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  1. TD3 Slop

    i have blues in the heel piece and yellows in front. i weigh about 215 lbs. i cannot tell if the blues are allowing the bindings to roll. they seem really stiff. I don't notice any difference to my other setup without SW.
  2. Buck Hill 2017/18

    1/15/18 last night got 3-4 inches of fresh snow. temp was 5F. windchill was -18F. wind was brutal at the top. the new snow was groomed. i kind of wish they didn't groom... something different. i had crossroads to myself. left deep cuts into the run. eventually went over to milkrun where the snow was very soft. did a couple runs. biffed one of my jumps off the knoll. the nose of the board just stuck and i got thrown forward onto chest. no injuries. bet it looked cool from the chair. hardly anyone there. just some kids doing race training.
  3. Buck Hill 2017/18

    1/13/18 got there at opening. car thermometer read -5F. there was a lot of cars there. races going on. later the blizzard ski school showed up. place was unusually crowded for such cold weather. snow was good except they roped off half of the remaining space on crossroads and set up a course. milkrun had races going on. fortunately there wasn't many skiers doing warm up runs. olympic was off limits. warners had a course. did a couple leisure runs in the railyard. wish it was just a little faster. ROSEMOUNT SKI-BOOTS stumbled across this wiki page about Rosemount Ski Boots. very unique design to start... the boots had to be entered from the side. according to wiki... plastic ski boots were invented here in minnesota by Rosemount Engineering. i would have never guessed. the company manufactured sensors for just about everything; temperature, pressure, etc. it's now Emerson. a friend mine worked there. from the obit of the founder of Rosemount and inventor of ski boot... maybe the first plastic boots were tested at hyland, or buck?
  4. Buck Hill 2017/18

    1/12/18 hadn't been out of the house all week due to inability to frickn' breathe. went at lunch. cold out. about 3F, not including windchill. snow was decent for carving. should've stayed longer.
  5. MES 2018

    ITS HAPPENING! here are the best picts from last year. https://goo.gl/photos/wYesyZeFH85sqYoZ6 and all the picts: https://goo.gl/photos/KHeDXi1hHTMsAjgb6
  6. Buck Hill 2017/18

    @bigwavedave heh... i think that shot was my last run heading to the car. wish i knew others were out... might've held out just a few more runs.
  7. Buck Hill 2017/18

    1/8/18 out at lunch. snow was ok. temp was high 30's. not sure i liked Olympic today. had some bumps and/or depressions but it was very firm. sorry @bigwavedave. I would've liked to ride the chair with you but couldn't wait... had to get my 8 runs in before heading back. I was riding with another ski patrol (the guy with white helmet on teles). he said a new guy from afton did the work for the mogul field. the guy quit afton because he didn't like the direction Vale was taking.
  8. Buck Hill 2017/18

    1/7/18 got there close to opening. the parking lot was almost full. had to park at the far end of the lot on north side. there was a long line at the main ticket office that wrapped around back into the parking lot. only took 30 seconds to get mine at the ski school. there was competition going on in the red tail/terrain park. they roped it off you couldn't cross over from teachers pet. talked to a ski patrol. the guy said that the rail yard isn't expected to have jumps this season. fine with me. the jumps on teachers pet looked big. milkrun had a course that was later taken down. crossroads was busy with families. the lift line was long but not on the new lift. spent most time on olympic and the snow was veRRRrrrRRRy goot.
  9. Buck Hill 2017/18

    1/6/18 temp warmed to 17F. place wasn't too crowded. good snow. races on milkrun but emptied out. skiers right was decent for carving. the mogul field is a tad too long. almost reaches the bottom. fortunately it's a kid magnet so that works. good riding with you erik!
  10. New to the area

    what county are you in?
  11. Buck Hill 2017/18

  12. Buck Hill 2017/18

    12/31/17 went at noon. place was dead. temp was -3F. not sure of the windchill. just a handful of skiers and two snowboarders. more people tubing then were on the hill. race camp had used up olympic and half crossroads. they were already tracked out, same with milkrun. they were gone at noon. tried warners, geezus. grooming sucked. bad case of acne. the rail yard has no features. nice long mellow run. spent a couple runs there. be good for carving on softboots.
  13. Buck Hill 2017/18

    i was at home all day. had car trouble. i'm not sure when i can make it out tomorrow (new years day).
  14. Buck Hill 2017/18

    12/26/17 cold. somewhere around -3F ~ 0F. ski teams set up a course skiers-right of crossroads. milkrun must've had a course. i had difficulty. board was really slow on the snow. had to hop to get started. i couldn't get too aggressive or i'd blow out. hurt to fall. not a problem for randy... he outlasted me.
  15. Xmas Eve at Buck is it still a tradition

    buck usually stays open to 1pm on christmas eve. sorry you couldn't make it. for what its worth, the lighting was bad till about 12pm. short window when we could actually see.