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    Loon Mt
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    Donek T Axcess, Kessler, AM, NSR Coiler, MONSTAH 188, 24/7,
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    Deluxee T700, 325's
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    Bomber Plate 4mm SI TD3's on Donek Axcess T and 180 Kessler, 181 T NSR. 175 AM, 188 Monstah
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  1. Coiler Classic 165 T $200

    I Pm'd you.
  2. Coiler Classic 165 T $200

    165 Coiler Classic Metal built in 2009. Ridden for approx. 75 days. Ideal for low intermediate or beginner woman or lightweight man. (150lbs). 18cm waist,9m side cut, max stance 20 inches. Board is in great shape, just needs a wax and it's good to go. Original post from purchase search Coiler Classic for more info. $200 shipped
  3. Half the time its just me. I loose my friends on purpose. The last person you want to smash into is me. I look up hill all the time but if I ride with less people the less chance I have of the close call or worse. Others have know idea what can be done on a carving board " You just came out of nowhere, how did you just do that its physically impossible!!" The trench does not lie it sticks around for a couple runs. Its just easier to carve when your alone you can stay focused and its easier on the lower half of your body no standing around and you get less muscle fatigue when your on your game. Plenty of time to chat after at the bar.
  4. MONSTAH Plate or No Plate??(Boiler) on Packed Pow

    Thanks for the info had a great time w plate, then when it got bumped up I just made wider turns and split moguls in half as they stayed soft for once!!
  5. I have the option just looking for feed back.
  6. Scarpa Skookum AT boots mp 28 $80

    Does anyone ride these? How are they? Compare to which boot in the Deelux line? Thanks
  7. Stix Control System Plate

    Wish that shop was still there. Looks like the set up on my 24/7 but its one piece not 2. Might have to take that out again on Monday after they groom the new snow out.
  8. To Trench or Not To Trench? ...

    Deeeep it slows me down to stay on carve and not speed ck. Ya its an east coast dream and once you got it ....its gone but fun while it lasted!
  9. Another TD3 Base Plate Crack!

    Ya I'm 190 soakin wet!! Extra 40lbs riding like I do I might not use it anymore!! Just spent 43 days healing myself from this sport and never fell all day! Do not pull/rip/tear your Piriformis muscle!! Long time fix!! Would not want to hurt myself from equipment failure!
  10. Another TD3 Base Plate Crack!

    Yes same spot I just look at it every time b 4 I go out.. its on the pow board now got 3 sets.
  11. Another TD3 Base Plate Crack!

    I have been riding on a hair line crack for ahhhhh for 4 years I just can't get the dam thing to break!! Has anyone had it break while riding to cause a one footer, like the TD1 standards did to me many times on perfect jump landings. Pressure would cause bail to flip open front foot. switched to landing on tail and slowly let it bend out!!
  12. 180 Coiler Nirvana FC SOLD

    Do you know which it closest resembles in the Nirvana family Balance, energy ,V-cam ?? Kurt??
  13. 2017 Coiler 180 Extreme Carve

    is that a 180 or 175
  14. TD3 no dimple toe blocks for step in