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  1. Alpinepunk 182 Afterburner - $350 OBO

    Hey Curtis..thanks. Wow. I want this. Have to sell some stuff to make it happen. Looks like you are still in Boulder. I think I have a friend who could pick it up. Not sure if your old email addy still works. I will pm you and we'll go there. Thx.
  2. Alpinepunk 182 Afterburner - $350 OBO

    You still have this beauty?
  3. Premium Carving vacations.

    Not even a mention of Sun Valley? Today was 5 star conditions with NoBody around. Doesn't get any more premium than that. I don't go to the mountain for food but when I have joined guests there it is really good.
  4. Need help w/ toe-side wipeout (new Proteus on ice)

    Instead of 'throwing' my knee, particularly in 'firm' conditions I will place my hand on the outside of front knee and push it toward the snow going thru the turn on toeside. On heelside hand pushes on back knee towards centerline of board. This also does great things for keeping shoulders level throughout the turn. I like it. I had this same thought.
  5. 3 Day Groom....A Love Story

    Wow.....that is....just...... I have spent years of my life in the woods here. Almost every powder day afternoon. During years like last year it becomes just incredible. Everywhere the woods are filled with lines, not just a couple of tight ones. There are some black holes and some very dense and tight trees with deadfall in places but it is really amazing. And there is a LOT in play in bounds. If you start going out the gates then it just compounds the goodness. Going OB does add a bit of hazard. You should come play again. Love to be your guide. And Arnie is all right. At least he skis and cares about the environment. I have never seen him with anyone but himself around town. As in no bodyguards or anything. We do have some high rollers come thru with security but Arnie doesn't seem to be one.
  6. 3 Day Groom....A Love Story

    Of course we have supplemental O2, but you have to know someone in the patrol shack to get the supplemental hangover cure. Not sure I get the 'no woods' reference...
  7. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    The under bed board storage in that one pic is awesome. Good to see you guys carving the Big Fish. Maybe someday I will get to travel and board again......
  8. 3 Day Groom....A Love Story

    So today was another one....3 day groom, that is. People go all gaga over powder and I hit it hard the last couple of days and had a ball too. But today was three day groom day. That is the special time when the groomers have had a couple of nights worth of tilling the freshly fallen goodness. Now that we have a decent base of snow the third day carving has been excellent and today was no exception. Superb, chalky, groomery, beautiful, smooth goodness everywhere. And the bonus is that it was too warm to blow snow, hovering at about 30F, so no piles of man made messing anything up. Most people don't understand how exciting this is. And it was a Monday meaning not a lot of people. Well anyway, I had a really, really good morning and I know I made some skiers mad because of the trench depth. FYI this is in Sun Valley and it is just about as good as it gets.
  9. Sounds to me like you are twisting your shoulders around too much. Your toeside looks leaned over. Try reaching for the snow with the other hand. Beware all kinds of quick turns can happen.
  10. Riding in walk mode vs locked

    Hardly any body rides Burton Fires much but I accidentally started carving really hard while in walk mode and ended up the bottom of the cuff locked forward on the plastic that makes up the base. Hyperflexed you might say. My ankle survived without injury but it was so painful I had to take off the boot midslope and bloody my knuckles unjamming the overlapped plastic. 10/10 would not recommend.
  11. (Another) Riding Advice Thread

    As for canting. Not sure what normal is. I don't ride much canting and just traded away the six degree. I run three in front and flat in the back. I have tried three/three and didn't like it much either but was manageable. My two thoughts for this season are: Spinal flexion and turn shape. Not necessarily in reference to your photos. Others have commented about the reaching on toeside etc.
  12. 3nm Torque Wrench Source

    I think your tuner is trying to sell you Turn signal fluid. But I am an old school fool riding dinosaur equipment for the most part. I tighten the sh!t out of my screws and don't have any dimpling. And if I did I really don't care. I don't use that part of the board anyway. Recently one of the screws in my Fintech heel to boot attachment loosened a little bit. I actually broke the metal plate that the screw goes into inside my Burton boot. There is some hard riding going on right now for sure. The other day I swapped from the Coiler to the big Sims and a tiny little spark came shooting out. Steel to aluminum oxidation? Maybe I am doing it all wrong.
  13. I should be better than I am and I'm pissed.

    This is not work my friend. The longer I do this, the more everything becomes about turn shape. If its the right shape for the terrain it is not work.
  14. Glad to hear. I lost the receipt with tracking so I am glad it worked out. Looked all over still can't find it, but the rain you are getting in SoCal is the Goodness and the Bounty falling from the sky up here. Sorry to hear about all the flash flooding but thankful we are finally getting some snow.
  15. Received your cant today and you should have received mine. Thanks.