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  1. hawaii ski club

    When was that taken? We have more snow than that now I think....
  2. Apex Gecko setup

    I only have a few days on mine, and there are definitely other factors such as great conditions and some dedicated technique refinement, but I have had similar experiences so far too.
  3. Boots, Bindings, Liners, and more! (Hard and Soft stuff)

    Suzukas and Deeluxe Liners sold!
  4. Anyone had experience with injection molded liners?

    Pro wrap here for the thin soles. I looked into getting foam injected liners last season but decided that I don't get out enough in the season to warrent getting them right now. One of my concerns too is I have heard they are generally cold, and I typically have cold feet anyway, so something like hotronics would make foam liners probably $500+. I also don't know of anything other than zip fit near me and I have heard indifferent feedback on them.
  5. (bought) hardboots US 6 Mondo size 24-24.5 for young carver

    Got some Raichle 323s in m24 http://forums.bomberonline.com/topic/45804-boots-bindings-liners-and-more-hard-and-soft-stuff/?tab=comments#comment-462591
  6. Summit 3-1-18

    Love to join you guys if you head up mid week sometime!
  7. Mountain Slope boots?

    Hm, your description makes sense to me,and it might even eliminate the last problem I have with my UPZs, the fact that I have a high instep and arch/high volume feet. How do they do on this area? Anyone else with high in steps using these boots? The UPZs have been the best fitting boot I have tried but like others have said I just got them dialed in too and don't want to drop more money into new boots quite yet.
  8. Bomber power plates online availability

    I am pretty confident that bomber is not gone quite yet. I know progress has been made in finding new owners, but don't have any more details than that. Unfortunately this stuff takes time, we just have to be patient.
  9. Near Ogden/SLC March 16th/18th

    Only spent about 2 weeks total around SLC but my favorites were Solitude and Powder Mountain. Solitude has more of the steeper terrain you may be looking for iirc in comparison to PM, and also lives up to its name pretty well, light crowds, similar to that of PM too.
  10. And the camber! Haha. Yes it is a good thing, but also hilarious. Different people have different goals here, no need to judge them and say their goal is wrong. Yes, people come here to ask questions and discuss carving/alpine/ whatever snowboarding, and yes, it is an open forum where anyone can reply and give advice. If you decide that advice is not for you that is fine, but no need for name calling or to throw feces at it just because their goal or idea of carving does not match yours, we have evolved past primates. Doesn't matter if it is soft booting, hardbooting, EC, racing, pure boarding, if they just like to have fun doing it on one specific hero groom green run or all over the mountain switch in double black moguls, the half pipe, or in the backcountry. Healthy discussion is great and helps the sport and us individually grow. Difference of opinions can and should be respectfully and openly discussed, maybe we might learn something new. Sometimes the best teachers are those who just learned and had a breakthrough because it is fresh in their mind. If you cannot keep the discussion respectful and healthy though and must fall to the level of claiming yourself better and dragging others through the mud, you are no better than, in fact probably worse than, who/ what you are accusing. It is not helping anyone and has a greater chance of turning people away from the small niche sport we all love and have fun doing. Back to the subject matter, really waiting for the bindings to catch up now to the soft boot carving phenomenon. Would love to see some kind of fast entry binding that has some cant/lift adjustability designed for carving in mind!
  11. How to watch 2018 Olympic Snowboarding

    Thank you for posting that! I wanted to say that is what happened but had no evidence. I believe they also had the chance of riding the course a day or two before if I remember the announcer correctly.
  12. Bootfitting (Again)

    Yeah, another thing to consider is the vast number of liners out there... There are high volume ones, low volume ones, ones that have an extremely thin bottom for a footbed, ones that have an extremely thin toe box, tonge liners, wrap liners, the list goes on. Not to mention the different stiffness and flex zones of them too... I had a lot of boot problems because I have very high arches and a very high instep, narrow heels, and am sensitive to pressure over my foot. It used to be I could not ride for more than 2 hours without taking off my boots and warming my toes up because of poor circulation to the point I could not feel them anymore... and I had terrible heel lift. Finally went to UPZs with Intuition Pro Wrap liners, molded with as much shims over my instep as possible, shaved the boot a little over my instep too, and a custom footbed. Now I only have problems if it gets really cold, though sometimes it is a bit finicky to get the buckles right.
  13. Looking for bigger radius

    Absolutely. I have not been able to personally try a Kessler yet, but with everything I have been hearing in this thread and talking with a couple people, I would love to try/get one once I progress a little further. My brother also has an Oxess that I have tried once or twice that loves to rail and get up on edge and is really fun. I just also know that I cannot count the number of times I have heard someone say that their custom board surpassed their expectations and that it was everything they wanted and more.
  14. Looking for bigger radius

    To your point about not wanting to buy a coiler overseas without trying it, all of his boards are custom for you and he is a very skilled builder, I have never heard of anyone who was not happy with their board from him. Even if you do not end up buying one, it would not hurt to atleast reach out.
  15. Getting the full extension on toe side advice

    So I guess pureboarding and EC style should be banned too? The way Ryan is teaching here is the same as is done in Pureboarding: start by getting low, angulate, and extend. At 9:34 mark he even says not to put pressure on the arm. Mind you I am not as proficient as others are in soft boots, but in softboot carving, unless you are using hardboot angles, I would think the way he is teaching this is safest place for your arm. There's no room to keep the arm down, and you are likely to dislocate something if you do something else. Yes some part of it comes from the style of a laid out carve, but also a lot goes back to safely making a laid out carve. If you think he is advocating for use of upper body as a training wheel, go ahead and look back at all of his carving instructional videos, instead of taking one out of context.