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  1. MK and Angry Comparison?

    Recent MK pics...
  2. MK and Angry Comparison?

    Talk to Algunderfoot about a Thirst... Might be an option. Al loves his...
  3. Rental boards rock.... Sorry I missed the rally.... though that Mark guy kinda creeps me out...
  4. MK and Angry Comparison?

    Come on big c! I can ride the MK all day.... ! And it'll do what I want it to do... I find it pretty versatile. It is great for riding around meat gates but will also stretch its turns out when needed.... rode it in bumps the other day.... maybe Sean or Curt will chime in.... Angry is also a fun board, however have not owned one.
  5. Getting the full extension on toe side advice

    I am a huge fan of yentas in my chili...... mmmmmmmmm.....
  6. I remember walking into the garage a few times... just to check on my girls.... but that's all I remember.... huh.....
  7. Entertainment Break: Pole-Plant: The Movie!

    Agree with you on Ryan.... strong rider. When you going to come down and carve the dirty south? 😃
  8. Entertainment Break: Pole-Plant: The Movie!

    Ryan is such a better rider vs. that Trailer Trash guy.... can't even side slip.... psssh
  9. Looking for a GS/SL Snowboard instructor

    Not going to make Saturday. Sorry!
  10. Looking for a GS/SL Snowboard instructor

    looks like you'll have time to take a few runs in the morning.. I am normally there for first chair at 9am... There will be two races each day Registration is in Upstairs Breezeway from 8:30-11am Riders Meeting – 11:30 at top of course Course inspection/practice: 11:45 – 12:45 First round of heats start at 1pm – all riders will get a minimum of 2 heats. Second race immediately following finals of first race. Awards at 4:30 in Snowcloud Room or outside
  11. Looking for a GS/SL Snowboard instructor

    does look iffy - still planning to be there Saturday. Stay tuned...
  12. Anyone have a Sidewinder heel pin "C" retainer clip

    yep yep - it is a c retainer clip - and easy to find - if you know the exact diameter - I have been too lazy to pull this one off and measure it :) Thought about wrapping a bit of ss wire around it - just figured I'd as if anyone knew the size....
  13. Missing one of these... Anyone have one???? Or know the size / where to get a replacement?
  14. carver vs non carver perspective

    Now you get it! Hope you and your B are well my friend!