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    Software Developer, Photographer
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    Coiler NSR 185, Coiler Nirvana Energy 174, Kessler 168, Kessler 180, original Madd 158, Winterstick SW164, Winterstick ST166w
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    UPZ RC10 + Fin-tecs
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    Bomber TD3-SI, TD2-Ti-SI, 6/3 degree discs. Toe lift and slight inward cant on front foot, heel lift and outward cant on back foot.
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  1. Getting the full extension on toe side advice

    Don't think of that. This only robs edge hold and hurts your technique. The good riders in the videos posted have 0% weight on their elbow/hand/arm. Most of the time Knapton uses it more as a feeler. Like a motorcycle racer's knee. Sometimes he does use it as a crutch, but many people including me are guilty of that sometimes.
  2. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    @GeoffV bringing the smack talk! Game on! http://skiracing.nastar.com/index.jsp?year=2018&source=selectrankings2&pagename=viewrankings&overallsnowboard=Y&male=Y (V is for Vincelette)
  3. Getting the full extension on toe side advice

    Be patient and wait for the ground to come to you. Don’t bend over at the waist and reach for it. Probably going to need a bit more speed for this to happen.
  4. Why would you do that when the UPZ heel is so much higher? But you already did change two things at once, your boots and your cants. May as well go to 6 front 3 back now. I think you'll like it.
  5. What's your perspective/objective?

    I feel your pain!
  6. A guide for newbies

    I agree with breeseomatic that step 1 is to learn to carve your current gear. You'll probably need to go down to an easy slope to make it happen, which is fine. The goal is to be able to link carves with no sliding whatsoever. This means rolling the board over at the end of one carve and beginning the next carve on your downhill edge. If this proves too difficult, try forward stance angles. You don't have to get crazy there, the best softboot carver I know is at 27/12. Once you get good at that, then it's time to find alpine gear.
  7. What's your perspective/objective?

    A bit surprised by Neil and ErikJ, since you both seem to ride like #1! Never seen Neil in person, but ErikJ is one of my favorite carvers to watch. Shred nicknamed him "Boing!" at an ECES.
  8. Need help w/ toe-side wipeout (new Proteus on ice)

    Thanks SunSurfer. No need to apologize, glad we could clear this up, and glad you have found the articles useful. I guess it's not obvious but several of my articles were written in the mid 90s for the first online snowboarding magazine, Snowboarding Online (SOL, hehe) which later was bought by Transworld. I can't remember if this one was brought over from there or if I wrote it for BOL around '99. Suffice to say, it was a time when many alpiners were riding narrow stances with their knees jammed together like Craig Kelley and Peter Bauer used to, waving their arms around, and rotating their upper bodies excessively. This was not unlike the practice of human sacrifice - it seemed like a good idea at the time. But then we progressed. The articles were meant to help break old habits. The section you underlined above was a suggestion of where to go from here. I didn't want to just say, ride with your knees apart and figure the rest out on your own. But the biggest thing was to get the knees apart. I should probably update these articles, eh?
  9. Wide soft-boot boards

    Wow, really glad you are enjoying that thing Rob. I thought it was 28 wide but I could be wrong. That was my brother-in-law's board. He is 6'2" with size 12 boots. He was coming from a K2 Fat Bob 164, 27.5cm wide. He was also coming from two ruptured Achilles, and he only gets about 10 days a year. Although I thought the Sasquatch was sized well for him on paper, it proved to be just too much for him. I tried it with my size 10.5 boots one day and thought it was an unmanageable plank. You must be a savage to be able to tame that thing with size 9.5s. #impressed
  10. Burton Step-On Bindings review

    Dealbreaker for me. A step-on Driver X would get me.
  11. What's your perspective/objective?

    Thanks all. Just remember primary does not mean "only".
  12. What's your perspective/objective?

    Thanks for responding. Yeah so I'd call that option one - your primary objective.
  13. I got to thinking recently about how sometimes discussions here can get a little, shall we say emotional. I think this is due in part to the fact that a lot of people approach alpine snowboarding from different perspectives and with different goals. Then we all try to have one big conversation in the same room. I think it would be helpful for all of us to try harder to discover what someone else's goals are before answering their question or giving advice. Cool? Then that made me think of doing this poll to see just how diverse this group is. If your primary objective for visiting this site is different than your primary objective on the hill, please choose your primary objective for visiting this site, i.e. what are you here to learn/talk about? If you aren't doing any of these things yet, which one do you want to learn about most? Responses are public. Thanks!
  14. Wide soft-boot boards

    26.5 sounds about right to me for size 9. This is sensitive stuff - I love my 27.5 wide board, hated a 28.
  15. I went from 3 front and rear to 6 front, 3 rear. Before I did that I was getting front thigh burnout.