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    Mission Ridge
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    As little as possible
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    Donek FC Metal 170, Donek Flux 165, Donek Twin (tiny switch-carving machine), Donek Incline(custom) 160, Prior BX 168, Prior AMF 165, Prior ATV 171, Rossi Angus 158W, Kemper Bullet 180, and a bunch of other old boards
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    Burton Driver X
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    Burton Genesis, Burton Cartels, 12,-12 on the free-ride boards, 18, 9 for BX.
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  1. Low angle stances, high angle edges.

    @moose No metal in my Flux, although I am sure Sean at Donek could put some in there if you want. Might make it a little damper, which might be preferable if you wanted to use it for BX, or recreational (beer) league racing. You could also get any kind of nose profile you want. That's the nice thing about getting a board from one of the prominent shapers, you get exactly what you want. Like i said though, it rides pretty good most everywhere., Seems to like it better with a little speed or maybe that's just me too ;)
  2. Boardercross mystery board (to me) @ Pyeongchang

    I had to look it up too. http://www.apex-snowboards.com/ Seem pretty popular
  3. Low angle stances, high angle edges.

    My Flux is 168cm x 28.5, 8.5 to 10 VSR. Has I think a fairly good flex, not soft, but not too stiff either. It has kind of that hammer-head nose, so I tend to notice that a little in hard/firm snow bumps,. Might just be me, but getting one with a rounder nose profile might be a little nicer for that type of riding. Seems to go well everywhere else. No issues on the groomed of course.
  4. Low angle stances, high angle edges.

    If I am mostly going in my preferred direction, I will ride @ 15 or 18 F and -9 R, if riding switch as much as preferred, then 15/-15. I can carve a turn with either stance, but probably get lower with the first. A Donek Flux (168) and Phoenix (165) both with 28.5 cm widths help with the low binding angles. Driver X in US 11 with Burton Genesis (L) will still boot out heel side if I get too far into the edge angle, but for all over the mountain riding and still being able to lay some trenches on the groom it works pretty good for me. I would run a little steeper with hard boots of course, but really only use those a few times a season these days as higher angles in the back kind of hurt my old knee :) Totally sold on the wider rides, could probably even go to 29 or more in the future. Might have to get an offset insert pattern to compensate for those pesky heel cups, but the binding has got to be the most comfy soft boot binding I have ever used (and i have been riding for a long time) so don't really want to try anything else.
  5. Headed to North End Feb 9, 10, 11

    Thanks for the info @barryj Sounds like I will just bring an all round mountain crusier.
  6. Headed to North End Feb 9, 10, 11

    Will be riding the north end of Tahoe; Homewood, NorthStar, Sugar Bowl. How are the conditions ? Can only bring one board so trying to decide.
  7. How you guys feeling about new soft boot carving phenomenon?

    I just got a 168 Flux at 28.5 wide. It's a pretty sweet ride.
  8. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

    Got a Donek Saber in the same, reminiscent of the old Safari graphics.
  9. Big Board or Little Board for Banff area resorts?

    Thanks to everyone for chiming in with the info. Trip was great and all the recommendations were solid. Especially liked yoyo-ing the Jackrabbit chair at Sunshine and the downhill runs at Lake Louise. Conditions were best at Sunshine, cold, but sun was out, and grooming was good, a little fresh off the sides, and no lift lines. Norquay could have used a bunch more snow, steeps were ridable, but had a lot of shrubbery showing. Lake Louise would be pretty fun after a good snow dump, where I did venture off piste, the conditions were pretty firmly packed powder. Grooms were firm, but plenty carvable, Light crowd, no real lift lines. The Summit Platter one long platter lift :)
  10. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

    Got a couple new rides for the season. 1. Blue Donek Incline, 169cm x 30cm, slightly softer flex than standard, slightly offset insert pattern to toeside (this is because of my preferred binding heelcups). Currently using Burton Genesis bindings. This board is pretty nice, it can go fast, but doesn't mind going slow either and making some relaxed turns. Awesome in the powder due to it's width. Almost no heel or toe drag when laying it over too! 2. Zebra stripe Donek Saber - 170cm x 28cm, slightly offset insert pattern to toeside. Burton Genesis bindings. This board is pretty sweet, there is some secret sauce inside that makes it very plush to ride. It likes to go fast. Will be mounting it up with some F2 plates (at low angles) in a week or so to try that out as well. Rode it in the local beer league race night last night and it did really well in the dual glolam course. I won my heats!
  11. Big Board or Little Board for Banff area resorts?

    Thanks for all the info! Looking forward to the visit. I will be riding softies, so am leaning towards my Donek Incline which is 168cm x 30cm and has a VSR of 9-11, which is kind of big by soft boot standards, but should be good for some bigger and some not so big shapes, maybe not the right tool for the tight stuff, but forecast looks like there won't be much fresh snow, so should be fine for the groomed and open terrain. If anyone will be around, plan is to go to Sunshine on Friday (Jan 13), Norquay on Sat, then Lake Louise on Monday (16th). Will trade beverages for mountain guide services :)
  12. Heading to Banff for a few days and plan to ride the areas around there; Norquay, Sunshine, and Lake Louise, I have never been there and would like recommendations for what board to bring (I can bring only 1). I am fortunate to have several to choose from, but big question is, bring a board that can make big turns and carry speed better or smaller more nimble board to make smaller turns and keep things in the lower speed ranges? I have seen some comments that thos areas can be crowded and may not have a lot of 'carving' terrain, but don't know what context to take those in, having never been there. Any recommendations?
  13. Soft Boot/Binding Recommendations for Carving?

    I'll second the others on the Burton Driver X for boots. I use Burton bindings too, the Cartel's are probably the stiffest, but since you want rear-entry, the recommended Flow bindings seem to be the ticket. The Cartels are nice, but I ride low angles and when that heel cup touches down, it seems to end in a slide out situation. Guess that could be solved with more angle, but ... Was considering trying the Flows for just that reason.
  14. So what does people ride? **SURF**

    Latest ride is Fowler V8 7'6", got the V-Bottom and 4+1 setup. Usually ride as a single (flex fin) or quad, haven't played with any other combinations yet. It may be the best surf board I have ever had. An in-between size but since it is designed to ride from the middle it seems short when riding. Turns quickly in conjunction with my snowboard muscle memory, which suits my style. Only had it out a few times, but it seems to work in everything so far. Paddles and catches waves easily. Other ride is a 9'8" Bing Levitator, good for a lot of stuff except maybe super steep drops (at least with me on it). Got a few more in the quiver, 6'8" Monsta-Chief from Proctor, 6'4" custom Simmons-like, a few more older long boards.
  15. I second talking to Sean at Donek, he can make you what ever you want to dream up. I have a board based on his Flux model. The board rides great everywhere. I don't ride the rails with it, but it's probably not the right tool for riding in the park a lot anyway. It offers the stability at speed of a BX board, will carve most excellent on the groomed, and rides off-piste and powder just as easy. If you are riding mostly in your forward direction, it may work well for you too. I am using the Burton Genesis (reflex) binding with relatively low angles (+15 F, -9 R), and even though they are billed as a freeride/style binding they perform well on this board and are super comfy. I will concur on the heel cup issues alluded to by others though. Even with the 27cm width on the board, If I get a littele too happy on the heel side, I still can hit those on firmer snow and boot out. For the steeper angles you mention you may want to go with one of the other recommendations, something stiffer and one that allows some rotation of the high back.