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    Software Developer, Photographer
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    Coiler NSR 185, Coiler Nirvana Energy 174, Kessler 168, Kessler 180, original Madd 158, Winterstick SW164, Winterstick ST166w
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    UPZ RC10 + gray race tongues, Intuition Power Wraps, Fin-tecs
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    Bomber TD3-SI, TD2-Ti-SI, 6/3 degree discs. Toe lift and slight inward cant on front foot, heel lift and outward cant on back foot.
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  1. Moss

    Hi guys. I'm helping Fin with the administration of the forum during this transitional period. I was also a moderator from 2003 to 2013. The original post in this thread is about a powder board, and does not mention carving. Also, discussing powder boards that happen to carve ok was never the intent of the Carving Central forum. Nor is Carving Central simply a catch-all for "adult snowboarding". This thread also does not belong in the All-Mountain Hardbooting forum. No shame in the Off Topic forum whatsoever! Thanks for your participation and understanding.
  2. 5mm Boiler Plate 4x4 patter with TD3 low profile lowers

    I'll take the lowers if still available.
  3. Hey, I'll take this out of that thread.  I haven't tried the SG 170, I'm drinking the Kessler Kool-Aid these days.  KST is real.  I had an SG 163 SL once briefly.  It was redundant with my Coiler Stubby 170, and less friendly, so I sold the SG.  It was good but it didn't wow me.

    1. daveo


      I've been loving the Kessler Kool-Aid for a while now. The SG170 is the SG freecarve model, just like the K168 is the freecarve model for K. If you get a chance, I'd recommend giving one a shot!

  4. Apex Gecko setup

    Love it. Awesome freecarve board, and I won a USASA slalom on it against some good competition. The feel of the sidecut is unique. I'm going to have a 175 version made, with 2m longer sidecut range (10-14m).
  5. Trip Report: Park City and Snowbird

    Thanks Mark. I did have a couple PMs with EmDee beforehand. We'll see about a future trip! Wouldn't that be nice. Next time I think we would stay at Snowbird and do 1 or 2 hardboot excursion days to PC instead of the other way around. I hardboot because IMO it's the best way to enjoy eastern conditions - and when it's good here, it's really really good for carving. So when I go out west I want to schralp the gnar!
  6. Apex Gecko setup

    I think if the goal of the Geckos is to spread out the footprint of the bindings on the board, then one would want that footprint to be symmetrical, not oblong and rotated. I understand the temptation to offset them, but I don't think there's really anything to justify it. I could see myself using Geckos on my "SL" Kessler 168 or my Coiler Nirvana Energy 174 or maybe my Coiler NSR 185, but I feel like my beer league GS Kessler 180 is stiff and straight enough that they wouldn't have much effect. I'd be better served with an isolation plate there.
  7. Apex Gecko setup

    I think you should try them symmetrically!
  8. Apex Gecko setup

    I rode them for 1 day in pretty bad conditions, it wasn't a fair test. I'd be interested to try them again.
  9. Apex Gecko setup

    Some theoretical thoughts on Geckos... the advertised function is to "spread out" the footprint of the binding. At first I thought this would create large flat spots in the board, but apparently the flex of the plates and squishiness of the bumpers means this is not the case. I can't feel the flex by hand, but it would make sense that they would be designed to flex. The Geckos prevent the board from folding right at the binding, and make the impact of the binding on the board less abrupt. This is good. However, I believe that offsetting the two halves of each Gecko to somewhat align the plates with your binding angle will introduce a twist in the board as it bends. I think this defeats the purpose. Thoughts?
  10. Madd original vs. reissue

    What size are your feet? Are you sure about that 18cm? I liked workshop's 19cm, but I have size 28 boots. I think you'll love the board.
  11. Donek Custom 172

    Actually I would say 4-5cm doesn't qualify as decamber, a.k.a. early rise. It's just the usual blending of the camber with the upturn of the nose, i.e. normal rise. The decamber of my Kessler 168 starts somewhere around the first 'e' in Kessler. Now that's early rise.
  12. Madd original vs. reissue

    I used to say they’d have to pry my Madd 180 out of my cold, dead hands... until I tried a Coiler NSR 185. The new tech is just overwhelming.
  13. Best way to prevent heel lift inside boot?

    Expensive solution: UPZ or Mountain Slope boots, Intuition liners. Cheap quasi-solution: http://www.tognar.com/ankle-wrap-pads-pair/
  14. Burton Step On

    Interesting, and discouraging. It would be good for your cause if you could get the issue to happen on snow, yourself. Let us know what you hear from Burton if you can.
  15. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    ^ no more UPZ for you?