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    Donek Knapton 160cm 29.5 cm waist 8.734 sidecut
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    K2 Thraxis
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    Rome Targa 15/-15
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  1. Size US 11 mens. The extra width is to layout carves duck footed without getting boot out. I was riding a 26.3cm waist before this one, but I couldn't get very low before boot out would launch me to the ground :\
  2. Would you recommend a plate for a first hard boot set up? I plan on getting boots/binding/board next year but I haven't found much info on plates yet.
  3. That is some really awesome advice. I have tweaked the high back to match the heel side edge in duck stance, but I did not even think about changing the forward lean independently. I will start to tweak on Tuesday and report back :) Alas, weekends its hard enough to get turns in let alone try new stuff...
  4. I think carving in general will always be less popular, but I have started to see more people carving. Watching others carve boards is what dragged me away from skiing. I just think that most people going to the mountain are looking for a leisure activity and are not actively trying to improve. I also notice that when riding with friends you end up going way to fast to actually work on your carving. Furthermore going back to greens, catching edges and feeling like a beginner all over again inst to enticing if you only get to snowboard 5 or 6 days out of the year.
  5. I am going to bring a drill up and try out some different stance lengths and some more forward angles. I would do it this weekend but Snowbird is way to busy on a weekend to try anything new out. Do you know what forward angles would be good to try on a softie set up?
  6. Here it is with a 58.5 cm stance.
  7. Alright, I will give the narrower angle another try. As far as board length I was riding a 163 before this board, but I like a little bit shorter to do flatland tricks on. The plan is to get a dedicated longer carving alpine board and hard boot set up next year, but i need to do some more research into hard boots, bindings and board. Thanks for the advice, its always appreciated :)
  8. I am not too tall, just 188 cm. I had my stance at 58.5 cm which was fine, but after playing around I found it easier to get low with a stance of 63.5 cm. With 15/-15 duck foot angles it feels pretty mobile and the board is super stiff which gives me a lot of pop out of turns. I did like a narrower stance with higher angles though.
  9. I just started snowboarding this year and carving has been my favorite thing to do so far. I got this board from Sean to carve in my soft boots and I am loving it so far. I tried forward angles and liked it, but I think I will stick to duck foot on this board and try to get a hard boot setup for next year. Specs are as follows Knapton Twin 160 cm length 29.5 cm waist width 8.734 m sidecut