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    Quebec, Canada
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    Val d'Irène, QC, Canada
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    Fullbag Boards Owner/Designer
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    Fullbag Hammerhead 181
    Fullbag Hammerhead 171
    Fullbag Lifer 166
    Fullbag Diamond Blade 163
    Fullbag Blunt Diamond 162
    Fullbag Blunt Diamond 156
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    2018 Burton Driver X 10.5 with older Scarpa powerwrap liners and custom powerstrap.
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    Ride El Hefe and Now Drive
    55cm stance with the Rides (canted footbeds)
    54cm stance on the Nows
    Front angle: 24° to 30°
    Rear angle: 3° to 12°
    Allways setback
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  1. Drake Podium FF

    Absolutely love the cants! Ended up with 4* front and 5* rear on one pair, and 4* on both feet on two other pairs. Reference stance on my boards is 54cm. That’s what I run with bindings without cants like the Now Drives. But with the El Hefes, I go 55cm or 55.5cm.
  2. Moss

    @Corran if you like tapered setback shapes and ever want to give a chance to a local Quebec company, please check us out. https://fullbag.com/
  3. Achy Knees

    Started doing this during the holidays with my knee gaskets too. Way more comfortable!
  4. Achy Knees

    I have been using the Smith Knee Gaskets for many years now. They have eliminated the pain I used to have while riding, which started when I hit the 40s. They are neoprene and have some gel padding around the knee cap. They keep my knees super warm, well supported and protected. Love them and cannot go riding without them. https://www.smithsafetygear.com/collections/skate/products/knee-gasket-black
  5. Burton Step On

    Driver X as varied a lot depending on year model but as always been stiffer then the Ion, in my experience.
  6. Burton Step On

    I know there's a Ion coming for 2019. I guess the Driver X will come for 2020 or later. Did they confirm to you the option of a top of hiback release system, and the moving of the mech lower and out of the way on the baseplate? Or are these your own wishes/solutions? Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your discusions with Burton on this.
  7. Burton Step On

    How did you lock the hiback?
  8. Hardbooter at Pyeongchang Paralympics

    I have tried this for awhile in the very early 90s. I was inspired to do it after seeing riders like Dave Dowd and Dave Lemieux riding similar setups.
  9. Burton Step On

    Tell them: - There is a market for a Driver X Step-On - That the release system should be at the top of the hiback like you and others did. -That the heelcup and mech should be higher for better carving clearance. - To add hiback rotation in the upper part (where forward lean adjusters are) or a wing option to compensate. - Make disks that go a bit higher in angle choice.
  10. Burton Step On

    Nice! I have seen a few of these mods done, but yours is the cleanest.
  11. Mech looks high enough for my style of riding (not into the body dragging stuff, personnally). What I don't get is why we are still dealing with low and thick heelcups on pretty much all bindings, except the Flow types...
  12. Thanks @Rob Stevens and @Corey for clarifying what I was trying to explain.
  13. I would love to see a Step-On version of the Driver X and give it a try, but I doubt I will see it any time soon. Although, they are coming out with the Ion next sesaon. But still too soft for me.
  14. If you saw me you would actually have a hard time believing I actually can ride. I am a very very very fat dude. Haaa! Haa! Ha! Simple solution to not having to sit down while using "traditional" strap bindings is to face uphill, strap in the front foot, kick the board in the snow a couple of times with the heelside edge to create a stable plateform, strap in the rear foot, release the heelside edge from the small dip/plateform and go.
  15. Who does? Haa! Ha! I often see this statement being made about softboots and strap bindings, and I don't get it. After 39 years of riding, I have never sat down to strap in and neither does any of my riding buddies.