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  1. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    howdy all forgot to mention this but this is the second death on this hill this year, this happened sunday feb. 18, 2018 and the first was earlier in the season when a Canadian skier died in a tree well. http://nbcmontana.com/news/local/missing-skier-identified-as-columbia-falls-physician http://nbcmontana.com/news/local/whitefish-mountain-resort-issues-statement-after-tree-well-death ride safely everyone...
  2. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    snowreport: tue feb 20, 2018 howdy all wow! my knee feels much better and could walk around no problem.. so walked to town and did some errands then shoveled some snow and still felt ok. will see how I feel tomorrow and go to work. today the big had that wind blown look to it in the afternoon. todays high was 15 degrees in town and mostly sunny, had to wear my sunglasses with all the snow all over the place. I am hopeful to do some nipple dragging with the Hawaiians... we shall see... time will tell...
  3. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    snowreport: mon feb 19, 2018 howdy all bluebird all day, but very cold and crazy cold wind chills... did not even step outside the house. my left knee was sore and could put some pressure on it and hobbled around the house. it was very windy and would have been a brutal day on the hill, so did not feel too bad about missing a ride day...
  4. Hardboot Carving worth watching!

    howdy you need to micro adjust your hardboot stance to ducky... or you will never ride like that...
  5. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    snowreport: sun feb 18, 2018 howdy all stayed home from a work day cause my left knee is on fire. it is throbbing and I can't walk around. rode hard yesterday on the softies then came home and shoveled my sidewalk. felt a little buggy Friday night, but not so bad that I couldn't ride. well today it is really sore and it's very hard to move around. we are in a winter storm warning and have huge holiday crowds and today only the frontside opened. the big reported 12 inches overnight and crazy wind chills... here is a pic of the big snowreport...
  6. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    snowreport: sat feb 17, 2018 howdy all the big reported an inch overnight, but I knew the off piste would be good from the past few days. it started snowing in the morning and snowed all day. I left the house at 8am and there was no new snow on the ground and when I got back at 3pm there was 4 inches in town. the first few runs down ed's run was good carving then slowly get bumped up and snow keeps falling. the crowds were huge and chair 1 was backed up so stayed on ed's. this week will be very busy... forecast is more snow then colder temps. my left knee is very sore tonight, I slipped on the driveway while shoveling snow on Friday, rode ok today, but seems to be getting worst... rode the 152wfs from 9 till 2...
  7. howdy daveekempmeister love you man... I think you understand where I'm coming from...
  8. howdy remember this... what a jackass... I got an old burton... you cheap bastard... http://www.agnarchy.com/this-vintage-burton-snowboard-just-sold-for-30100/
  9. WTB Original Stratos Pro Liners 26.5-27.5

    howdy crackaddict looks like the Olympic rings... was fun to ride with you...
  10. howdy davekempmeister I could post every e-bay alpine shit here and fill this classifieds and make your head spin... only cool people are here... who help fellow carvers...
  11. nipple drag whitefish

    howzit buster what days are you actually riding?... I will take some days off... let me know...
  12. Coiler Classic 165 T $200

    howdy 2012Alpine1 is this board still available? I will take it if it is... thanks, west carven
  13. howdy please NO posting of e-bay shit here... thanks!
  14. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    howdy cuban did you bring a rock board?... sorry for your conditions over there...
  15. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    snowreport: tue feb 13, 2018 howdy all looked like it was going to be a nice sunny day with some clouds at opening, but soon the clouds builds and was overcast all day. the clouds were very high and you could see the park and the mountains all around. the very cold overnight temps made the snow much better than yesterday and the groomers were great. tomorrow would be awesome groomers, but the forecast is a good dump of pow. the groomers was slowly getting better day by day. today was chalky firm and very carveable and rode hard. It felt colder than yesterday and I was cold and could not get warm. did a few runs after lunch with johnasmo and closed the place down... pray for no snow!... rode the 172nfce from 9 till 4...