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  1. Ba ha ha! Sugarloaf/CVA's very own Mark Fawcett...
  2. It is necessary to know exactly what your whole stance is so that you can duplicate it on other boards. This should be obvious? This is not rocket science with Bombers because everything is marked.
  3. Yeah. Fin is an engineer. (Like, with a 4 year degree) He wouldn't tolerate an error like that.
  4. I've never heard that. If it did it certainly wouldn't be "a few degrees". More like 0.5 at most. But I suspect 0.0.
  5. I don't think so. I had to go from a 3 degree toe lift on the front foot to a 6 degree toe lift when I switched from Deeluxe to UPZ, because my front leg was burning out. Someone else measured and found that even with a 6 degree toe lift under the boot, the net combination still results in a forward slope.
  6. UPZ boots cured my heel lift issues, YMMV.
  7. Oh yeah. That crash was gnarly. Eeessh. At 40:06 in the youtube.
  8. Forgive me if I'm wrong but you are relatively new to hardboot carving, yes? In that case I'd say forget about plates until you have mastered carving on at least steeper blue square trails. One step at a time.
  9. Bomber offers a nice way to try Deeluxes in your living room risk free. 425s are narrower than 700s. I don't know if UPZ offers a similar trial program, but if not they'd be easy to sell as they are popular for racing. I switched from Deeluxe to UPZ this year and the UPZ are a better fit for me, although I upgraded them with Intuition liners and stiffer tongues.
  10. You are correct. Many snowboarders and skiers, including some here, refer to any act of turning with the board on the snow as carving, but they are wrong. Slicing the edge cleanly through the snow, no matter what the equipment, is a distinctly different activity with a higher skill level and it needs a unique name, thus, carving.
  11. I'll give you $80 for all the Burtons. $100 if you watch me feed them into a wood chipper.
  12. "So that's a snowboard and skis together, right?"
  13. Not sure I'd call that "figured out" because most people are stronger going one way than the other, and I generally disagree with duck, but hey it sure makes it easier on the rental shop and easier for the instructor to just think "fine, good enough". It's all good bro, right?