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  1. I'm just paying as I go this year. I might try and hit up Pakenham as a first time out in the next couple weeks. Anyone been out yet?
  2. I have Deeluxe branded Palau's size 28 in my 27/27.5 and they fit great.
  3. That does seem about right in terms of shell fit. Did you get these from Dan Yoja (UPZ distributor)? Did he provide any sizing advice? Flo liners are great if they fit. I tried them around the house (total of 3 hrs "break-in") and they seemed fine and was enthusiastic they'd work. After the first time out I was in quite a bit of pain. Thought I'd give it another time on the hill only to find out they were bruising my feet so it was a no-go. First used some old Raichle thermo's and they worked great for a season and then bought some Deeluxe (Palau) and haven't looked back. With liner in the shell and flexing forward, do your toes pull off the front?
  4. Wow, great edit indeed. Goosebumps. Great riding and all different styles. Who are all the riders? Corey Ryan Joerg Jim Who's in light blue pants and green jacket? Green RC10's and blue pants?
  5. I might have missed this along the way in the 7 pages, Sean can you reveal if this is metal construction or any titanal component? I was just following the thread on the titanal shortage and planning my next purchase...this thread has piqued my interest in the MK's performance as an east coast ice stick. Or can you at least give a "there is nothing to worry about" re: supply/price if you don't want to divulge any more construction details hehe?
  6. Ha, I was thinking the same last night that there was no HIITLL. I'm riding solo and a couple younger jibbers in early 20's pulled up behind me just as I was skating to the chair. The one said to his buddy very enthusiastically, "Yo, what the f#*k is that?!...oh that's the guy we saw from the chair (paused for a few seconds). We should follow him...(laughs)" I didn't get a chance to respond and they didn't get the chance to follow me as I stepped in up top and was off; if they weren't joking about following me I didn't want the risk of having them follow me too close by having to straight-line. Other than that, all other comments have mostly been people talking amongst themselves in the line. "...those are like ski boots.", and the typical "woah, look at that" They are afraid to ask...and afraid to ride the lift with me to apparently haha. Bruce's Coiler hammerhead nose usually leaves people puzzled as does the TD3 bling. I did however have a lengthy conversation on the lift with some high school students a few weeks back who were asking about the board and what it was designed for.
  7. Would you consider shipping to Canada? Very interested! Thanks
  8. I do not race and consider myself a strong intermediate but as others have mentioned, and from what I've heard racers tend to cycle through bindings/F2's and replace before breakage (as with many pieces of sports equipment). So running F2's at a level where you are competing on a regular basis, you'd likely want to have a spare set or two, or at least parts available (which I typically do regardless). Any racers chime in? I had been riding TD3's (standards then switched to step-ins) for a while until I switched to F2 Race Ti last year as more of an experiment to see the difference in flex (board and boots stayed the same). F2's definitely have more "flex" . I did find the flex characteristics a little more unpredictable/variable compared to TD's and I found it took a couple times out to get used to them. They still didn't feel as solid as the TD's but we are really comparing apples and oranges here. If you are a lighter rider (as in weight) you might not notice this as much. I also noticed the range of motion for when you are driving the knees was noticeable greater in that there was generally more freedom of movement. This was good in some cases but felt a lag time in transitions if that makes sense. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different and had to account for it while riding. Because of the plastic on them, I had been a little more concerned (having broken Burton raceplate toe bails) and didn't have the same confidence but they held up fine. I did get them dialed in and liked them in the end but forgot what I was missing. Onto this year. I did a couple days out on the F2's and then decided to put back on my TD3's. All I can say is WOW. Big difference for me...in a positive way. The interface is stiffer, but the E pads take the edge off. Turn initiation was much more responsive and overall felt a better control in transitions and setting the turn. Of course there are a lot of factors at play including riding style, technique, terrain but thought I'd share my experience as a rec rider. I also have never found the TD3 step-ins stiff, or rather never found that the stiffness was a limiting factor compared to the standard bail. The weight of TD's is a little noticeable compared to F2 but doesn't outweigh the performance characteristics of the binding for me. Don't know if this helps but there you go!
  9. not sure if still on the table but PM sent
  10. I noticed the 2 strings/tethers as well. iPhone on one and perhaps a counter weight of sorts to stabilize/balance on the other?
  11. Just had to share this! Great concept and a nice change from the standard GoPro views. Might make some a little dizzy! http://www.wimp.com/centrifuge-iphone-ski-year/
  12. Great photos and congrats! What was your board choice...Is that a Rev?
  13. Same here, been using the Booster strap expert (2-layer) for a while and love it. You can anchor them but found I didn't have to. I find the boot really lively with them. If you tighten them up too much there is a lot of energy stored and they "rebound"...hard to explain but the board seems to snap back at me a little quicker; not a bad thing necessarily but you just have to play around.
  14. Ya, ya...do it Bonz!
  15. Nice! Do you have a profile pic of the plate/board interface?