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  1. My mom was cleaning out some mementos of various trips we've taken as a family and found this. She picked it up in Silverton when we stayed a night there in the summer of '76 on a roadtrip we took between Denver and SLC. Check out the package prices and lesson rates
  2. Thanks again for all the tips folks. Despite the warm temps we had a great time. We slept in most mornings, opting to wait for the snow to soften up by 11. Broke out the carving board for the first few hours then switched to the twin tip board when things got really soft. Did Solitude, Brighton, Snowbird and Powder Mtn. Got to ride with Ron and Gloria at Solitude, Had blast on the twin tip in Mineral Basin (pic below) and was stoked to find this collection of classics at Brighton. Not shown is an Avalanche 175 with plates that Damian Sanders used to ride in his pink Koflachs.
  3. Liftie at Powder Mountain last week as I got ready to catch a chair: "Ahh, so here's the gap maker!!"
  4. Ron, good meeting you and Gloria today. Thanks for showing me around. I think we made the most of what was served up.
  5. Diggerjr, his wife and I left evidence of our work under the Eagle chair at Solitude today.
  6. PM sent Martin and Digger...hope to see you this week!
  7. Thanks for the tip. I could definitely use some instruction. I watched the rub-in vids from ATC and aspire to ride as well as those guys and gals! If my posse is off in the trees that'll give me a window.
  8. Sounds great!! Will do once we know our plans. Park city looks great and since we'll be there midweek hoping it won't be too much of a zoo ;-)
  9. Will do! We're going to try and hit a different resort each day if possible. Where will depend on conditions. Solitude is definitely on the list. My son, his friend and his friend's Dad are two-plankers, and will likely be seeking trees and diamonds...while I will be seeking wide open spaces....would be great to have some company! I've managed to meet a BOL'er on each of my prior trips out west, hope this trip continues the tradition.
  10. Awesome, thanks folks!! Looking forward to it, and these tips will help me figure where to focus. @diggerjr, thanks for the offer but I'm bringing two boards, one of which in case of soft and/or powder conditions.
  11. I find riding hard boots in powder mode was a good way to get acclimated to the stiffer setup until I was more comfortable with them. Powder mode also helps in the bumps and late day chop. I would agree with others to try and find newer boots. Bomber runs sales at season's end and you may be able to find some for a good price. Good luck!
  12. Would have posted this in the UT forum but it doesn't appear to get much traffic. Update on my prior thread regarding my father/son trip to UT this March, we've decided to stay in Murray UT, rent a car, and hit up several resorts over several days. As we prepare, would appreciate your tips/suggestions on the better carving trails at Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird, Park City/Canyons and Snowbasin. Ideally moderately pitched blues that are regularly groomed. Thanks!
  13. Thinking of Windham this Friday. Anyone have a recent assessment of conditions? Welcome to join me too.
  14. It's April 1 already?
  15. Thanks for all the replies so far folks! Like the idea of Banff in particular....3 resorts on one ticket, favorable exchange rate, never been there. Have some research to do this week! Merry Christmas, all.