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  1. Car nuts thread 😁

    LOLZ - I knew I had something wrong when i was composing that post! My bad!!
  2. Car nuts thread 😁

    These things are so great-a friend has one and the exhaust note is just vicious!
  3. Car nuts thread 😁

    Thank you!! It’s never quite made it out to the strip for a 1/4 mile run but I’m sure that would be fun. And yes rota grids. I’ve always wanted a cool Discovery like BillyT’s!
  4. Car nuts thread 😁

    How I lust for 80’s era Turbo Porsche’s. I’m really sorry you had to sell it but glad you are recovered from your illness! When I was a kid my dad was really into cars, the coolest of which he lost in a divorce. An all-original healey-blue Austin-Healey bn7. Living in SF means one car is the limit so that means I needed one car that can go in the snow, haul surfboards, and haul a little ass when I wanna have some fun. I got lucky and scored a (pretty rare) 2008 Aspen white manual-transmission sg6 forester XT sports. I think they make ~230hp (crank I assume) from the factory but mine pulls ~330awhp on a heartbreaker dyno pretty much all the way to the redline (not sure what that is at the crank). Nothing too crazy by today’s standards but plenty of fun. Lots of people like to upgrade these with an STi 6-speed tranny but the STi tranny adds like 200 lbs and the gearing on the stock 5mt forester tranny makes it an absolute beast on the highway so I prefer it. What I like about it is most people don’t expect a forester to be fast -it’s a fun little sleeper. Nowhere near as cool as an actual Forester STi but those aren’t sold in the US and can’t be legally imported. Prolly just as quick tho.
  5. I should be better than I am and I'm pissed.

    Not sure yet .... i usually just tag along on whatever my friends plan - I’ll let you know the deets via PM once I know. They like Heavenly (not my fave for carving) and kirkwood (which I love).
  6. I should be better than I am and I'm pissed.

    I am planning a trip in a few weeks with some friends. Have you had a chance to ride with Max? I think he is at Kirkwood a lot - he is a tall guy who rides a skwal and rips. I forget his username. Riding with him pushes my limits in all the right ways.
  7. I should be better than I am and I'm pissed.

    I've had two bouts with alpine snowboarding, with a substantial multi-year gap inbetween. The first started in 93? 94? I was riding a PJ6. I was going to boarding school and was the only snowboarder, and all I had to guide me was occasional stills from snowboarding mags (which at the time, you could find alpine coverage in mags). It sucked, thoroughly. I got in a lot of days but all that taught me that time on the mountain does not necessarily make you better ... thankfully I had persistence, and my teenage huevos were bigger than my brain. We occasionally went night skiing at Temple Mtn. in NH (RIP) there was a little posse of hardbooters there that seemed to know what they were doing. One of them saw me flopping around like a fish on dry land and took pity on me—15 minutes with that guy taught me more than I had learned in a year or two of suffering on my own. Riding with people better than you is key—I learned that from the opportunities to do so that this forum provides. I feel like I pretty much know what I'm doing these days but I still have rough days. I have *zero* confidence in soft groomed snow (it terrifies me), sometimes I still just suck and think to myself "I could totally do this yesterday!!! WTF!!!". It's all part of the fun. I appreciate the days I can rip, thanks to the days I can't.
  8. Stranda Snowboards: Shorty review

    This thing is pretty tempting.
  9. Beginner question about boot flex

    I think a better way to think about this is in terms of supportiveness. A more supportive boot will tend to make your setup feel a lot more responsive and precise which can be a double-edged sword — more immediate response from your inputs, and less room for error as well. Nobody actually wants their boots to feel stiff (in terms of impeding ones mobility), but everyone wants/needs varying degrees of support/responsiveness from their setup. A lot of this breaks down to personal preference. You could generalize and say that a taller rider (whose longer limbs produce greater leverage), or a rider who either weighs more or rides faster (who produces greater moment of inertia in the apex of the turn) might want more support ... but that isn't always the case. AlexJ (rarely seen on these forums) rides with the momentum of a freight train but IIRC prefers fairly soft boots. It also depends upon style. The pureboarding guys rip super hard and like really soft boots IIRC. Starting out: I think you are wise to begin with a fairly soft setup. There are also a lot of riders who like fairly firm setups that provide lots of support and create a more responsive feel, but I don't think that is the way to start out.
  10. Mt Hood Skibowl - Worth it?

    Skibowl is rad. Maybe not for carving but for general fun it is great.
  11. ....ebay seller old post unless its called for?

    I suspect this may be the case. I recall calling the shop once with a question about a board, and speaking to someone who wasn't Bola and err ... whose personality was not particularly compatible with customer service. It was awhile back.
  12. I would really like a set of these step-ons, I wish they were't sold out. I can't believe I am saying that about a burton product.
  13. ....ebay seller old post unless its called for?

    I've had good experiences buying from Bola. He was ridiculously patient with me awhile back when I wanted to order a pair of Virus Powerlock bindings from him in a particular colour that was out-of-stock and I totally forgot about the order for awhile (summer months). Nothing but positive stuff to say.
  14. Beginner question about groomed slopes

    I tend to agree with this. If you are actually EC’ing (consistently, linking multiple turns repeatedly) you’re likeley on steep enough terrain that any dragging is not going to significantly reduce speed. Anybody who has lost grip on a super steep pitch will probably agree. Parts that drag are an incidental to the inclination (?) required to counteract/be caught by inertial forces ... they’re not load-bearing at all. If your dragging parts are significantly reducing your speed you aren’t really EC-ing and probably in danger of harming yourself.
  15. New wetsuit

    I am in awe of you guys who surf in the north in the winter. Here in northern California people whine about the water being cold but you never need a hood and a 4/3/4 is more than adequate. I'be been using isurus elites (they use the same limestone neoprene) for a few years now and I think watching me try to wriggle out of it in the parking lot is pretty comical. A friend of mine had one of those wool-lined patagonia suits for awhile and could positively not get out of it without help to save her life. It was pretty funny.