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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Cypress Mountain, BC
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    Out of controll...
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    Dalbello CarveX, sometimes with BTS
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    Carve: Snowpro Race, ~55/50, toe/heel lift;
    Freeride, pow, teach: F2 Carve RS/Proflex, ~45/30, toe/heel lift;
    Plate system: Plan-B (only occasionally);
    Soft: Nidecker Carbon, 30/15, not used in many years...
  1. Absolutely the Carve RS or Proflex (same thing) for the type of all-round riding you described. That's what I settled on, for my wider boards, aftet a lot of experimenting.
  2. Coiler 165 AMT VSR

  3. Another training day... Very hard packed, heard frozen poorly groomed snow in the early morning, started to soup up from 10am alredy.
  4. Car nuts thread 😁

    Windy eh? Just 10 days ago I drove a Mustang convertible down the infamous Road to Hana on Maui :)
  5. Car nuts thread 😁

    It was a cheater run though, Sunday early morning, dead straight road with constant 2-3% gradient, for couple of kms. The car got scary light on the steering, felt like it was going to take off...
  6. Car nuts thread 😁

    I had a Nissan Sabre when I lived in South Africa. That thing moved with crazy speed, considering it was only 2.0i. I reached 235 km/h with it. No ABS, no airbags, pretty plain, but I loved it! Got totaled when someone t-boned me on a 4-way stop... Other then that, I'm more of an 4WD/AWD kind of guy...
  7. When the board is pointing straight down the fall line, more or less. In other words, you are pushing too late. Also, the edge is supposed to be locked in, otherwise you are not carving. You can not "move the board away from you" as you are trying to imply, that would be a sliding turn....
  8. I should be better than I am and I'm pissed.

    Why and why? Oh, and why?
  9. It was actually very carvable! Nice heavy wet snow got compacted by the day masses, leaving not so smooth but very trippy surface. 5 instructors showed up for the carve session. Toy: 3800 with ducked up plates ;) I'm always surprised how carvy is the tail of that board!
  10. I'll have either an Aframe or 3800, due to work requirements. But actually it only snowed 8cm so far, you'll be fine with either of the 2 you mentioned...
  11. See ya later, I'm running instructor training tonight.
  12. Coiler EC vs Swoard EC ??

    Nils has been a member/poster here for very long time...
  13. Coiler EC vs Swoard EC ??

    I had a Bulat 168 carbon. It was an excellent EC board, with really fun pop, on good snow. I didn't like it on rough snow.
  14. Whatever stance angles you ride, the hips and shoulders should be pointing where your toes are pointed, in neutral position. From there you rotate, or not, as needed.