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  1. Beginner-friendly bindings

    I have some Snow Pros that are considered fairly solid, i.e., suitable for 215lbs. I'll PM you.
  2. I have some new old stock, never used Raichle 125, mondo 26.5 with Thermoflex liners. Sent you a PM...
  3. TD- 2 or 3 front Bail Spring with In-Tech

    If it's the front bail on your rear binding that's no longer staying up, a temporary fix is to swap your front and rear bindings.
  4. oh shit!

    You'd think there should be multiple safety systems to keep that from happening. The good news is no very serious injuries.
  5. WTB: Burton 3D disks for TD2

    RJ - I have a pair. Will PM you.
  6. Yes, I still have them.
  7. Deeluxe Hard Boots $100 obo

    I contacted the seller and he checked the sizing: "...the upper part of the shells has the mondo range of 25.0 to 27.5. Lower down in the shells it says 27.5. The liners are 27.0." I'd need a 26 shell and liner, so no go for me.
  8. Deeluxe Hard Boots $100 obo

    I'm interested but need to get details on the size. Will PM you.
  9. TD bindings with screws $25 plus shipping

    I was actually surprised that I appeared to be first to respond. Happy carving!
  10. TD bindings with screws $25 plus shipping

    Well, no deal. Diveburt PM'd me that he was getting them ready to ship but then said somebody else was first. No issues, hopefully the buyer will get some good use out of them.
  11. Raichle 125 boots in excellent condition. Mondo size 26-26.5 (approximate US mens 8-8.5). Very little wear and the Thermoflex moldable liners look like new. These are from the same molds as the later Deeluxe Indy and Track 225/325. I've had these on hand as spares so they've been a closet for a number of years. The sole length indicated on the shell near the heel is 285mm. $160 plus shipping from zip 44646 (PayPal friend/gift). Example approximate US shipping rates are: Boston - $22, Denver - $35, Seattle - $46. Canada and other international are no problem, shipping with US Postal Service at actual rates.
  12. TD bindings with screws $25 plus shipping

    I'll take them. Will PM you.
  13. Vote for me for the geekiest post ever: This post is intended purely to file away in case anyone ever wants to try to machine replacements for those rare spherical nuts on Catek OS1 and OS2 bindings. The topic has come up a couple of times before. I don't have access to a lathe, but I do have friends in a metrology lab. It's easy to measure the required dimensions with a caliper, except the radius of the spherical section. So I asked a friend to measure that for me with a coordinate measuring machine. He measured spherical radius of the nut (indicated below in red) and distance from center of sphere to flat bottom face (indicated below in blue). The table below gives the dimensions. If imaging ever goes away on this forum, here are the dimensions in text: OS1: Radius(mm/inch) = 9.537/0.3755 Distance - Sphere Center to Face(mm/inch) = 0.782/0.0308 OS2: Radius(mm/inch) = 12.575/0.4951 Distance - Sphere Center to Face(mm/inch) = 7.530/0.2965 This is just one measurement of one sample of each nut. I expect pretty high uncertainty in the radius results as there's not a lot of surface to measure, plus there's significant form error. So based on the dimensions above there's a good chance the aim radius is 0.375 inch for OS1 and 0.500 inch for OS2 (not metric - interesting). There's probably a minus tolerance on each so they'll engage the spherical seats in the base plates which were probably made with cutters of those nominal dimensions. Like I said, if anyone is interested, file this away for future reference. If anyone else is a measurement geek, the CMM is a Zeiss Prismo Ultra in a 0.5 deg F room, capable way beyond the needs of this job. Remember, vote for me for the geekiest post ever
  14. Ester Ledecka

    I think the NBC super-G announcers said she was ranked in the low 40s (41 maybe?) in super-G world cup.