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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Cypress Mountain, BC
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    Out of controll...
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    Dalbello CarveX, sometimes with BTS
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    Carve: Snowpro Race, ~55/50, toe/heel lift;
    Freeride, pow, teach: F2 Carve RS/Proflex, ~45/30, toe/heel lift;
    Plate system: Plan-B (only occasionally);
    Soft: Nidecker Carbon, 30/15, not used in many years...
  1. Webcam shot, this morning: Don't get too excited, though - some pretty warm temps are on forecast for next few days...
  2. Ti has metal base plate, while RS has plastic base. At your weight, metal is safer. At 180, I ride RS for pow, moguls and park, but stiffer bindings for carving. If you used Intec on RS, you'd worsen the stress on the plastic base, as all the flex would have to happen there. With bails, some of the movement/flex happens at the bail too. Thus, you'd get the optimal flex and safety with bail version of Ti. There is no 3D option for F2. PhilW has explained how to improvise something, in the past...
  3. Burton disks do not work on F2 bindings, btw.
  4. At 205, you'd be better of with F2 Ti Race, bail version. On Burton 3 hole boards use the Race Plates or Ibex bindings, they are similar in flex to F2. Probably right in between RS and Ti.
  5. Vinyl stickers on carbonium?

    You guys are a bunch of barbarians - sticking stuff on the objects of art!
  6. Is bomber out of business?

    I hope everything ends up well. However, whatever happens, this database should somehow be preserved. There are decades of collective knowledge and millions of hours invested, in this site...
  7. An industry giant is lost...

    Omg, that's horrible :( Rip the ethernal pow my friend.
  8. Donek 178cm Alpine Snowboard - 175 + Shipping

    Yeah, don't worry about pics...
  9. Donek 178cm Alpine Snowboard - 175 + Shipping

    Good memory, I had a pile of OES boards, still have the GS185. That comparison surely helps! Seems to be too stiff for what I like in all-mountain application...
  10. Donek 178cm Alpine Snowboard - 175 + Shipping

    Hey Mario, thanks, I thought it might have been yours. It's a beauty. "A wee bit stiff"... How would you compare it to a Prior 4WD 174, or a Tanker 192/200? Or even Pure Carve Maverick 175?
  11. Our friend Federico just sent this nice shot from Kitsilano! :) I also have a report from Cypress Ski Club that it's dusted all the way down to the lodge!
  12. Donek 178cm Alpine Snowboard - 175 + Shipping

    Ok, while waiting for your response, this is what I was able to google out: It seems to be a Donek Axxess 177, pressed after Donek's graphic design competition of 2006. Specs should be something like: 177 - 153 - 10.9 - 27.20 - 21.50 - 26.80 - 7.0 - 630 I'd still like to hear stiffness comparison to another similar board, or how it felt for your weight...
  13. Donek 178cm Alpine Snowboard - 175 + Shipping

    I am interested in this. More pics to boris at blueb dot biz Also the waist, nose and tail widths and distance between widest nose and tail points please. How stiff? Thanks
  14. Prior WCR 175

    Drop an email to Doug, he might be interested to get his old board back... It's been away from his hands for long time and changed many owners.