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    Freeride, pow, teach: F2 Carve RS/Proflex, ~45/30, toe/heel lift;
    Plate system: Plan-B (only occasionally);
    Soft: Nidecker Carbon, 30/15, not used in many years...
  1. What about big men with small feet and hard boots? ;) Narrow Diamond.... hint... hint...
  2. Nice graphics. Tell us about the new, I assume narrow, board?
  3. Welcome! As others said, I'd skip the Pilot, but rather start on a nice hard boot specific all-mountain board. The stance angles would be more relaxed and flex mellow and it will handle variety of conditions easier. You can always add a narrower race board later, as your skills grow, but all mountain is a must in every quiver. Boots are very individual, some fit wider feet better, some narrower... You need to try, or search the forum a bit to get more info on various fits. At your size and weight you don't need TDs, especially if starting on an all mountain board. I'd recommend the Carve RS, by F2, or Proflex (basically the same thing). I don't like the step-ins either, but that's individual too... Oh, one more thing, your regular board can be ridden with plates and hard boots, too. It's quite fun. If intending to stick with skiing and hard boot snowboarding, look for Dalbello CarveX / CRX boots. They are identical to Head Stratos, but have ski soles, so can fit on both type of bindings. I think that Deelux also has a universal kind of boot, but can't recall the model off hand... Have fun, your brain is going to explode from all the info you'll get on this forum ;)
  4. Woo-hoo! Well done Kiwis!
  5. I must say that I liked the monohull AC class better then 12m... But this flying stuff is insane to watch! The slower monohull opens more room for lots of tactics and cover tacking duels (which I prefer), but for general public who don't know a lot about sailing, this is way more spectacular.
  6. Never underestimate the power of Larry's money... We know what probably happened last time around :( Hopefully not this time. Go NZ!
  7. As others said, this is not a good idea. The engine will actually run at higher revs, to achieve the same (real) ground speed. Also it messes with the traction. Every decent tire shop would tell yo that. Keep the designed outer diameter as close as possible.
  8. Carve RS / Proflex are the best freeride bindings I've tried. I have multiple pairs.
  9. Hey, don't make a mistake of trying to figure out your Mondo by conversion from street size 11! You need to physically measure your feet in cm. Step barefoot against wall, on hard floor, Mark your longest toe and measure the distance in cm - that's your Mondo point size. If it's under 28, you need 27-27.5 shell. Supportive footbeds help you fit into smaller boits, not fill in bigger ones! Please don't make a mistake of going too big, you'll have hard time and it might even lead to an injury.
  10. Heel visibly narrower then ankle and mid foot, is quite narrow. You'll find hard boots easy at angles higher then your softy angles. With softies, you loose the support of highbacks, while the hard boots are really responsive side to side. I can ride hard boots at any angle, even at "duck", but I like them the most at about 45, on a board of appropriate width. As someone above said, you need to be able to ride various angles if you wanted boards of various widths. If you want a specific angle, than you need a board that's wide enough (or narrow enough) for the given angle. RC10 is an awesome boot. You can fine tune the flex by swapping the tongues and tuning the springs.
  11. Yes, Coiler is great value, especially if going new/custom. If prior has an ATV of the rack, that could be a nice allround option too. If your heel is quite narrow, I'd strongly recommend UPZ over Deluxe. I could never get any model of Deluxe/Raichle to hold my heels. Are you intending to ride 15/10 angles on hard boots? While it is doable, the hard boots shine at higher angles, like 45/30 for all-mountain riding and over 50 for just carving...
  12. It's a different mold too and 2-piece construction.
  13. That's all I use for 90% of my riding. But it seldom goes below -7-8C here, mostly just sub 0C....
  14. I'm a huge fan of Crocs rubber clogs. Mostly for the versatility and comfort offered by the decent arch support and wide shape that really suites my feet. I buy all my shoes like my ski boots - to the correct fit, not 1-2 sizes bigger like many people do for street shoes. With Crocs, I know that they will stretch even more, due to all-rubber construction. But, recently, I bought a new model of the 'bay, as I got excited about a new higher quality soles they put on. Lo and behold, the mold is different! They steered away from their comfy wide shape and made the shoe narrow. The harder sole doesn't offer much stretch to compensate either, so they were really uncomfortable and too tight... So, the boot molding experience came handy! Heat them up with hair dryer, two pairs of socks on, hop in and wait to cool down and voila - now they fit like gloves! Or should I say like slippers? ;)
  15. What Corey said... I know only one person that claimed her front binding was set with heal lift, just like the rear. But then... she didn't ride the hard boots for long time, it could easily be that she got mixed up.