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    Quebec, Canada
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    Val d'Irène, QC, Canada
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    Fullbag Boards Owner/Designer
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    Fullbag Hammerhead 181<br />
    Fullbag Hammerhead 171<br />
    Fullbag Lifer 166<br />
    Fullbag Diamond Blade 163<br />
    Fullbag Blunt Diamond 162<br />
    Fullbag Blunt Diamond 156
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    2014 Burton Driver X 10.5 with older Scarpa powerwrap liners and custom powerstrap.
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    Ride El Hefe and Now Drive<br />
    55cm stance with the Rides (canted footbeds)<br />
    54cm stance on the Nows<br />
    Front angle: 24° to 30°<br />
    Rear angle: 6° to 12°<br />
    Allways setback
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  1. fullbag

    Les boards ne sont pas conçus pour être ridés avec des fixations de bottes dures. Ceci étant dit, on a quelques clients qui ont ridés leur Hammerhead, Blunt Diamond et Diamond Blade comme ça sans problème jusqu'à date. Mais la majorité d'entre-eux sont rapidement revenu aux bottes molles, comme @Ernie00. À ma connaissance, un seul ride encore son board en bottes rigides (un Diamond Blade). J'ai trimbalé 3 paires de bottes et 5 boards pendant quelques années. C'était pas si pire que ça. Maintenant c'est une paire de bottes (des fois deux), et au moins 6 boards. LOL!!!
  2. fullbag

    Le nouveau line-up qui sera disponible cet automne:
  3. Currency climbing

    That's the problem right there. Small niche within an already small niche...
  4. Currency climbing

    Thanks @BlueB!!! New board is the Lightwave 147 cm with a 24.3 cm waist. Flat camber under feet and tail, with rockerd nose. Flex pattern similar to the Blunt Diamond but slightly softer overall. Geared towards women (or smaller men with smaller feet).
  5. Currency climbing

    Yeah, only a couple of Lifer 166 and Hammerhead 171 left and they are 20% off. New production run has new graphics across the lineup. And we are introducing a new board for women (or men with smaller feet).
  6. Currency climbing

    To sink the nose on the Hammerhead, you really have to make a major mistake. The nose has A LOT of surface area and a very low rise to maximize it, and not plow through soft snow but plane and slice. Combined with 20mm of taper, the swallowtail, and 6cm of setback, it pretty much always stays on top. Easiest board I have had to transition from groom to pow. No need to shift your weight back. you can stay centered, or even have forward bias, and the nose will stay on top. And no rear leg burn in deep pow, that's for sure.
  7. Currency climbing

    @Dan and @Lurch At todays exchange rate, Hammerhead 171 should come down to about $397 USD shipping included, +- a few bucks.
  8. Currency climbing

    Yeah, Louis is tall but kind of skinny... :) There has not been any import duties up to now thanks to NAFTA. Most goods made in the US and Canada can be imported by both countries without them. We ship all boards with the proper paperwork for it. But Mr. Trump is working hard to destroy this, so it might change soon.
  9. Currency climbing

    In the following video, the rider is a bit lighter than you Dan (140-145), and riding in softboots. It should give you a good idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQoO0W_U3gI
  10. Currency climbing

    No weight range really. I would qualify the flex as mid-stiff when ridden in softboots. I have all kinds of body shapes and weights on it, from a girl to myself (exxxxxtremely heavy).
  11. Currency climbing

    Time to buy a Fullbag before it is too late! LOL! A couple of Lifer 166 and Hammerhead 171 left and are 20% off right now with free shipping to the US (and Canada). https://fullbag.com/collections/snowsurfs Prices are in canadian pesos on the website...
  12. It started in Muskegon...

    I still have my Powdergun, but wouldn't dare to ride it now. I probably would break it in half... LOL!!! It is hanging in my living room wall now. I handle a Powderjet creation a couple of years back in a shop. It was closer to a Performer as it had the convex tail. And I was expecting a super flexy board, but it was actually pretty stiff when hand flexed (which doen't mean much anyway...).
  13. Forward lean on Bindings

    I always add one more notch of forward lean on my rear binding. It fits my position and stance better.
  14. Leg Burn

    A few Bomber members are riding my boards and have posted about it. If you do a search, you should find some info on here directly too.
  15. Leg Burn

    If you want a board with similar geometry that will hold your weight better in deep pow, or on the groomers to get there, you should check out the Fullbag Blunt Diamond 162. My buddies and me were big fans of the Fish 160, but the flex pattern did not work well for us (amongst other things). Nose kept folding right in front of the front binding. So after some brainstorming with them and riding some prototypes, the Blunt Diamond 162 was born. Great float and manoeuverability, no rear leg burn, more surface area, long low rise tip. If you need any info, let me know.