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  1. Beginner-friendly bindings

    Looking for some standard bindings that would work well for a 215lb beginner. 285mm sole length /26.5 boot.
  2. Newbie intec question

    @dredmanLooks like the screws thread directly into the plastic as far as I can tell. Here's the top view. How does installing the t-nuts work then? I'm assuming drill through those solid plastic circles and fit the nuts into the holes with the flange on the top side?
  3. Newbie intec question

  4. Newbie intec question

    I'm considering getting step in bindings for my first rig, so I took off the heel of one of my boots to check it out and this is what I saw (see attached): That little divot - which is on the lateral/outside side of the boot - is that showing me where I'm supposed to drill? If not, how do you know where to drill the hole? The boots are Raichle 125s FYI.
  5. Hello, I'm new and need some advice

    Bumping with another question. How standardized are boots and bindings? Will any boot fit any binding?
  6. Raichle 125 Boots - Mondo 26-26.5 - Excellent

    Are these still available?
  7. Hello, I'm new and need some advice

    @yamifumi thanks for the tips! I wasn't sure how smart/safe it was too size down on board length. So generally speaking, shorter length and smaller side cut radius = tighter turns?
  8. Hello, I'm new and need some advice

    I live in Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula. We get much more snow than the rest of the midwest (around 250-300 inches yearly) so we do get some amazing powder days but far more groomer days. I was thinking I'd keep the soft boot gear for powder days and potentially get a hard boot rig for groomer days. I'm just a little wary of the cost - I want to be sure I'm looking for the right things before pulling the trigger.
  9. Hey everyone. So I'm just finishing my first season snowboarding. I learned on a medium-flex rocker dominant board and I'm currently trying to decide between upgrading to a stiffer camber (softboot) board or buying an Alpine setup. I have zero interest in freestyle riding. All I want to do is carve and ride powder when possible. I've been reading up a bit on Alpine gear and it sounds like I need a board in the upper 170s lengthwise since I weigh around 215lbs. The thing is I also have weirdly short legs (28-29" inseam) and I'm worried about being able to even stand comfortably on a board that long. Anyway, I suppose I'm looking for tips on gear you think would be suitable for me, as well as any tips/reading/etc about switching from soft to hard boots. Thanks in advance!