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  1. I'm afraid there won't be winter after this weekend. It might be the only churn chance we got!
  2. I was curious too! The website isn't the most helpful though.
  3. The Hampton inn in Greenfield is probably your best bet. It's about 20-30 min from the mountain!
  4. Ha ha yeah. We have snow right now! It's looking pretty warm for the next few days though.
  5. Yes customer service is on the same spot. I believe Cheryl Lawless is in charge.
  6. It won't be super busy compared to other resorts, but I can probably be there on Friday!
  7. Beast 2018

    Aw man. Sorry I couldn't make it up. Funds have been tight lately.
  8. Beast 2018

    I'll see what I can do!
  9. Madd BX 166 - "The Defibrillator"

    Dude! I wish I had the extra cash for this board!
  10. SOLD Madd 170

    Is the board still available? What kind of shape is it in?