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    I am a Professional Amateur Golfer when I am not out to golf, snowboard, fish, bicycle, play with my Gurlfriend
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    Coiler 169 AM, 178 Volkl RT , 179 Prior 4X4, (2) 174 Prior 4X4, 173 Volkl RT, 168 Volkl RT, 171 Solomon 450, 170 Arbor Munoz, 169 Prior 4X4
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    Track 325 - 30,0
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    Bomber TD3
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  1. Mt. Bachelor 2017/2018

    Anyone know how the conditions are now.? I am coming that way Mar 7-11 - wondering if it is nice enough to bring my board to Bend. or just drink Beer. Al
  2. Car nuts thread 😁

    yes - both are C6 Grandsports. - my name suggests a C5 but that was about 3 years a go when I switched. Had a Torch Red C5 coupe -- And bought a 2013 Black C6 when I sold the C5. Then I missed Red Corvette - so I bought another C6 GS - the Torch Red is a 2012 cuz I could not decide which color I liked the best.
  3. Car nuts thread 😁

    Big car nut here - Specially Corvettes , always have been. Currently own these toys... and all three are manual tranny cars !!!
  4. DeeLuxe Susuka AF600 size 12 30 Mondo - with Intecs

    Sold -- Happy Riding all of you in 2018!!
  5. Sorry Big Guy,, I tried to make it right..PLUS I was paying for your shipping on the other set . NEXT time I'd suggest you dont use the word "Might" - and say "I will take them", Thought you were going to be like Craig list buyers, all talk and no money. Been caught with the " I think I might want to buy syndrome too many times." My Apologies.. but glad I did not do business with you..ya got quite an attitude!
  6. i have another set of TD2s I was going to list tomorrow. .... do you want them.? Courtesy extended only to you... How Bout that. ? no second board kit... but it is a good set. $195. Think about it...
  7. Sold to the Dr-- dunno what happened to carvedog , no reply. so the Doc gets them.
  8. Not sure I understand the screw Height - the plate to board uses the same screw no matter the Lift /cant/ The angle is in the aluminum base . These Alum Bases qty 4 are the same with the 3 notches Fin machined in to designate the 3 Deg Angle if I remember correctly.
  9. complete set of Bindings TD2 with Steel Heel Receiver - great shape. All screws included. Toe Bail is in great shape and no issues. $220 plus shipping from 98006. include 1 Alum Heel Receiver. Includes 2nd Board set up -- both sets are 3 degree type
  10. Lightly used Boots for sale, Liners have not been heated . in great shape, all buckles work and ratchet correctly. Includes Intec Heels. $160 plus shipping from 98006.
  11. Input from ebay experienced sellers

    Do I understand that you shipped it before you got paid? if so, if it were me I would learn from this experience and go on to the next sale.
  12. Any Corvette Lovers here?

    I think your daughter would look very good in a Carlisle Blue C6
  13. Any Corvette Lovers here?

    I was looking to buy a C7 -- agree on the rear end -- it is ugly but also I don't fit in the cabin very well. So I bought the Grandsports you see above.. lots of leg room and a nice a** end. :-)_ The C6s have Lots of power - nice riding touring sports car.
  14. Any Corvette Lovers here?

    In my 70 years of living -- I have always like the Corvette since it came out in 1953 ..
  15. Heard It In The Lift Line 2015/2016

    I took two boards up on the gondola so I could easily trade out... one young kid said " those are the widest skis i have ever seen!"