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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Cypress Mountain, BC
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    Out of controll...
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    Dalbello CarveX, sometimes with BTS
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    Carve: Snowpro Race, ~55/50, toe/heel lift;
    Freeride, pow, teach: F2 Carve RS/Proflex, ~45/30, toe/heel lift;
    Plate system: Plan-B (only occasionally);
    Soft: Nidecker Carbon, 30/15, not used in many years...
  1. I can hardly believe it.

    Sometimes it's just the right flex and scr, for how you like to ride... Enjoy!
  2. The Snowpros are the only bindings I've never managed to brake any part. I had my 3 pairs for about 10-12 years. Ride them as my all-mountain bindings while I still rode TD2 for carving. Now i use Snowpro for carving and RS Carve / Proflex for freeride...
  3. Making a swallow tail for my kid

    Awesome. How are you to press it? Vacuum?
  4. Moss

    Back to Moss topic, what's the point of the wings? They seem detrimental in anything but bottomless pow...
  5. Moss

    Why one shouldn't carve on everything, when back on piste?
  6. Moss

    Probably should be in All-mountain riding or board review sections... I don't see anything too strange about it.
  7. First time

    Don is a natural! I think he'll have a great hardbooting and rec racing career! Thanks for stopping at Cypress, it was a great pleasure to teach you.
  8. Last night we had rain compacted snow and empty hill, of course. It snowed a bit at somecstages too. Don was a super talented student, making a move from softies to hard boots.
  9. Burton Step On

    Sorry for the thread drift...
  10. Burton Step On

  11. Burton Step On

    Dynastar (O'Sin) 4807, 178. Besides the fish tail, it has a 3d boat hull nose!
  12. Rad Air Tanker 200

    The nose is broken! ;) It would be so sweet to have something similar to old designs but with more modern nose profile/decamber. And we want the narrow waisted version back!
  13. Hardboots & Freeride boards

    Sure. You'll like it here. There's a small local hardboot crew, too!
  14. Hardboots & Freeride boards

    I don't have it... Few local instructors found it and bought few. You'll have to search for it... I ride at Cypress.
  15. Hardboots & Freeride boards

    No, use them if you like them. Just the other bindings I suggested have more lateral flex, so better for freeride/freestyle. Apparently, someone local is selling a huge stash of older alpine boards, on Facebook, really cheap. Maybe have a look? Other then that, you can borrow a board from me, but I might not be back on the hill until April.