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    Sell booze and go to school
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    Rad-Air Tanker 200, Wasatch Mojo 181, Maverick 175, Donek 185FC, Donek 183AX, Winterstick Swallowtail 183
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    TD2; 60f/30r or 45r.

    Powder: Rossignol SIS with Emery F5's (think: STIFF)boots. Step-ins on powder days ROCK!
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  1. Downhill Snowboard Racing

    See, that's what I'm thinking, too. But, SBX and half-pipe can turn ugly, too. And the crowds and announcers seem OK with it. Reminds me of some auto racing fans. Mark
  2. Downhill Snowboard Racing

    So, I'm watching the half-pipe mens finals with Ms. utahcarver when she asks, "When do they run the downhill race?". What do you mean downhill? You mean like the same course that the skiers race downhill on? "Yes, when do they run that race? Has Shaun White ever won that race?". I explained to her that in the Olympics there was no sanctioned course or medal for downhill snowboarding. "Why?". I was dumbfounded for an answer. I did a quick search online and found the US Open in Vermont started as a downhill event exclusively. Fastest rider down the hill wins, right? From there, it seems to have turned it's focus on half-pipe and slalom. Eventually, dropping slalom and adding slopestyle and big air as it's only formats for "racing". Which begs the question: Are there any current downhill snowboard events across the globe? I'm guessing that SBX and banked slalom events might mildly qualify as downhill events. I'm not even going to ask about FIS sanctioning for downhill snowboarding. So, asking for the missus, why aren't there any downhill events for snowboarding? I tried to find anything in Europe. The first name that came up was Hannenkahm. Nothing. Only skiers. FIS. I can remember boards from Sims, Burton, Gnu, Kemper, and others having triangles cut out of their shovels for racing years ago. Am I missing something? When did downhill racing go away? Personally, I am way past my prime of donning a race suit and running gates but, I still can point my board downhill and stay in the fall-line occasionally. Just long enough to scare me into reality. Mark
  3. hardboot carving % vs softboot, you personally?

    Softs for deep dark days; hards for deep sunny days. Hards for chalk, hero, and ice days. On rainy days I always go with softs; they don't tip over as easy as hards when I use them to hold my beer while I sit next to the fireplace in the lodge. Mark
  4. OK, So How About Red(mond) Gerard and his Gold!

    The kid's got some talent and a long career ahead of him. Loved the transfers he did be over the rail. Just watched Shaun White win gold in half-pipe a few minutes ago. At 31, White has got the world at his feet. And at 17, Gerard has a great start with that gold medal around his neck. Mark
  5. Base Repair Question

    I haven't gotten a quote yet but I'm guessing around $40 or $50 USD. When I can get down to SLC I'll PM you. I had surgery on January 12th (bone spur right ankle) so there's no rush on this. I'm JAFO right now. Mark
  6. Base Repair Question

    That's wood showing. The board planes straight on the base. It has had one base grind. The p-tex along the edges of the board keeps drying out and turning chalky so I have to keep hitting it with Zardoz if I ride it on groomer days. Maybe I should just use it for deep days. Thanks for the advice and ideas guys! Mark
  7. Base Repair Question

    My beloved Rad-Air Tanker to a shot to the core at the end of last season. I put it aside and rode other boards for a while. Now, I'm looking at getting the base repaired properly. Any suggestions as to who to have do the repairs? I have a local shop who could do it. The price would be a bit more than I'd like to spend but I want it done right, as much as possible. Am I asking too much? Thanks folks, Mark (If this post needs to be moved to off-topic I'm down with that)
  8. 30 years, 40 years;;

    Congratulations PSR! You've put in your time over the years online, too. October of last year made 40 years (off and on) for me. Boardguru is one of my mentors here. Again, happy anniversary! Mark Winterstick or Die!
  9. Thanks, Fin. We appreciate your time and efforts in keeping this community active and alive. Mark
  10. The Spring Soup in the West.

    The Ridge at Beaver Mountain. Mark
  11. The vids don't showcase an American return to carving. I think it's Korean riders who are amping their soft boot skills. I wonder if this "return to the turn" is as widespread as is being represented. If it is, I would hope for a return to better (read: stiffer) soft equipment and boards. Hasn't Sean Martin over at Donek been making softboot boards to do this? Have a good winter everyone! Mark
  12. I will be riding with a bone spur. Can't get it worked on until May '18 anyway to due scheduling of work and school. So, the chief goals will be to stay injury-free, riding more pow, and lay it over on hero days. I also want to try riding without bindings on my friend Jeremy's Powsurf boards. Got some secret stashes hidden around town for late night powsurf assault sessions. In my youth, I rode with just straps so I hope the learning curve is still in my favor. Mark
  13. Hello Strangers

    What up D? Nice to hear your "voice" again. I hope you are well and hale. Long time missing. Good to hear that you might be back on snow this season. As much as we all like to "push the snow around, " we are all at the the end of the day seekers. Welcome back for whatever time you're here. We are all too old to rally around the past, except for the good times, eh? Mark
  14. Jean Nerva...Rest In Peace Grand Jean 😢

    Seeing Jean Nerva and Peter Bauer on film riding hard boots and plates is the prime reason I came to "alpine" riding. Sad to hear this news. Mark
  15. CK's b-day.

    His trips to Iran and Russia fueled me for many years. He got to ride as a "pro" while he was approaching demi-god status. The Joe Satriani guitar riffs of that era still resonate with me. I'm a full on Winterstick rider from the odd school who knows talent when I see it. CK was was above his years and approach. Kudos to Tom and Jake for realizing such a great power and talent. Outside of marketing, CK is still the standard by which most pros should be gauged. C'mon. He (seemingly) got to live the dream we all seek. I often think of his wife and daughter was an aging grandfather who has three grand-children who are going to ride, surf, skate, snow, sand, and foil. Thank you, CK, for a lifetime of memories and hopes. And style. RIP.