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    Anything with dirt, grass, rocks, and live animals
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    Snowboard Demolition Tech / Snow Groomer Customization
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    Maine Hunting Boots
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    Slidewinders and rice titaniums
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  1. Loon/WV Opening Days

    Bummer! Must have missed this earlier, I was on the phone to Japan looking for my next snowboard.
  2. Loon/WV Opening Days

    The team should invest in one of these: https://nh.craigslist.org/spo/d/trione-ski-edger/6468916865.html
  3. Loon/WV Opening Days

    Are those mittens?
  4. Loon/WV Opening Days

    I thought that (anti) Gilmour bi-ass was more of an attitude or state of mind. If so, you can have some of mine for free.
  5. Screws for td1

    I have some if anyone else needs. I'd have to check on what is left. pm me if interested.
  6. SG163 VIST SOLD

    VIST is Sold. Will repost binding separately.
  7. SG163 VIST SOLD

    Board is sold. F2 race ti Bindings $150 + shipping VIST $100 + shipping
  8. SG163 VIST SOLD

    Sale pending.
  9. Loon/WV Opening Days

    I think there might be higher priorities. Someone should probably compile the Gilmour archives first, then a leash FAQ, top 10 stomp pads, and a definitive guide to keeping snow off from the top of your boards. I think there also might be some support for a best of the banned retrospective.
  10. Track 700/425 pro

    I have 40+ days on the 425 pros. The fit is different from the 700s. 225/325/425s are made from a different last than the 600/700 boots. The toe box is narrower and I get better heel hold than with the 700s. The 425s are a little stiffer that the 700s, which for me has been a good thing. 425s might be a good option if they fit your feet.
  11. Loon/WV Opening Days

    O say can you seeeee........
  12. What is your inspirational video?

    For carving, I'm inspired by BroScienceLife O'Chang Comics Beastie Boys
  13. Loon/WV Opening Days

    Already here. Only have nines. Shooters outpost in hooksett should have what u need.
  14. Loon/WV Opening Days

    Tough break Stevo. I'm gonna be up all night trying to come up with new names for each of my boards. AND! Stop Stealing My Ideas! These things are expensive to think up. I'm gonna check the archives, but I think you owe me a few $$.