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Found 21 results

  1. Pavement carving season is almost upon us. Custom carbon fiber longboard by Matt Napier, a well known custom longboard shaper in Canada. It's a dropthrough model. WB: 30.25" Length: 39.25" The deck, trucks and wheels are in mint shape. There is some discoloration at the ends from some adhesive foam that I had added as nose and tail protection. No crashes. No curb hits. Napes charges $650 for the deck only so I am thinking USD$325.00 for the complete board. Last call on this at $USD250 or CAD$325. The Apex sticker is removable but that might lift off some clearcoat so I left it on.
  2. Apex X Plate for sale upm pattern

    Only used for about 10 days to test it for slalom, it was a early prototype that Freddy Ansara had before me and he barely used it as well, still very new. Upm pattern arms but you can change to allflex pattern too if you buy the parts from Henry. $400 obo
  3. Hi! Cleaning out the garage... time to sell various equipment! Prices & descriptions listed below. All prices in USD and exclude shipping & related costs (shipped from Whistler, Canada). Preference is to sell board & plate as package - this equipment was designed to ride together, and this gives you a chance to save on shipping. I'll cut a deal for purchases of more than 1 item. Ryan Kessler 185cm GS Board - $300 + Shipping Board is from 2011, and saw regular use (10-30 days/season) from 2011-2013. Since then it's been stored safely. I was the only owner of this board. This snowboard was considered the baseline flex pattern used by Canada Snowboard at the time, and is the same profile as Jasey's 2010 board. Board has UPM/Apex inserts, as well as a 4-hole pattern under the topsheet. Kessler 162cm SL Board - $400 + Shipping Board is from 2012, and saw regular use (10-30 days/season) from 2012-2013. Since then it's been stored safely. I was the second owner of this board, having purchased it from Matt Morison in excellent condition (only a partial season of use from him). Board has UPM/Apex inserts, as well as a 4-hole pattern. Vist Plate - $200 + Shipping Selling a vist plate from 2010-2011ish? This is one of their older models that splits down the middle (fits in your carry-on!). I fitted this plate with different screws, so no need to undo your bindings and remove 10 screws just to check/tighten your plate, only to have to reverse the process and then mount your bindings again... Just drop an allen key through the top plate holes, and you can tighten/remove the whole plate as pictured. The most convenient vist plate you've ever used! I may also have some extra sliding & locking hardware, so I can potentially toss those in as well. Apex V1 and V2 plates - $100 & $150 + Shipping I have 2x original V1 plate (as used by Jasey and the Canadian team in the lead-up and years following the Vancouver Olympics), as well as 1x V2 plate (shorter nose). These plates go great with the listed boards. This V2 plate is made with a balsa wood core, which is a bit lighter and stiffer than their usual plates. One of the V1 plates has a small hairline crack behind where the front binding was mounted (regular stance). I'm including some Lexan plates (stiff plastic sheets) that help distribute pressure and will prevent any future cracks. Quick note here - I only have two sets of UPM hardware available, but Apex sells individual sets and adapters to other mounting systems (Allflex, 4x4).
  4. I am looking for a set of Palmer PLS Shock riser plates. I am also looking for some Gecko Cross plates. These, I have never tried and would be looking used to save some money to try... Please send a PM thanks
  5. WTB Oxess BX155 or Kessler Cross 153

    Greetings, I am looking to buy either an Oxess BX155 or Kessler Cross 153 SnowboardCross board as soon as possible. Best, Steven Ski and Snowboard Club Vail

    For Sale: BOARDS - 2015 Kessler 180 (Previously owned by Caro Calve) - 2015 Kessler 180 (Previously owned by Caro Calve) - 2017 Kessler 162 PLATES - Medium flex Allflex plate - Apex T1 plate - Vist plate BOOTS - 2017 black UPZ RC10 (MP 28) Everything is located in Canada, buyer is responsible for shipping. For prices and more/better pictures pm me or email me at camoliver177@gmail.com. Thanks.
  7. Apex or BP 4x4

    I'm looking for an Apex or Boilerplate with a 4x4 mount. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks, Colin

    Very Lightly used, Apex V2 Carbon Race plate with hardwear (see pics) Very Good Condition, some light surface wear from normal use. 8.5/10 Comes with everything pictured. + installation manual No duties on USED goods from CANADA for US Buyer! Cheers! Would consider trades, I'm looking for: UPZ boots size US10 Mondo 27-27.5 , Apex Gecko Plates Here's a review of the plate found on internet: Apex Sport V2 Plate The next plate I tested on my Virus was the Apex V2 race plate. This plate is also very well made with a carbon fiber plate. The V2 no longer has the “duckbill” so it is now a bit lighter than the original. I assume that Apex put in a lot of testing to get the profile that they are producing. I say this because, unlike the stiffening rib of the SG, this plate had a contoured profile that got thinner just in front of the rear binding before gaining thickness again at the binding/axle area. The Apex hardware is a mix of an aluminum rear mount and a stainless steel front mount. Both are made for a 4×4 setup so mounting it to my Virus was easy. Again I chose the outer most mounting positions for the hardware and since the hardware is slotted I had to do a couple of “tests” to get the axle spacing correct before tightening down the screws. The axles themselves are stainless steel pins designed to receive a cotter pin to keep it in place. This was easy to do and once done I noticed that the plate would move side to side on the axles. This sideways movement wasn’t good, so I went back to the bags of mounting hardware and found a bag with a lot of extra washers. I ended up taking each axle out and adding washers to either side of the hardware to “tighten up” the tolerance of the plate to hardware interface. This did the trick but in my mind it wasn’t any sort of ideal design that is optimized. I would think that Apex would have tighter tolerances designed into the CNC program to “fit” the slots to the mounting hardware instead of having to use bunch of washers to “fix” the problem. Having all these washers stacked side by side also made the appearance look more “cobbled” together rather than the best plate money can buy. When I went out to test this new setup I was greeted with a much better feel for what the board was doing. From my first turn the V2 felt right. I don’t know if it is the hardware design, the axle spacing or the plate profile but this plate gave me a much better feel of what the board was doing than the SG plate did. The grip was incredible, the ride smoother and I felt the snow underfoot more than on the SG plate. I spent a couple days on this setup before making any changes since it was working so well. Rewind for a minute to the day I picked up the Apex V2 plate, Bola also sent me home with an SG Full Race Pro Team board to try out as well. So I mounted the SG up with the Apex V2 plate to see just what a top race setup is like. WOW! This was a big difference from my Virus which is very lively with its huge amount of camber compared to the nearly flat SG. The SG Full Race Pro Team is what some of the top racers, like Justin Reiter (silver medalist at the World Championship this year), are racing on. Well, this one got mounted with the Apex V2 plate and it was a very damp, fast ride that kept a grin on my face for quite a while. I liked this combination very much and had a difficult time bringing it all back to Bola and the shop. So, the SG plate is top notch and would probably work better for me with additional experimenting to get all the locations correct for my riding. It is easy to set up so making changes doesn’t take too long. The Apex V2 Race Plate is not as easy to set up with all the washers to mess with but the feel of this plate won me over. I would like to see Apex redesign the slotting to eliminate all the washers, which I think would be a fairly simple change to the CNC code. This would give it an even more “finished” look and possibly make it perform even better.
  9. APEX v2 race plate, used but good condition. (tiny chip, some scuffs, marks from bindings, etc - nothing that affects riding). This doesn't come with hardware. (You can order the hardware online). Selling 400 USD. Shipping to anywhere CANADA - 25 USD (express w/ tracking/insurance) Shipping to anywhere in USA - 30 USD (expedited w/ tracking/insurance) Shipping to anywhere in the WORLD - 45 US (expedited w/ tracking/insurance)
  10. Apex Gecko Carve (SOLD)

    I'm selling a set of Gecko plates. I was going to run these on my Coiler Nirvana, but I want to buy my girlfriend a full suspension mountain bike so these need to be in another home. Here is the post where I bought them originally: Obviously, they have not been ridden by me at all, I did install them to make sure everything assembled properly. I paid $350 to my door, that's probably a bit ambitious to ask so we'll start at $330 to your door anywhere in the Continental US.
  11. Apex Gecko Plates Sold

    Selling Apex Gecko Plate. 400$CAD + Shipping. Negotiable. Good condition, used 1 season and a bit. Comes with yellow and red bumpers
  12. Looking for a BX board

    I'm looking for a Kessler, Apex, Donek, or Oxess BX board in a 158-160.
  13. K Plate World Cup Trade

    Hi, would anyone be willing to trade a Kessler k plate world cup for a pair of apex geckos. They are in very good condition, Email me at camoliver177@gmail.com for pictures.

    APEX v2 race plate, used but good condition. (a few bumps, some scuffs, marks from bindings, etc - nothing that compromises riding) - 420 US Shipping to anywhere CANADA - 25 USD (express w/ tracking/insurance) Shipping to anywhere in USA - 30 USD (expedited w/ tracking/insurance) (I updated my last post, as the photos were bad)
  15. APEX v2 race plate, used but good condition. (tiny chip, some scuffs, marks from bindings, etc - nothing that affects riding) - 450 US, add UPM hardware (45 US) #SOLD# F2 Medium race titanium bindings - used, but no issues - 160 USD #SOLD# Shipping to anywhere CANADA - 25 USD (express w/ tracking/insurance) Shipping to anywhere in USA - 30 USD (expedited w/ tracking/insurance)
  16. Apex T-1 Race Plate 4 Sale

    Good condition, used for 1/2 a season Asking 600$ Can+Shipping
  17. Gecko Plates

  18. Hi all, I am selling 2 V1 Apex plates. Ideal for racing or fast and aggressive freeriding. If you know plates, you will know how many consecutive World Cup podiums the Canadian National team won using this, in addition to the Olympic Gold in 2010. I only have one set of hardware (UPM) for sale, so if you are purchasing to mount on a 4x4 board (Stock Kessler, SG, Coiler, Donek, etc) you can get the 4x4 mounting hardware from Apex Sport directly. One plate has a hairline crack (as pictured) along the surface on one edge, but it is cosmetic and doesn't go through. I am including some Lexan plates to mount between your bindings and the plate to distribute the pressure and ensure the crack won't change. Jasey used the Lexan plastic when he won Olympic Gold in 2010, so clearly they won't distort your riding (or not in a negative way, at least!) ;). I am asking $400+shipping for this plate. The second plate is in great condition and has only been used a handful of times. I am asking $600+shipping for this plate. Hardware included with either plate for an extra $65.
  19. Finally, the mother of all carbon based isolation plates is available hassle-free in Austria :) ! The Hangloose Snowboard Shop (www.hangloose.com) just received their first shipment. The UPM version (ASIP version) and the new 4x4 version (native, not just an adapter) are available. And as the shop delivers to almost all other European countries without any shipping costs, all Europeans have access to it . If you have any questions just ask here or contact the shop directly. The season is near!!!