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  1. Yo Lci!!

    Hell yeah bois! Way to put those flat riding skills to use on Scub! Nicely done. Ink
  2. Yo Lci!!

    Dang Pete, that’s a bummer. Great riding with you while we could this season. Here’s to a full recovery so we can play snowboards again. Ink
  3. Eyeing up a jump

    Woohoo! Carving turns and having fun, exactly what snowboarding is about!! Nice pic Marvin. Ink
  4. Hardbooter at Pyeongchang Paralympics

    Dowd with his hardboot up front and Redwing boot on the back for heel lift. That was back in his Naked Board days. Here is one with Koflack up front and softie in back from Kemper days. Ink
  5. Gray Snowboards?

    This line concerns me and is not always the case. I used to race in Raichle Flexon Comps and tore the bottom 1/2" of my tibia off due to the small ligament not giving. Riding a "race prepped" course for the womens WC I didn't feed the board through a toeside turn. The back of the board snapped out violently breaking the bone inside the boot. Ink
  6. Little rock drop and bottom turn

    CM usually joins us at Lovey on Sundays. Super fun to watch and ride with. Join us when you can, all are welcome. 8:30 at lift 1 or earlier at table across from the Wedge Bar upstairs. Ink
  7. Isolation plate for softboot carving

    I don’t have anything else regarding Palmer on the BP except that it may have been a bit wider to support softies better. Like Teach said of his Donek BX. Sounded like Palmer liked the setup and was willing to test but he has always been pretty open to testing new tech that may give him an advantage. Ink
  8. Isolation plate for softboot carving

    I recall talking to Fin about this, it was Palmer at the X Games. Palmer tested it for the BX event and schooled everyone. My understanding was that Nate Holland didn’t like getting worked over so badly that he made a formal complaint and got them banned from competition. Ink
  9. Yo Lci!!

    Right on yamifumi, see you soon. We are just a group of goofballs who (many) ride big boards. I don’t know if I would call us “carvers” though. Ink
  10. Yo Lci!!

    Yep, it was cold. Windy too. We didn’t like it. We did however take the shortbus to less cold, and less wind to the very well groomed and grippy chair 3. Fun was had by big Mario, the dude, Shelly and myself. Mr. awesome showed for a beer and conversation along with solo rider Odd Job. Ink
  11. Snowfall in Colorado?

    If you are around on a Sunday come join the LCI at Loveland. We can get $57 tix with our season pass as well as having a group of riders to rip around with. Sundays have been very good this season. Ink
  12. Birthday Laps

    Good riding fellas! Ink
  13. FAR from good but I have about a year on a board now and don't ride that often but some things I have learned from some of the best CO has to offer... - more weight on the front truck so you aren't steering with the rear (less speed wobbles) - footbraking is essential at all levels of ability - heel and toe side slides are essential to higher speeds - most folks around here use a sole like the ridersfly.com which is glued to your sole then trimmed - when it wears too low peel and replace instead of buying new shoes - pad up and as BlueB said, slide glove are a MUST - ride with people who know more than you to learn - videos help a ton too I was using Seismic Tantrum freeride wheels and wasn't consistent learning slides so I tried my sons very slick Free Quincy wheels. This allowed me to slide easily and get the positioning and feel for it much quicker. I then switched back to the Tantrums and don't have a problem sliding with either hand down. I now am riding Cult Cerebrums which have a little more grip than the Tantrums but still a freeride wheel. Rare for me to do standies at this point but once in a while I do attempt them. I also learned on a bit of a steeper hill that would get me up to speed quickly and allow me to slide just after starting downhill (within my speed comfort), then regain speed again and slide again about 4 times on this hill. I can now run it with only 1 slide and not be too uncomfortable. Time to start going further up the hill I guess. This is incredibly fun and challenging and drives me a lot to get better but my mind doesn't want me to go too fast yet. I try to push my comfort level up a notch each time I ride but It is slow coming and that is fine with me, I'm in no rush. Hope this helps get you slowed a bit quicker. Ink Also a shorter wheelbase will help get the slide going a bit easier.
  14. New Binding purchase assistance

    Chances are good that you can get these here in the states too, From All Boards Sports. I haven't been there in a while to know for sure but Bola sells SG so I would assume he can get them. Ink
  15. New Donek Powdergun?

    Sean says on Instagram it will be out next season. Ink