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    Schweitzer mountain resort, Sandpoint, ID
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    OWNER, THIRST SNOWBOARDS alpine snowboard builder
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    Thirst Superconductor 19.1cm and 18.8cm waist, 8RW, 8R warp, XC, FX, 8R, BX 173, 7X 179, SF, BACKSIDE AM 170, BACKSIDE 154, VOLANT GS 173, MULTIPLE POWDER BOARD SNOWBOARDS (ABOUT 15, DATING BACK TO THE EARLY 80'S)
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    UPZ RC-11's, UPZ RC-10's , Raichle 123
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    nitro step in plates
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  1. First time

    Excellent idea. @Dw3 What Mondo size are you, I have an extra pair or two I can bring.
  2. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Its a standard 3k plain weave AS4 640Ksi carbon fabric with a skipped stitch.
  3. Yeah buddy, trenching on the Superconductor! Thanks Dan for sharing.
  4. schwietzer spring pass $99 till the 11th

    Coverage is very good. It has been a few days since I have been up (Monday) and it was good then. 129" top 73" base, 6" expected tonight.
  5. Mt. Bachelor Session - April 3-7

    What about those of you that said you could not commit until February? Are you in? Would be a good time for those bomber members who have said they want to work on technique. The best opportunity for improving your skills is to ride with a bunch of carvers. Since Keenan is sharing Thirst snowboard demos for free, I'll offer Keenan's instructions skills for free
  6. How to watch 2018 Olympic Snowboarding

    Gloves with finger extensions will be the next upgrade.
  7. How to watch 2018 Olympic Snowboarding

    watched it...I'm much much calmer now. If you put your money on the red course, you win.
  8. How to watch 2018 Olympic Snowboarding

    So disappointed I can't watch it! I don't have any of the services available to sign in. F*&K!!
  9. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Yeah, yeah....yesterday was such a great day of riding. Been weeks since I've been up.
  10. Mt Hood Meadows 16/17

    I hope it arrives too....Man! do I hope it arrives.
  11. Thirst FX 172

    Yes, those are the specs for his board.
  12. Thirst FX 172

    What a beautiful picture! What an incredible winter we are having. I watched you ride the FX and I would agree with what you are saying. I have never ridden that model and two guys own one, and say basically the same thing. The most noticeable aspect of watching you ride is you level of confidence...you had no hesitation in taking on anything and observing you weave your way through the crowd was like watching you have an out-of-body experience. Welcome to fun!
  13. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

    I apologize to you all. I am respecting the decision of the forum moderators.
  14. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

    I'm enjoying this conversation...wish I could join it.
  15. Thirst BX

    You bet Boardski. We will have a great time riding.