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  1. Indianhead / Blackjack opening

    thanks @Algunderfoot for the discounted pass. i can see why @bigwavedave likes this place. long runs... a lot of varying pitches and rollers. wide runs... provided no skiers. i would agree that Indianhead is the Buttermilk East -- that we need. thank dave for the motivation. buck hill is gonna suck. i don't remember names of runs. the one where the chairlift is near parking lot... that mini-wall on skiers left towards the bottom was a phncking riot. one run i was laughing mid toe-side carve. i'm sure people on the chair could hear me giggling. the run pictured above is moar goodly. lots of trenches coming around tower 3. fun riding with @Corey, @bigwavedave and @Algunderfoot. dilly dilly. good times!!!
  2. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    i'm heading up thursday morning and will drive back sunday. i sent email to the local hardbooters anonymous. unfortunately trent said he can't swing it.
  3. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    snow any good? is corey still heading there? asking for a friend.
  4. Buck Hill 2017/18

    give me $390 every time you decide to ride at buck i will pay full price lift ticket. ** repeat until money gone. whatever money is left over at end of season i keep. ** requires 72 hour advance notice prior to departure
  5. Buck Hill 2017/18

    3/10/18 got a text from a friend that he was going to buck at 11:30am. i get there and the lot was almost full. there were ski races going on. courses were on warners, olympic and milkrun. basically only had crossroads and the railyard. as it was the place was too crowded. so i texted my friend that Welch would be better. so we agreed to meet at Welch. i lasted an hour at Buck and then headed off to Welch. the only remarkable thing was i saw this snowboarder carving across the run. apparently he didn't see the mogul field. he carved right into a mogul and flipped head first with legs fully extended in the air. he wasn't wearing a helmet. i yelled down to him if he was okay. i couldn't hear him but he gave a thumbs up while rubbing his forehead. he sat in the field for a long time. so i did two ski hills in one day. welch was more goodly.
  6. Welch

    3/10/18 drove out to Welch to meet friends. got there at 11:45-ish. i had to park at mad jax ... in the goddamn mud. lift lines were long. for whatever reason the bakki chair didn't open till around 3pm. snow was decent. somewhat soft. the only disappointment was that they put moguls on Dan's Drive. it was completely covered in moguls. my friends were on skis. had to take them to the back bowl. they survived the ice.
  7. Buck Hill 2017/18

    3/8/18 yep... good times. snow on Olympic was really firm and fast.
  8. Buck Hill 2017/18

    3/7/18 blue bird skies. temperature around 28F. snow was ok. there were spots where snow was soft and board would slow down. might need to wax my board. olympic: there was a course that was taken down. i didn't see it until i was underway. could've been better. crossroads: ok milkrun: ok warners: did multiple runs with @BobD. it was decent.
  9. Buck Hill 2017/18

    we got maybe 5 inches. I couldn't set an edge without immediately slowing down. I don't think I had any boot drag. it was like the edges of the board were pinched by the snow. I was skidding j(no carve) just to keep speed up so I didn't have to walk as far to the chair. the wind made things worse. there was hard ice underneath the <air quote> powder </air quote>. last run blew out a turn and fell on a sheet of ice. so... not worth it.
  10. Buck Hill 2017/18

    yeah, that cracked me up too. I commented on the instagram post. nothing harsh. what a disappointment. as I was loading my car I saw a guy pulling out fat powder skis. should've gone to welch or afton.
  11. Buck Hill 2017/18

    3/6/18 jesus christ... they groomed over the new snow EVEN THOUGH THEY"RE CALLING IT A POWDAY. my reaction ... to be fair, the conditions sucked. super slow. started on softies but could barely make it to the lift line even with the groom. on third run i switched to hardboots. could not set an edge without immediately slowing down.
  12. Buck Hill 2017/18

    3/3/18 got on the lift at 8:15 am. races were going on. temp was above freezing. i'm surprised buck even groomed. extremely windy. it was blowing from south. snow conditions varied. i didn't like crossroads. the top was okay but icy underneath. towards the bottom the snow was soft piles from skiers who already been warming up. olympic had ruts but skiers right was okay. rail yard was soft in a surfy way. be great on softboots. the problem was getting there from main chair. the wind blew so hard i had to tuck to get there. left at 10 am.
  13. Buck Hill 2017/18

    BUCK HILL INSTAGRAM BRIGADE WATCH get your season pass, Neveplast included ** "... but muh sendy jumps... you promised" "... everyone is commenting bad things and not wanting to come back next year" ^^ erik in the ticket office dgaf ** Buck Hill is not responsible for damage to skis or snowboards while riding on Neveplast. Use at own risk. Quit your bitching.
  14. Buck Hill 2017/18

    i don't remember what i paid last season but i did purchase in the spring. $390 is getting up there. what ever happened to the air bag? i don't recall seeing that out all season.