old Burton Alp 156. Good bottom, Discolored top. Rides nice. $50 + shipping SOLD F2 Sillberfeil 172 - older board, good condition, rides nice. $100 + shipping (Watch the video if you dare!)
  15. SOLD - F2 Intec Step-ins (2016)

    2016 F2, Intec, RS, Step-ins Size L, nearly new, used 2 days. $175 plus shipping. Would consider adding cash to trade for TD3s.
  16. Bought in 2014. 166 board, normal width. Binding Flow NX2 RS. Softboot Flow Talon size 11. All in pristine condition, no ding, no holes, sharp edges (never resurfaced), used only one week. Make me an offer if interested! Currently in Houston TX, but I will be in Vail between Feb. 11th and 18th. Chris.
  17. Below is whole setup from my friend. He recently got an injury that prevent riding any more. Asked me to sell them for reasonable/fair market prices. He had this set up for 3 years. After looking at the conditions, they are not used much at all and ridden very lightly. Edges are sharp and base is cleaned without any scratch. Top sheet is same also. Boots shell, liners, buckles are clean and function like new. Bindings are pretty much in same condition as the rest (One center disc cover is missing tho). F2 Silberfeil 172 - $300 + shipping F2 Race Titanium bindings (medium) - SOLD Items will be shipped from 20152 thru USPS priority.
  18. Hi All, I have a great pair of Intec Titanium Mediums color black, current model. These have been mounted onto a board and clicked into, but they have never seen snow. The paint on the intec receiver is worn away from clicking in but other than that they are mint (so technically not new?). Comes with all included hardware, canting shims, and even the leash. I can post pictures if necessary. I thought I could get away with mediums, but I can't get enough bias adjustment to warrant keeping them. NOW $200 shipped and insured to CONUS. Paypal gift. Local pickup is also an option.
  19. 5 Boards for Sale, Make offer

    My Father loved the Carving community unfortunately he passed away in 2008. So I've been sitting on these boards all this time and then remembered this website. Boards are as follows Rossignol 178, Oxygen 172, F2 174, Burton Factoryprime 173, Burton ultra prime 168. Bindings are the old school style. All the bases are in good condition. Make Offer on any. Please keep in mind shipping and handling cost when doing so. Will try and keep everyone updated on the sale status of each. My email is snowboarder1992@ymail.com
  20. This board has been all tuned up and ready to use for the season.It's a Kessler custom slalom race board 156cm, please contact Kessler with serial number for more board info. The board is 2-3 years old, and I barely used it last season. Bindings are F2. Price 700US$, buyers pay shipping. hard boots to sell on another add.
  21. I am open to reasonable offer for each item, thank you. 1.) Allflex plate system that is medium flex Bought it brand new from Slovenia and only used 1 day on the mountain. Asking $980 shipped 2.) Swoard Extreme Carver Gen 4 that is 168cm with Medium Flex. I bought it new last year and used for 1.5 seasons (total of 7 days on the slope) There is minor blemishes from normal use on top and bottom sheet. The screw inserts are in good condition. The board has plenty of camber. The edges are smooth with NO dings Asking $600 shipped 3.) F2 Speedster SL that is 158cm in length All the specification is provided by the link here: http://www.wslc.co.jp/snow/f2/03_04/speedster_sl.htm The condition of the snowboard is good. There are cosmetic blemishes on the top sheet from bindings and normal wear from riding. The bottom sheet is in good condition with minimal amount of light scratches. Asking $180 shipped SOLD
  22. F2 Speedster RS - 183

    F2 Speedster RS 183 for sale. Board, base and edges are in supreme condition. Really fast ride. $450 o.b.o. Price does not include shipping. Email with questions/purchase interest - jbsgolf72 at hotmail dot com - thanks! Additionally, I have some race skis (Head iSpeed GS) and a Burton Helmet locally (Denver) on Craigslist - links below F2 pics. Skis: http://denver.craigslist.org/spo/5674442248.html Helmet: http://denver.craigslist.org/spo/5674442818.html
  23. What a joy ride we had at our favorite ski area Elsigen-Metsch, Switzerland:
  24. F2 Medium race titanium bindings - used, great condition, I replaced the bails last year, I also have ordered new rubber feet (they will be here Monday) - 160 USD Shipping to anywhere CANADA - 25 USD (express w/ tracking/insurance) Shipping to anywhere in USA - 30 USD (expedited w/ tracking/insurance)
  25. APEX v2 race plate, used but good condition. (tiny chip, some scuffs, marks from bindings, etc - nothing that affects riding) - 450 US, add UPM hardware (45 US) #SOLD# F2 Medium race titanium bindings - used, but no issues - 160 USD #SOLD# Shipping to anywhere CANADA - 25 USD (express w/ tracking/insurance) Shipping to anywhere in USA - 30 USD (expedited w/ tracking/insurance)