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    Coiler NSR 185, Coiler Nirvana Energy 174, Donek MK, Donek Proteus 163, original Madd 158, Winterstick SW164
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    UPZ RC10 + Fin-tecs
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    Bomber TD3-SI, TD2-Ti-SI, 3 degree cant/lift discs. Toe lift and slight inward cant on front foot, heel lift and outward cant on back foot.
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  1. Sims Pure Juice!

    Looks cool but there seems to be an underlying agenda to put Burton in its place. Not sure why after all these years they can't just share the glory.
  2. Is bomber out of business?

    I think the site will survive this. I have a tiny bit of inside info that I can't share yet, but it gives me hope. Wheels are in motion. All is not lost.
  3. Is bomber out of business?

    Way to go Ladia, you figured it out. Jim and Angie, with the help of the moderators, perpetrated this scam, destroyed their business, and ruined their credit in order to abscond with your $300 and that of a few others. You cracked the case. Gold star for you. It's obvious to me that forum content has been actively managed for legal purposes. Yes, better communication was probably warranted, but you are an adult, call your credit card company and get your money back. Accusing people who run a business not to get rich but for the love of a sport, along with their unpaid volunteer staff, of maliciously scamming customers, is pretty low.
  4. Is bomber out of business?

    No, in that case the temporary accommodations would (as of today) be the Facebook page Alpine Snowboard Trader, which is administrated by Bryan Sutherland (oldsnowboards) and Matt Roth (tex1230). You don't have to be a Facebook friend of theirs to join. But I'd be surprised if that happened.
  5. Is bomber out of business?

    Keep in mind, whenever "the news" reports on something I am intimately familiar with, they almost always get it wrong. "Ceased operating Bomber's business" could just be referring to the fact that they closed the physical storefront (iirc) and moved the business and inventory elsewhere. I placed an order through the site for a new board on Friday September 29th, and it shipped on the following Wednesday. Before I ordered I sent Jim an email asking "Can I buy a board?" and he got right back to me. I believe Jim is under lawyer's orders not to comment on anything, but orders are continuing to be processed, albeit at a slower pace due to all the extenuating circumstances. I also believe that the "court-appointed receiver to handle its operations" has been appointed... stay tuned.
  6. Alpine Snowboarding Review Vid

    I got a softy setup 2 years ago after going about 10 years without one. Very glad to have it for days when it's just too crappy for carving, or for powder or spring.
  7. An industry giant is lost...

    Unreal!! Way too young. It was a pleasure speaking to him for our BOL interview way back in 2001 and again meeting him at ECES 2004. A true gentleman, and a pioneer of world cup class custom race boards. We all owe him a debt of gratitude. He will be sorely missed.
  8. Coiler Nirvana Balance vs Donek FC/MetalFC

    Can't go wrong with either. Enjoy your new board!
  9. Sold - Donek MK

    LOL thanks West... but someone outbid you by $400 plus shipping!
  10. Sold - Donek MK

    Mint. 9.7 out of 10. About 5 days on it. Tuned once, bevels are 1 base 2 side. Again, selling because I bought a Kessler 168 from Bomber and so I need to thin the quiver. This board retails for $1025. Scoop up this DEAL before someone else does. Very aggressive thrill ride. 161cm, 18cm waist. Sidecut radius and shape are top secret, but I would guess about 8.5m. The hype is real, spectacular board, but I am just not a tight slalom guy anymore. $695 + $40 shipping to the 48 states, more elsewhere.
  11. SOLD Donek Proteus 163

    This board is for sale again. I think I rode it 1 day last season, so same deal. It's a super board, but I thought it might help Jim if I bought a board from Bomber stock. I did, so now I need to thin the quiver. Check it out @kiteparsons. Obligatory crappy phone pic:
  12. Alpine Snowboarding Review Vid

    Thank you. Really open minded and enthusiastic. Donek and Bomber should just give you gear (and mold your liners) in exchange for an ongoing series. A few suggestions... you guys, especially Jeff, are riding some seriously cowboy stance widths. I think you'd be more comfortable and have better mobility and agility if you narrow it up a bit. For example I am 5'11" with a 30" inseam and I ride 20" to 21" wide depending on the board. Also I hope you are using some toe lift on the front foot and heel lift on the back foot. Major comfort/mobility upgrade. A quick heelside tip, you'll know you're doing it right when your front hand stays on the heel side of the board and doesn't swing over to the toeside. Really LOOK across the hill where you want the carve to go. Toeside, think of dropping the hips into the turn first, rather than trying to get your chest low. Let the ground come to you. You're absolutely right about banked slalom. I do well in the Sugarloaf Banked Slalom as one of only 2 or 3 hardbooters. When the course is smooth and has good flow, we kill it. Last year Myles Silverman (19) in hardboots took 2nd overall to Seth Wescott (40) by 0.07 seconds. (I wasn't able to do it last year) However when the course is bumpy and tight, we don't do as well.
  13. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    168 from Bomber. 20cm wide, 8-12m progressive radius. My new "short" board and beer league SL stick. New topsheet is dope. Seems to be a super-structured ptex. Picture doesn't quite do it justice.
  14. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Right? Curly maple. Looks like a guitar.
  15. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Almost done... Winterstick ST166 custom wide.