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  1. Is bomber out of business?

    It's good that they are leaving this thread up, but I expect it will be punted shortly. For whatever reason, their approach on these issues seems to be silence.
  2. An industry giant is lost...

    So sorry to hear this. My first modern Alpine board was one of the early 4WDs. Chris repaired it under warranty even thought it was used and out of the warranty period, so I will always remember him as a stand-up guy.
  3. Coiler Angrry 170

    Far as I'm concerned, if you're turning without skidding you are carving. Nice video, Gabe.
  4. Bend it....

    From a few years back, this is my Tanker 200:
  5. Donek vs SG - Advice please!

    The SGs I've seen have tended to be burly boards intended for the race course. Ultra Primes are relatively soft free carving boards. The Revs are race boards, the MK is a way more demanding ride than your UP. If I were you and looking at Donek, I'd be looking at the Metal FC or maybe the Proteus. I wouldn't be looking at SG at all, but I'm not familiar with their whole line. You might also look at Coiler, check out the Nirvana.
  6. Alpine Snowboarding Review Vid

    Second on the tighter stance, I'm 6' tall, I wear jeans with a 32" or 33" leg. My stance is 19.5". I don't get the softbooter hatred. Many of them think of us as skiers at heart, so they hate us. I don't get the skier hatred, either. They also think we look ugly going down the hill, whereas I think the opposite: a good hardbooter looks smooth and graceful to me. To add to the tips Jack gave you, to my eye it looks like you are both standing too tall, don't be afraid to bend your knees like you do on your softie boards. Ryan, you made the comment that it was less effort to carve the board, but neither of you are putting the energy into the turn to really bend the board and make it come around as you are doing with your soft boot boards. Once you do that you will find it more of a workout. The fact that neither of you are falling means to me that you aren't really committing to the turn, you have to fall out of a few to get it.
  7. Hello Strangers

    Hi, Dave. Good luck getting your butt back on snow this year!
  8. 2017-2018 Season Board Porn

    2012 Coiler Nirvana 180 12/14: if I am going to be primarily on groomers that day 2016 Coiler VSR AM 165 (nose stretched to make it a 167, XT sidecut): if I am headed anywhere else.
  9. Where to go for a month?

    Big White and Sun Peaks are similar hills but I like the terrain at Big White more. If you're talking pure carving terrain Sun Peaks may be a bit better?
  10. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Wow, that's lot of lumber!
  11. Where to go for a month?

    It's a very good hill for carving. It's quite big, there's a lot of terrain choice.
  12. Where to go for a month?

    Apparently there's cheap places in Big White, too. https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/18929798?location=Big White Mountain%2C Canada&s=UWxEnrRa
  13. Where to go for a month?

    Whitefish? https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/9297124?location=Whitefish%2C MT&s=vrP-8fsr
  14. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    We're famous!
  15. 2017-2018 season prep thread.

    "Body building" aka training for hypertrophy is a completely different kettle of fish from the sports-specific weight training routines people have been suggesting. And yes, if you are efficient you will be able to ride longer than an inefficient fit guy. However, hard carving on the groom is putting a load on your legs regardless of how good you are at it, and is far more taxing than a powder day or just general cruising around. Time in the gym can be a very good thing for most hard booters.