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    Vancouver BC
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    Cypress Mountain & Mt Baker WA
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    Rescue and Safety Specialist
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    1. Winterstick 185 Swallowtail
    2. Coiler WCC Pure Race 190
    3. Coiler AM 172
    4. Coiler NSR T 176
    5. Prior 166 Fat Jack ATV
    6.Oxygen custom Proton 172 GS
    7. Winterstick 166 Severe Terrain
    8.Winterstick 162 ST
    9. Winterstick 162 Cirque
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    Raichle Concordia AT boots (2) mondo 26 w/ Intuition liners
    Raichle SB 225 (2) mondo 26 w/ Intuition liners
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    -Catek OS1 std's (2)
    -Catek OS2 std's (5)
    -Burton race plate (2)
    -Snowpro Race (3)
    -Dynafit TLT Comforts on my split board

    carving stance -20", 55 front 50 rear.
    backcountry stance 21.5", 42 front, 35 rear.
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  1. Is it just me, or has the volume of cars and riders at Cypress been exceptionally busy this year? It seems like every time we head up now, it takes 20-30 minutes to get a parking spot.
  2. Wow, that line up for Raven chair is definitely ridiculous! Maya and I were able to get up yesterday afternoon at 3PM, and the line ups were still bad on Lion and Eagle chair, but not like that. We were able to get good powder runs on Moons and Slash and the glades off of Sky Chair.
  3. Anybody heading up today to score some of that new North Shore 30cm fresh? I'm laying the wax on my powder boards, will probably head out right after lunch.
  4. There are about a dozen hardbooters at my local hill, Cypress Mountain in Vancouver BC. I typically see 2-3 of my carving pals during the weekends, but on weekdays or weeknights, I'm usually carving by myself. Geo
  5. Today was the busiest that I've ever seen at Cypress- I was at the top parking lot by 8:15- and it was almost full. By 10:00- all parking lots were completely full, all the way down to the Hollyburn overflow parking lot, and there were still cars on the Cypress road in a grand traffic jam. I couldn't deal with the 20-25 minute waits at the Eagle or Lion's chairs, so I spent the morning on Raven's chair, or on Sky chair. Met up with CoB and his buddy Alden on the Raven side. Crazy Raven was in great shape. The snow was bulletproof east coast ice with a light dusting of snowmachine blasted snow, enough to make it carvable if you were precise with your edge transitions. I anticipated the snow conditions and brought a 186 Coiler World Cup Pure Race today, which rocked. I also brought a Coiler 172 All Mountain, and planned to ride it in the afternoon, but had such speed and control on the Pure Race that I left the AM in the car and spent the afternoon ripping down Rainbow and Bowen face instead with the Pure Race board. Finally left the hill at 3:30, and it was still jam packed at the lifts. Looking forward to seeing the 30cm dump of new snow in town tomorrow afternoon....
  6. All-Mountain Board Recommendations

    Like Blue B, I have ridden a lot of the older Winterstick Severe Terrains. I currently own 4 of them from the late 90's: a 159, a 162, a 164, and a 166. They can easily take plate bindings and hard boots- in fact, I have only ever used hard boots on my Severe Terrains. Severe Terrains smaller than 164 have tighter sidecuts, so they might get squirrelly if they are asked to lay a hard edge with aggressive carving. If I was buying a Winterstick today, I wouldn't hesitate to get one of the newer edition Severe Terrains, or a Seth Westcott pro model and ride them in hard boots. Geo
  7. So the stories I have heard about CASI Level III instructors are true- they CAN fly!
  8. I love, love Silverstar! I make it a point to stay up there whenever I’m in Vernon for work, since their hill has night skiing...check out the slackcountry stuff behind the hill if you get a chance...
  9. Heard in the lift line - 2017/2018

    I still have my Cypress Mountain proficiency card in my desk somewhere, if memory serves, it was from 1987...
  10. I turned around this AM after seeing the line up on the Cypress Mountain Road after the car drama... I’m planning to head back this afternoon after 4PM, with my Winterstick Swallowtail and a Prior ATV.
  11. Why do you call it a day ?

    Being from the Pacific Northwet, usually when hypothermia starts to kick in...
  12. carver vs non carver perspective

    Once when I was doing the “First Tracks” program at Whistler, I had a skier come up to me as we were in the lift line and say. “Are you the one making those deep ruts on the run? You should stop doing that, they are really dangerous!” ”Tell you what,”I replied, “How about I stop making those trenches on the slopes, when you guys stop making moguls?” He thought about that for a second, shrugged his shoulders and laughed and said, “Good point!”.
  13. Based on what I saw yesterday, you’ll be just as stylish and smooth after a couple of seasons... it’s not going to take 10-20 years of practice like it did for Boris and me... Welcome to the tribe! Geo
  14. B, what are you putting under yiur feet tonight? Me, I’m thinking about running a Prior FatJack 166, or my trusty Coiler 172 AM.
  15. Heading up tonight for 6PM... will report on conditions afterwards.