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    Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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    Lake Louise, AB
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    Software geek
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    2012 Coiler Nirvana Free Carve 180, 2016 Coiler VSR All-Mountain 167, 2001 Rad-Air Tanker 200
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    Raichle 224
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    F2 TitanFlex, Proflex TitanFlex, Raichle Intec RS
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  1. Wide soft-boot boards

    Rob, Steve & Corey got some really nice pics of you yesterday, you are going to be happy! I second crackaddict, it was fun to see you charging on that Donek. Lots of hoots from the lift, too.
  2. Nakiska Expression Session 2018

    Thanks to Steve for organizing another fun event. We arrived home around midnight last night, a little sore but otherwise fine. Corey, Allee, Dave, Steve2, Urst, Chris, Gary, Alex, Karl and any of the other regulars I may have forgotten, it is always great to see you. Mark, James and Rob, it was great to meet and ride with you guys. Ann, thanks for giving Donnagail all those wonderful ideas for future purchases.
  3. Car nuts thread 😁

    We did the same thing a few years back. Don't take that road if you have any inclination towards car sickness!
  4. Car nuts thread 😁

    I test drove a Q60 and it was nice but didn't really inspire me. Then my wife said "you've wanted a sports car ever since I've known you. Why don't you buy the MX-5 and keep the R32 for winter?" My wife is great!
  5. Car nuts thread 😁

    Yes, it's blue, bone stock except for the cheap mags currently on it with winter tires. No pics handy.
  6. Nakiska Expression Session 2018

    Ditto! Nice seeing all my old friends, meeting some new ones, and finally making turns with Rob after 10 years or so of online friendship. Sore muscles currently under beer infusion treatment.
  7. Car nuts thread 😁

    My first car was a '73 AMC Javelin. After that, the interesting cars were a '69 Pontiac GTO, an 84 1/2 Mustang SVO and my current cars, a 2008 VW R32 and a 2016 Mazda MX-5 GT. I love the MX-5 more than is entirely reasonable. My wife calls it "the other woman".
  8. Profile rank?

    There are standard titles by post count. Once you get to a certain level you can edit it.
  9. What's your perspective/objective?

    There are some off Gold but there has never been enough snow when we've been there.
  10. What's your perspective/objective?

    Well, that's what my avatar looks like, but I only really learned to ride in that style after hooking up with Riceball and Corey at NES, and also that one time I went to SES. I enjoy the camaraderie of these carving events and I'm happy to have that style of turning in my toolbox, but after a couple of days of groomers only I am bored stiff. If I'm riding solo you are most likely to find me in the bumps or powder if any is available. I wish I had some good footage of me in the bumps but I never seem to be able to talk anyone who knows what they're doing with a camera onto the runs I like...
  11. Nakiska Expression Session 2018

    I'd be happy to take some of those coupons off your hands. I'm riding all 3 days, Donnagail is riding 1, so we could use as many as 4. BTW I have a rental car this year, so I won't need to bug you for rides.
  12. Nakiska Expression Session 2018

    Upthread, someone mentioned that season pass holders can get a limited number of discounted lift tickets. I think you'd have to be there, so unless you are planning to attend NES you probably can't help. Thanks for the offer. OTOH I'd love to see you out there. We've been chatting for a lot of years now.
  13. A guide for newbies

    Yeah, I'm with you. I upgraded a couple of years ago to 2 boards, one with a pure carving focus and the other all-mountain. I usually ride either one or the other for the whole day. Maybe if I lived near the mountains and rode a whole lot I would have more alpine boards, but I would be far more likely to add a softie setup, some skis and maybe an AT rig.
  14. What's your perspective/objective?

    I'm the lone #3 guy so far.
  15. A guide for newbies

    There is a lot of information in the newbie guide. To answer some of your immediate questions: plates are extra pieces that are not used by most people and especially beginners. Used gear is found in the classified sections here, there's a pointer in the guide. I found it easy to transition to hard boots, others found it harder. Utilizing The Norm (pointer in the guide) or better yet getting some help from any hardbooting locals in your area will speed the process. Alpine boards aren't inherently faster. They allow you to go faster but if you point an alpine board and a freeride board downhill, they'll both soon be going faster than most would like. The thing is, once you learn to carve a turn you are no longer scrubbing much speed in the turns. To control speed in a carved turn, you have to make more complete turns than most do, which is why many Alpine riders use up so much of the hill in their turns. That, plus it's fun.