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  1. Needs to have support legs so it won't tip over when I attach my snowboard vice clamps to it... And must be able to be waxed for maximum speed for snow scooter races ... And legs not breaking from said snow scootering....
  2. Looking for a colapsable tuning table if anyone is getting rid of one. May also be interested in a good quality iron.
  3. Just took some turns at Mammoth today :) back again tomorrow!
  4. Just rode Mammoth this morning, great conditions for spring! It wasn't too hard in the morning, got a good few hours in before it started to soften up, probably could have rode longer on chair 1 if I wanted. Full coverage on the runs still
  5. What temperatures are safe for storage? How do boards hold up to being stored in the heat and the cold?
  6. I plan on being up on Wednesday and Thursday next week, 29th and 30th.
  7. I don't know. Most of the hardbooters I run into on the mountain are atleast registered here, though it is not uncommon for them to not post.
  8. Bunch of us are headed to June this Saturday morning after we wrap up TTC on Friday, including Jim and Angie! Be there! No demo or anything, just to ride
  9. Yep, there's at-least 20 of us up here I think. Some only on certain days. Demo tent has been crazy busy too!
  10. Conditions were decent actually. The runs have pretty full coverage. Nice In the morning, a bit hard in the shade though until about 930 or 10. Then softened up around 11 to mashed potatoes. As long as you stay on edge you don't get slowed down too much from the soft stuff. Never really turned into a slushy mess
  11. Unfortunately I will only be there on Thursday. Getting stoked though, got new liners for my boots (feet are nice and comfy now) and just tuned the new board last night. Anyone going to TTC?
  12. Summit? Thursday? Brand new board to try out!
  13. New to me Donek MK, and my new Coiler Nirvana Balance! Just came in today. Thanks Bruce!
  14. Not to rub it in, but we are doing very well out west. This was mammoth about 2 weeks ago now. Snow piles above the lines on the poles! That's a Mazda Cx 5 for spacial relation...
  15. Wish I could, but not this week. Let me know how it is though!