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  1. Well, this has to be the most niche-snowboarding photo I have ever seen: hardboot-tandem-sandboarding ... is that a skwal too?? I've seen it all.
  2. 3D Printed Custom Ski Boots (and a stock pick)

    I've been hoping for something like this to emerge, in terms of ski boots. I've been thinking the real $$ with 3d printers will not lie with individual companies that produce custom printed products in their own facilities, but rather: some larger enterprise that can handle the logistics of producing (and potentially servicing) a vast array of products on behalf of a multitude of different companies for their local customers. I'm sure we'll get to the point where we have two 3d-printers in every garage; but I suspect it will be a long time before the average citizen will own something capable of producing anything large, (or precise) quickly. Small manufacturers will probably buy/develop printers but—far better to outsource production to a vendor who can afford to upgrade their tooling quickly to keep up with the jonses and focus on design+development. Seems like a geographically distributed network of local 3d-print manufacturers with robust capabilities would have big benefits for everyone in terms of time/cost/environmental imact. I think UPS is already getting into this because they realize how irrelevant this sort of thing will make them otherwise.
  3. Kessler Alpine Question?

    Thanks - that's good info! Would be cool to pick something smooth and fast like that that can also handle a little tighter!
  4. Kessler Alpine Question?

    I've contemplated getting one in the past — how do they compare to the Worldcup UPM deck I sent you?
  5. Who's Still Getting After It??

    Sorry to hear Ladia — at least it didn't happen in the middle of the season. My left shoulder used to dislocate if the wind blew, it was such a pain in the ass.
  6. Newbie seeking input.

    This seems pretty unnecessary. All you have you have to do is measure the length of your foot in CM. The only reason to consult a bootfitter would be if you are going to have custom insoles made to reduce your footprint/stabilize your foot, then you would want to have those before measuring your foot since you want the length of your supported foot. With or without insole you just want the precise length of your foot heel to toe. Helpful to have a second person to perform the measurement as you want to be standing up straight to measure. A good bootfitter can be helpful for resolving fitment issues, but many oversell their prowess. A lot of this stuff is common sense.
  7. Newbie seeking input.

    When you've known me as long as I have, you just call me "six-toe Joe".
  8. Summer Boarding at Portillo Chile??

    I think ACE has been—I would hit him up for info.
  9. Newbie seeking input.

    With your foot shape, go with UPZ. You may need to punch for width/6th toe (as I do) in the front but that's not a big deal.
  10. Board tech in NYC Area?

    I never found a tuner in NYC that I would trust to structure an alpine board. I always ended up taking my boards up to Stratton to be Tuned, By Sean Meszkat ... I think he is at Okemo now.
  11. Who's Still Getting After It??

    Came here to see this — with all the snowfall that's we got this year I have been thinking about doing a summer trip to Tline. Glad to see things are still pretty covered up!!!
  12. New Burton clip-in bindings

    I wouldn't call Burton a trendsetter. They saw the market potential for snowboarding as a lifestyle sport early on, and popularized it by associating snowboarding and themselves with popular culture. Burton is certainly responsible for growing the sport, but they just cashed in on what was already happening in pop culture at the time; not necessarily by creating anything new.
  13. Off Season Training Regimen

    Yerp. If your helmet is loose on your head it will do little good in a crash.
  14. New Burton clip-in bindings

    I think it would be interesting to watch if they were to get into hardboots again. I don't think they ever would, but if they did I think they would have to do a lot of backpedaling on their prior decisions to not look like total trend-chasing jackasses, and I think you'd probably see a lot of "over my dead body" type dissent from communities like this who have kept the hardbooting community thriving in the absence of any big-box corporate support.
  15. New Burton clip-in bindings

    That video review makes them look pretty great. I may have to get a set, despite feeling loath to support Burton.