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  1. Quiver Racks - Transporting All Those Boards

    I have an old Thule Rocketbox that goes on the van in 10 minutes when I need it. I have it mounted to the crossbars and suspended from the garage ceiling on pulleys so I can drop it down when the van is parked under it. Tall door so it fits through when mounted. Last weekend I had 2 boards, 1 pair alpine skis, and 7 pair cross country with 8 sets of poles up there with room to spare.
  2. Hardbooter wins Olympic ski race!

    Justin Reiter is one of her coaches.
  3. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    It was a pleasure to ride with such talented and smooth riders. I ride alone 99% of the time, so seeing three hard hoot guys (two goofy like me) is extra special. I have some work to do on my riding now. Thanks guys!
  4. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    Fantastic. Like the rest of us I'll be easy to spot.
  5. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    I've been tied up with a new job this year so free time is scarce, but my family is headed over next week for a couple of days (Thursday/Friday). I'd love to connect if anyone will be around. 'Bruin
  6. Aaaaaand We are Back: from Fin

    I'm weary of logging in to see no movement on this thread. That is all.
  7. Bomber shop??

    I think you'd see parts requests even if the store was open. I've bought many parts on the classifieds: cant plates, disks, bails, and BTS springs to name some off the top of my head. I do hope that Fin gets control soon and can salvage some of the Northern riding season - the best conditions are yet to come!
  8. Aaaaaand We are Back: from Fin

    This was a big change in plate binding performance.
  9. Fine Tuning BTS

    I tend to prefer the non-permanent adjustments first. I probably have enough washers in a drawer. YMMV.
  10. Fine Tuning BTS

    I would have started with removing the lower nut - it's clear you won't be cranking on that anyway and a properly sized washer stack could accomplish your needed range of movement.
  11. Fine Tuning BTS

    I used different springs top and bottom with preload to get the lean angles I wanted.
  12. 700T, digging the new colors

    BTS is very easy to install: push out the two pins and drop it in. The adjustment takes time to get right: Spring rate, preload, and lean are all adjustable so some tweaking is inevitable. I ended up trying a few different spring rates for toe/heel flex before I settled on what works for me - I am using different rates for each.
  13. 700T, digging the new colors

    The 700's are a decent boot. Mine are a few years old and came with a moldable liner. I wish the heel hold was better, but otherwise the fit was good. I had to use spacers to take up some volume for my flat, skinny feet. The BTS should be required - it improved the boots 100%. I trust that once things are sorted at Bomber the BTS will return as a new option. Post up a wanted ad and see what happens.
  14. Board Leash Poll

    I always have one in my bag in case some lift op or patroller has a bad day. I've (knock on wood) never had to get it out.
  15. Is bomber out of business?

    Any updates on the bankruptcy? did the paperwork get filed "in time"? If not is the receivership happening? Inquiring minds want to know.