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    Pas de la Casa - ANDORRA
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    Grandvalira - ANDORRA
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    Teaching Snowboard at Grandvalira Ski & Snowboard School
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    Donek Incline 161
    Donek Incline 169
    Donek FCI 171
    Donek REV 163 Proto Fixed SCR 11,5
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    Burton DRIVER X
    Deeluxe 325
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    Softboots : +21°/+9°
    Hardboots: +65°/+64°
    Some Gilmour bias
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  1. Tracks

    Very very few taxes here PSR....That's true.......till now !...... Is it heaven to live in Andorra ? Surely not.....Even if you guys find the pictures beautiful it's only because like anyone else in this thread, i try to choose the best ones in a bunch of awful ones...... And to answer Corey's Frontside.......
  2. Tracks

    Hi Bigwavedave, Andorra is a small country in the Pyrenées Mountains between France and Spain. Same mountain, different lines....some done with a split, others ones with a Donek REV 163. Welcome in Andorra !.....
  3. Tracks

    Some wider tracks on this Sunday afternoon...
  4. Coilerlandia

    Nice rack and very nice tribute to the Burton M7 !... Cool Coiler board .....
  5. As you're performing "extension turns" (bending the legs for edging and extending them for the board flattening and edge change) you're doing it the wrong way. The extension phase should gradually start after the flattening (+/- perpedicular to the fall line) till being +/- pointing down the fall line. Then, past the fall line, should start the legs retraction phase, pulling them back towards you till being at the maximum flexion at the edge change when the board gets flat. You will be then performing "flexion turns" as you go from one edge to the other one, through a flexion of the legs. If doing "extension turns", impossible for you to extend the legs right after the edge change as you are already in extension ! And of course as BlueB said by extending the legs you want the edge to be locked in for a true carving turn.
  6. Binding angles?

    65f/64b Hardboots 21f/9b Softboots
  7. Maybe first time evers?

    Never tried it..... but seen it in '87-88 when that video came out in France....Good old days by the way...... The whole video is of course worth a look, but what you're talking about starts at 6.20. Bring the memories back and enjoy !....
  8. Sad news...Passing of Jean Nerva

    Beeing a young teenager, I had the chance to meet him at the end of the 80's in Paris, at Hawaï Surf, a snowboard shop that, at that time, was probably the only place in France were to get almost everything available in France about the snowboard industry ( from Wintersticks deck to TWS magazines and firsts american VHS of snowboarding movies and so on ). On that day, Jean was giving an autographs session because he already was like a true inspirator for people starting snowboarding in Europe. I had my signed poster hanging on the wall in my bedroom for years and I remember him as a kindly and approachable person. Hats off for his world titles and NGO work as Nils stated above. He will remain an inspirational person. Thanks you Jean. RIP
  9. Noah Salasnek

    Learnt that great loss a bit lately yesterday.....Sad news... He truly was one of the most stylish and influencional rider of his generation. RIP. Smooth and Stylish as tribute to him :
  10. Angulation ! ! !

    ^^ What Neil said about touching the front boot cuffs. What also worked well for me was to look for the shoulders to be parallel to the slope of the run while getting lower bending my legs. Engaging your obliques and transverse muscles; try to make your lateral rib cage touching your hip bone. Depending on your anatomy, some Gilmour bias may also help angulating.
  11. It's true that the conditions were seriously looking crap !....
  12. Tracks

    Early morning splitboarding Nirvana.......
  13. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

    Absolutely killing FC racing stripe !....Wow !....Now it would deserve a close-up picture for a nice weave/stripe combo....
  14. Board width - what is going on???

    Just one more from the old days............