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  1. mount a GoPro to top of trailer facing rearward and watch the video stream. i almost did this. i have a 26' pontoon trailer and with a very tight parking space. i got better at parking it.
  2. Buck just got approval for concerts. https://sunthisweek.com/2017/07/20/buck-hill-plan-to-stage-concerts-approved/ yesterday flipping thru cable. stopped on city burnsville channel when they had a public hearing on buck hill application to the city to allow having concerts. one person went through a long diatribe about the noise from 35W, snow groomers, etc were issues. she lived in the town homes near the hill. having concerts would make it worse. she went on so many tangents that people in the audience were rolling their eyes. i was surprised that they let the person continue blabbing for so long. the core issue is the sound levels. why do people purchase homes so close to a ski hill and then bitch about it. later found out the application was approved. realtors should make a concerted effort to market homes for deaf people near buck hill. bonus points if they ski/snowboard and like tex-mex.
  3. Buck Hill Summer Skiing

    just checked out their instagram. looks like their making progress. hope they have sprinklers.
  4. Buck Hill Summer Skiing

    they could set that progression air bag up higher on milkrun. at least buck has an airbag. are there any other places that have one? is anyone going to try neveplast this season... let me finish... on rentals? i thought they were going to lay neveplast from top of teachers pet down to the chair. haven't been by there yet to see if they've made it happen.
  5. Buck Hill Summer Skiing

    @BobD not sure how to disable linking. the slower hill will help but i hope they install sprinklers. and lots of them. the ramp off the chair is longer than milkrun. getting off the chair at milkrun was somewhat intimidating on neveplast. hard to explain. so much lube. board slips around, difficult to edge. I usually held onto the chair for stability and to prevent going off the edge of neveplast. might be more of an issue with teachers pet going down the ramp one foot in binding. i wouldn't be surprised if they moved some of the park features over to teachers pet.
  6. Buck Hill Summer Skiing

    buck is changing the layout of neveplast. last season they had the neveplast on Milkrun -- a run that is used for Nastar and Ski Challenge. they're moving it over to Teachers Pet -- the beginner run which is very slow at the top with stepped pitch. i am curious as to how this will play out with the public. i'm guessing the ski teams will not be pleased for a variety of reasons; slow run, constricted path around trees, inconsistent pitch, etc. on other hand it might draw out more people who were intimidated by the neveplast on a racing run. ... and being closer to the bar is a plus. aside from the board damage, riding on neveplast is very humbling. forget carving on a snowboard. its skidding all the way down. its not the same as snow. however, you can carve with ski's on it but you have to be committed ... to damaging your gear. might give it another try but on rentals. opens in june.
  7. Paoli Peaks 2016/17

    i was up late at night. i assume you're the redditor that posted to that photo. i have a vague memory of seeing someone at my hill with hardboots in softbindings.
  8. Paoli Peaks 2016/17

    gonna just leave this here...
  9. skating on icy trails

    you mean features like this??? my favorite photo from a star tribune article. i've been to Crashed Ice. its truly a spectacle. its worthy of being a dystopian retro-future olympic sport! they've held it in St. Paul MN. the starting line is at the front of the St. Paul Cathedral. the crowd goes wild when the lights on the cathedral turn red and they start playing AC/DC Hells Bells. couple of my pix
  10. skating on icy trails

    skating on icy trails... crashed ice anyone? http://www.gomn.com/news/watch-skaters-cruise-down-icy-ski-trails-in-duluth/
  11. Giant's Ridge

    around 2005/6, went to giants ridge for opening day. on third run i got decked from behind by another snowboarder. i impacted the ground on my left hip. when i finally stood up i could feel my hip swelling. i could barely make it down the run. i could barely walk to the room. i was in a lot of pain. the other snowboarder got the wind knocked out of him. i was the first one of the season to be admitted to emergency room in hoyt lakes. no broken bones just a massive hematoma of the hip. haven't been back since.
  12. Buck Hill 2016/17

    cool shot on instagram
  13. Buck Hill 2016/17

    3/15/17 conditions we're very conducive to carving. Someone was flying a drone way up above the run. It was way up there. It's the white pixel in the photo. Great day out.
  14. Buck Hill 2016/17

    3/14/17 snow was great. Karl agrees.