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    2012 Coiler Nirvana Free Carve 180, 2016 Coiler VSR All-Mountain 167, 2001 Rad-Air Tanker 200
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  1. Mountain Slope boots?

    IIRC there was some issue with how high the heel would have had to have been to accommodate an Intec or other step-in mechanism. The market is for an exact copy of a Northwave .950. The people who love that boot don't want any "improvements".
  2. So critical feedback anybody?

    Just looking at the 2nd video, your heelsides look OK to me but on toe side you have a tendency to just incline without much angulation, and on one occasion broke a little at the waist trying to reach for the snow. This is a problem we share. I'd try to get a little lower on toeside and get more angulation if you can.
  3. Madd Killer Strikes Back!

    I'd love to give your wide version a go when next we meet, Corey.
  4. How are you kicking with the heel while facing uphill?
  5. Where step-ins really shine is on the flats. Run out of steam, pop out and skate for a while, then click in while still moving. You have to be pretty talented with straps to do that.
  6. Boots in olympics

    Another North Canuckistanian operation. I think Bomber would be good option once all the dust clears.
  7. Boots in olympics

    YYZ Canuck or Apex might be interested. They are both in Canada.
  8. Car nuts thread 😁

    What, Caymans? They are universally beloved, at least in R&T and C&D which are the only mags I read.
  9. Ester Ledecka

    That's in the comments. The main article discusses whether her win is a good or bad thing for ski racing.
  10. Big Trip to Canmore next Week - Advice Needed

    My advice would be to skip Nakiska and Norquay, and take whichever board you are comfortable on in all conditions.
  11. Yeah, those guys don't know how to carve at all, they really suck.
  12. That is true no matter where you go on the ol' interwebz.
  13. Where can I rent?

    Doubt there's anything in Whistler. You can demo Priors from the factory but you need your own boots & bindings.
  14. Ester Ledecka

    She's getting a lot of ink because it was in the same Olympics. One of my heroes is fellow Canuck Clara Hughes who has won 6 Olympic medals, 4 in speed skating and 2 in cycling. She is constructed of 100% awesomite.
  15. How to watch 2018 Olympic Snowboarding

    EC for the win!