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    Full Time Technical Director at St. Kateri Parish, Stage Tech
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    My primary board is a Coiler NFCB 174

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    TD3 SW

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  1. Flow NX2 bindings question

    Question on flows... Has anyone tried them with the ride trident boots? My brother has this combo and the boa nubover top of the boots is pressed down hard by the bindings. Any fixes for this?
  2. A guide for newbies

    Definitely possible to do one board, but it may take those 7+ boards to figure out how each rides to know what works for you. I have one board I mainly use I had made after figuring out what I liked and didn't from my boards, but I also want another board with a fixed smaller scr.
  3. Mammoth

    Yeah, I'm involved I pro audio and am the technical director at Saint Kateri. Did a couple days at June to stay away from the crowds. I am debating hitting up mammoth chair 2 tomorrow, I'm a bit sore and tired so we will see how I feel in the morning. June has been great, snow conditions are very good, though some runs are closed from lack of snow. Gunsmoke is open, Grooming a little narrow and choppy in a couple places because it's not too deep, but coverage is good. I will be back at June Tuesday but on skis with my gf.
  4. Boots, Bindings, Liners, and more! (Hard and Soft stuff)

    Bindings sold! Everything else is still available
  5. Mammoth

    At June/ mammoth most of this week prob if anyone is around
  6. June

    I'm there tomorrow! Between ski and board
  7. Profile rank?

    So I have wondered for a while now, what is with the title labeled "rank" on the forums for each person? The one located under the profile name, above the profile picture? There seems to be a lot, and vary from Skidder to Lord of the Rutts, to No one cares what boots I wear. I thought it might have something to do with post count or "community reputation" (not sure what that is either) but I have seen profiles with the title "skidder" that have a huge number of posts or a very high reputation number, and vise versa.
  8. Official/Unofficial ATC 2018 thread

    I am unsure if I am going to make it, I have not made any kind of reservations or tickets yet.
  9. A sport for loners

    Love my ruroc, don't think I am ever going back. I second all of the above, though I have to say the current Gen pushes at the sides a little too much for my liking compared to older Gen, but I do love the sound system and face mask
  10. Boots, Bindings, Liners, and more! (Hard and Soft stuff)

    SW Standards sold! Everything else still available.
  11. Boot bias: centered on binding = centered?

    What size boot you working with? Those are small size f2 step in?
  12. Apex Geckos

    I am really looking to get some Gecko plates this season, both for my alpine and soft boots. Anyone have a set they are willing to part with?
  13. Beginner question about groomed slopes

    Yeah, perfect groomers are fantastic, you can really refine a specific part of your technique and they feel amazing under foot, buttery smooth, but the fact is most of your time will not likely be on them. If you only stick to them you are likely to only progress your riding for them and lack confidence in less than ideal conditions. Many videos use them because it looks better, you can often do more on them, and chances are, the morning is both the best conditions and the least crowded time.
  14. Binding Angles (soft boots)

    Yeah, from my own personal playing with angles and talking with others, there's definitely a point where the steepness hinders more than it helps. Soft boots and bindings are designed to utilize the forward and backward motion to pressure and control the board, and usually have very little side to side rigidity. Hard boots on the other hand are a much stiffer interface designed to use the sides of the boot to pressure the board. This may be in lieu of front to back pressure or in combination with.
  15. Break through day today!

    Because of the steeper footramp in the UPZs, many UPZ riders do use a 6* in the front. Less common with other boots