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  1. Is bomber out of business?

    I am very sad to hear of all of this. I second that we need a way of backing up the information contained on this forum incase it is shut down. For someone who is a bit more versed in the business world, what are the possible outcomes of this? Is this difinitively the end or is there possibility of bomber and/or its products surviving?
  2. Coiler Nirvana Balance vs Donek FC/MetalFC

    In general, the biggest difference I have noticed between my nirvana and a couple of Donek boards I have ridden, is that the nirvana atleast (and I believe coiler overall) can be ridden more relaxed than Donek boards. Doneks usually require more aggressive input to open them up - like a you get what you put into it kind of thing. If you don't push the Donek, it won't ride properly. That's not to say that you cannot push a coiler, but it tends to still rail with relatively little aggression. Again, just what I have noticed in the 1/2 season or so of owning my nirvana. Personally, it fits my style best so far, though I hear Sean has been working on something that will have similar behaviors....
  3. Tuning equipment

    I think that swix table is one of their upper mid range ones? Sounds like it would be good. How is setting it up, I have heard the entry level one that looks similar can be cumbersome. I've thought about making something or attaching to a garage work bench, and I'd love to down road but I just don't have the space right now. For an iron, I should say I I know there's differences in performance between entry level and mid to high range, but anything in specific to look for? Bigger/thicker heat plate? What's the point of diminishing returns? I was thinking of the Toko T14
  4. Tuning table

    Bumpity bump bump... I've looked at portable work benches but not entirely convinced they are long enough to be good to use.
  5. Tuning equipment

    Looking for some tuning tool advice... Table: I am in the market for a tuning table, I have some clamps but the plastic 4 ft uline folding table I have just isn't cutting it, it is not stable enough, and the plastic buckles under the clamps. How do the cheap bench options compare to the more costly ones? Are they sturdy enough to handle scraping and edge work when the board is clamped to one side? Most also seem to be rather short for a 170 or so board. I was thinking of a portable workbench too, anyone try one of those? Any other thoughts or suggestions? I do need something that can fold down. Iron: I also am looking to upgrade from my cheap entry level iron to something with some more temperature controll and more constancy in its heating. Any suggestions or is an iron an iron?
  6. Mammoth

    Winter is a coming! Mammoth got its first snowfall last week. 3 foot drifts at the top of the mountain!
  7. ATC and ECES Info

    Bummer about ATC, I was really looking forward to it. I'm in for a west coast get together at June this year though! I am sure we will be planning later this season in the So Cal thread.
  8. WTB TD3 Step ins and Fintecs

    Mine are carpet riding new condition, so they be pretty close to the same as the sale price right now tbh.
  9. WTB TD3 Step ins and Fintecs

    I have td3 side winders, step in. Like new condition.
  10. Tuning table

    Needs to have support legs so it won't tip over when I attach my snowboard vice clamps to it... And must be able to be waxed for maximum speed for snow scooter races ... And legs not breaking from said snow scootering....
  11. Tuning table

    Looking for a colapsable tuning table if anyone is getting rid of one. May also be interested in a good quality iron.
  12. Who's Still Getting After It??

    Just took some turns at Mammoth today :) back again tomorrow!
  13. Mammoth

    Just rode Mammoth this morning, great conditions for spring! It wasn't too hard in the morning, got a good few hours in before it started to soften up, probably could have rode longer on chair 1 if I wanted. Full coverage on the runs still
  14. off season board storage?

    What temperatures are safe for storage? How do boards hold up to being stored in the heat and the cold?
  15. Mammoth

    I plan on being up on Wednesday and Thursday next week, 29th and 30th.