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  1. Fintec and Intec parts compatability...?

    Yes they are. I’m pretty sure you can get them from Sean at Donek too.
  2. Best place to carve in Northern California

    I would take you up on that but my parents are in town the next few weekends :/
  3. Swellpanik Magistral 182 (2018 year model)

    This thing is so gorgeous.
  4. Head step in boots with marker bindings

    Oh how I love Tintin. IIRC these were quite popular with rental shops back in the day.
  5. any idea what this is?

    I remember seeing the wombat design you reference. Never saw the Fritschi. I like the way this binding makes performing adjustments really easy: one screw for lift/cant/angle - which you can adjust without having to remove toe/heel blocks to access underlying screws. Kingpin means you have to carry two tools but thats an ok tradeoff. But the stack height is just waay too high for me. The kingpin is also a bit scary, but perhaps that is not an actual concern. I wouldn’t actually be concerned about the kingpin snapping, but rather: the retention plate cracking around it. I think you’d probably feel it start to loosen up immediately if it were to crack - but if you didn’t and it failed catastrophically ... yow. That would suck. Looking through the other pictures it seems there is a big metal cap around the kingpin that would distibute point-loads that would otherwise occur locally on the kingpin further out ... that seems smart. Lateley I’ve been interested in making my own bindings. If only I had the time. Too many projects already in the works.
  6. any idea what this is?

    There is some smart stuff going on there. I'm not on facebook anymore so I wish they had a website but I was able to see a fair amount. It looks like they have a version wherein the center disk is split into two ring cake layers that can be rotated relative to one another to create varying degrees of cant/lift. The kingpin desgin is rather terrifying as a single point of failure (though burly AF) but there's some cool stuff going on for sure. Stack height is (way) high for my tastes. Seems like a mix of bomber/catek ideas with a plastic baseplate that is hopefully less of an insert-puller than most aluminum bindings that have to use the 4x4 insert pattern.
  7. any idea what this is?

  8. Thanks! I will try this. I typically do just the opposite (try to build a ledge facing downhill) but what you suggest makes plenty of sense.
  9. Mountain Slope boots?

    That would be fantastic! Hopefully whatever you come up with will not only offer the convenience, but also the additional lateral stiffness that stepins offer. If it wasn't for the additional lateral stiffness of the intec system I would probably have switched back to bails ages ago. The intec system could do with much improvement in terms of not being able to step in due to snow/ice on your heels (or worse still: thinking you are fully locked in when you are not because of snow on your heels). Intec works great when it is cold, but when the snow is a little wet, its a disaster.
  10. Maybe I'm old and infirm, or that it's just that I'm not all that experienced with softies but I find that unless I can find a relatively flat spot to strap in (a flat spot immediately preceding a slope to drop into), I sometimes end up having to sit. I see lots of people doing the same. That said, my current bindings are flows ... which I honestly don't find to be all that easy to get into (though it may be their poor fitment with my malamutes). If I were to go back I probably wouldn't go with flows again, and would opt for regular strap bindings. When I do ride my softies my only lament is that I find the equipment less convenient and comfortable than my hardboots+stepins. That and one-footing in softies is much more difficult. I do prefer softies for riding soft snow, tracked-out snow and powder, and have done more and more of it recently despite disliking some aspects of the equipment.
  11. Minds in the Water

    When I visited Sao-Tome recently there was a pretty sweet but *super* sketchy point break that broke over a very shallow and very sharp reef. There was this crew of 4-6 little groms out there positively ripping the place apart, they were super encouraging but man did they make me wish I had started surfing about 20 years earlier than I did.
  12. Mountain Slope boots?

    The tall cuffs on these are really appealing. Like others, I just got a brand new pair of UPZ’s fairly dialed so its not the time to switch for me. Perhaps by the time it is, they will have an SI version.
  13. Carbon Fiber Longboard - Nor'easter price drop

    Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.
  14. Reliable FinTec Inner arms.

    DUDE!! You are THE MAN!!!!! I owe you some beers!
  15. UPZ RC 11 vs HSP: New Boot Dilemma

    That makes a ton of sense.