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    Edwards, CO
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    Vail/Beaver Creek
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    Donek MK 161 - quivering with anticipation
    Donek Proteus 170
    Coiler Nirvana 174
    Donek Razor 165
    Palmer Carbon Circle 164, 161
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    Deeluxe Track 700 - carving
    Deeluxe Track 325 - all mountain/powder
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    Bomber TD3
    60/55 - carving
    TD3 SW
    45/30 - all mountain/powder
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  1. Hardboot Carving worth watching!

    This is INCREDIBLE... I never knew that Davy Jones was a hardbooter.
  2. Tracks

    Did you know that alpine snowboards can be used like a Spirograph on snow? #venndiagram
  3. Newbie Question: Shaving Off Speed

    Ideally, you are not using friction (that would be skidding), but if you are able to hold the arcing carve until heading back uphill, you will be surprised how quickly speed is checked and control maintained.
  4. Premium Carving vacations.

    Nice review John, maybe now I won't have so many solo carving days.
  5. Beaver Creek!!!

    Andrei, are you still in for tomorrow? Parking at Arrowhead?
  6. Beaver Creek!!!

    Hope that it lives up to your expectations. Look forward to seeing you. Cheers!
  7. Beaver Creek!!!

    Beaver Creek Grooming Report: After a foot of fresh, it was finally a day that I wasn't cursing because of hitting some base gouging obstacle in the snow. Too soft for the Proteus, would have been better on the Coiler NFCB, but that was laid to rest two weeks ago after blowing out an edge.
  8. To Trench or Not To Trench? ...

    1. Any questions? Really, it depends on the day, snow conditions, terrain, board that I'm riding, who I'm with, etc...
  9. Beaver Creek!!!

    Hope it was good for you. I had meetings all day, otherwise would have met up with you. Next time!
  10. Why do you call it a day ?

    If I am already on the chair heading back up, I prefer to call for two more runs... then skip the last one.
  11. Shaun White Perfect 100

    I think that this comment is dead-on. Shaun White didn't even make it to finals in the previous two qualifiers.
  12. carver vs non carver perspective

    PC, Maybe you just need to ride more responsibly, then maybe one day you will earn one of these: It also comes with a free cup of hot chocolate.
  13. Heard in the lift line - 2017/2018

    I love this thread, and was wondering what had happened to it. Saturday I had a lifty look down at my gear as I approached the "wait here" line, then grab my arm while she was asking if I needed help getting on the lift like I was an elderly citizen crossing the street with a walker. I was stunned.. and all I could say was "seriously"? My only solace was that my new chairmate said, "yeah, it was a little suprising that she thought a guy on a carving board would need help getting on the chair".
  14. Why do you call it a day ?

    ^Its 11:30, and my valet has arrived to transport me to my next appointment. (valet = wife) (next appointment = honey-do list)
  15. Beaver Creek!!!

    I was unable to make it up to the Beav today, but they reported 10" today and most runs are open. It should be good, that is if you are ready for some real carving. Let me know if you are going to be there tomorrow.