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  1. NASTAR 2016-2017

    Finally got around to posting some shots of the grandsons in action. The youngest had just turned five and won his age group in both boarding and skiing. Six year old grandson took 2nd in skiing The nine year old took 2nd. Here's a composite shot of him and me. The kid is racing on twin tips! I need to get him some race skis. Hope to see many of you at Squaw Valley in 2018!
  2. Plan on joining us! NASTAR Nationals
  3. Racing, yeah!

  4. AIL "Alpine Injured List"

    Update. Posted above is the report when I got clotheslined, knocked out, and broke my collarbone the last day of February. I'm happy to report that the Ortho has cleared me for golf! There's still some pain but it's bearable. At its worst the skin kind of took on a colorful hue....... Lookng forward to next season.
  5. Using step-in only on the rear?

    Success! I used corey_dyck's method and I was able to get the heel off. I've temporarily reattached both orginal heels with new screws awaiting installation of the FinTec heels. Too bad the season is over.....
  6. Using step-in only on the rear?

    That's the approach I'm taking. My drill is battery operated with old batteries so it's going to take a while.
  7. Using step-in only on the rear?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I tried leveraging with a chisel but the screws still turn without coming out. Here's an extreme solution. Saw off the old heel around the screws and then unscrew them with vise grips? Your thoughts?
  8. I bought a set of Trenchdiggers step-ins and Fintec heels but I'm running into a problem with the heels. I have an older pair of Head Stratos Pros that still have the old Burton Physic heels. The screw heads are badly beat up. I was able to remove all four screws from the right (rear) boot and buy replacement screws) but I'm having zero luck getting the heel off the front boot. One screw head will turn but won't come out (stripped?). On another one I was able to use a screw extractor to turn it freely but it also won't come out. That heel wants to stay on the boot. My question is this. Since the step-in is used a lot more on the rear foot, is there any reason why I shouldn't mount one each on the rear of two of my boards and use a set of F2 race bindings on for the front boot for both boards?
  9. NASTAR 2016-2017

    Just got back from the 2017 NASTAR Nationals at Steamboat. Had a blast! On Feb 26 I had broken my collarbone. Hitting gates was a bad idea so I left my skis home but did take my Madd 171 and made one cautious run each day. Since I was unopposed this year in my age group I managed to pick up my 11th National title. A bigger thrill was watching my grandsons race. The seven and nine year olds each took 2nd in their divisions while the five year old became only the fourth racer in NASTAR history to win their age group in both skiing AND boarding. In the video below he's being hoisted on the podium by four-time Olympian AJ Kitt. In the Family Race on Saturday, my son-in-law finished 7th overall out of 149 racers. Two of the guys ahead of him are ex-US Team (Kitt, and Eric Schlopy). He managed a nine handicap which is lightning fast. The nine year old was the only one in his group not in a speed suit or on race skis (he was on twin tips). He missed winning by 0.02%. I had fun putting this video together. There's very little boarding in it but it will give you an idea of what it's like to compete at the Nationals. Hope you can join us next year!
  10. AIL "Alpine Injured List"

    I misread your question. This wasn't the rope on the side of the course. It was a hundred yards above the course stretched across the trail. Skiing into the sun I didn't see it. IN retrospect I'm lucky it didn't catch me in the throat. The collarbone feels as good as can be expected. The inside of my mouth is raw from the rope burns. Spicy foods are out for a while. No NASTAR this coming weekend because of "Light the Night" festivities but it returns the following weekend. My partner can do the course setting and pacesetting and I can sit in the booth and handle timing.
  11. I won a new GoPro!

    The Mt. Dew Vertical Challenge hosted a GoPro contest. I submitted this video from Mt. Sunapee. It was a very icy day but I managed to get down the course on skis and board successfully. Anyhow, a package showed up on my doorstep today with a new GoPro5 Session camera! 4K, 10MP, waterproof without a case, and voice commands. Wahoo!
  12. AIL "Alpine Injured List"

    Someone else put up the rope. Not sure why. There's never been one there before. I consider myself lucky the rope didn't catch me in the throat.
  13. AIL "Alpine Injured List"

    Day 3 and some interesting color patterns are beginning to appear.... The biggest annoyance is eating. When I caught the rope in the mouth it chewed up a lot of skin inside the mouth and it's painful to eat anything but the most bland foods.
  14. AIL "Alpine Injured List"

    Happily no one has added to this thread in almost a year but I'm afraid I have to make an addition. I had just set the gates for our NASTAR course and was returning to the course to do a pacesetting run (on skis) when I got clotheslined with a rope that isn't normally across the trail. Skiing into the sun blocked my vision. Fortunatly I caught it in the mouth instead of the neck. I was knocked unconcious for a few minutes and woke up spitting blood. After a sled ride and a trip to the hospital the diagnosis was a concussion and a broken collarbone. I should be okay in time for the NASTAR Nationals at Steamboat in a few weeks although with no practice I won't be competitive on skis. On the board I've outlived most of my competition.....
  15. Rare sighting: Alpine gear in a retail shop.

    I'll be demoing a Rev 175 later this week.