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  1. Hardbooter wins Olympic ski race!

    Typical day on the hill, a snowboarder comes and ruins things for everyone...
  2. Boat Hull Dupraz D1 - Feature or Failure?

    Alas, according to Dupraz, the bevel is only intentional if the board was intentionally stored improperly. Though it should be great on those rails my bones are too brittle to attempt...
  3. Boat Hull Dupraz D1 - Feature or Failure?

    Don't be f***ing absurd. To be an "Empress," one must have an empire. To have an empire suggests also having the means to develop job-specific humanoid machines. At some point in the future/past, Helene Curtis will be/was the dominant hair care droid manufacturer, before being forcibly "acquired" by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. Some models are still in operation.
  4. I was able to get my hands on an older Dupraz D1 last year for the purposes of an annual masochistic bump endurance event. I mounted it up and took it out yesterday for a test run. My first 30 yards were an adventure in squirrellyness that I chalked up to it's being shorter and less torsionally stiff than my other boards. After about a half run, I got used to its unique characteristics and was able to carve pretty clean turns on less steep sections. It did fine in the bumps and the crusty, windblown, tracked out, ungroomed edges. When I got home, I stacked it base-to-base with a Tanker for storage and I'll be danged if I couldn't see light between the two bases at the edges, like the Dupraz was smiling at me. I took a scraper and laid it against the base and there's about a 1-2mm gap at each edge, like a boat hull. Looks even worse with the scraper on the top sheet. I'm sure this shape is not intentional and not some forward-thinking, powder board feature. Not sure I'm going to do anything about it since a grind would cost as much as the board did, it would probably mow through all of the available base material and I'm planning on using it in rocky bumps but I thought I'd share it in case anyone had some insights into how this might have happened. Maybe it was stored in a sauna? Perhaps it was deflecting all of the radness I was applying? Maybe it's just what happens to a Dupraz after a while? And yes, gentle readers, that is a professional grade Helene Curtis Empress hair dryer in the background. The secret to how I get such amazing volume in my coiffure when it's not being mashed by my helmet.
  5. How you guys feeling about new soft boot carving phenomenon? Based on my own observations today, Ryan Knapton's sideslipping how-tos have gotten more traction than his carving videos...
  6. Tracks

    Lovely lines Mr. Pokkis, but do that at your own risk; Oracle may sue you for copyright infringement...
  7. Yo Lci!!

    Does it hold more breakfast burrito? Do tell!
  8. JJ Anderson Gold

    That's closer to my contest winning 3rd grade art submission. Why you'd post a scribble of two dudes riding llamas on a mini-golf course is anyone's guess...
  9. JJ Anderson Gold

    I've never won anything. Except the Cassingham Elementary School art contest when I was in 3rd grade. But if I went back 40 years later, I would still totally dominate those little f***ers.
  10. To Trench or Not To Trench? ...

    The onlookers may disagree, what with you in your high-waisted, brown Sansabelts and white pleather loafers and all...
  11. JJ Anderson Gold

    What is, however, worthy of debate is how one should define Stevie Wonder's "vision"...
  12. Entertainment Break: Pole-Plant: The Movie!

    I have a friend who used to stand in front public urinals with his pants and underwear around his ankles to see if anyone would follow suit. Jerry in the 15 jersey at 3:14 seems like he would have been a willing victim. Outstanding work!
  13. Alpine Snowboard Plate Systems

    Why yes, you should try them! In fact, you should try them every single day! You might also enjoy Movantik, for your opioid-induced constipation (OIC)! You're welcome! Your faithful servant, The Pharmaceutical Industry
  14. Please post pictures when you get the saddle on it. Western is probably preferable to English...
  15. carver vs non carver perspective

    The Skier Responsibility Code is great, but it only appeals to the tiny chunk of our brains that is rational. It doesn't count for much when the unconscious brain is in the driver's seat (e.g., "This is friggin' awesome!" or "Oh s***, where did that dude come from?!?"). As a possible solution, Loveland could boil The Code down to a simple rule of thumb that I use with our leaders when the company leadership framework is just a bit too complicated: "Just try not to be such an a**hole all the time."