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    The Netherlands
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    Silvretta Montafon
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    IT Consultant
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    Kessler Alpine 171
    F2 Speedster SL 163
    F2 Speedster GTS 163
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    Rossignol One Magtec 164
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    Deeluxe Track-225
    Salomon Malamute
    Burton Moto
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    F2 Speedster SL with F2 Race Titanium, no plates
    Kessler Alpine with F2 Race Titanium, no plates
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  1. 100% soft from '04 until '18. Going 100% hard from this year onward (soft setup is being sold as we speak).
  2. Lacroix Skwal with Catek Bindings

    Stumbled upon 2 skwal's while browsing eBay the other day. Located in the UK. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Skwal-Lacroix-X1-with-original-Lacroix-bindings-monocarver-extreme-carve/173126816401?hash=item284f299291:g:dYIAAOSwGBhabmFl https://www.ebay.com/itm/Skwal-Thias-Easy-Jungle-165cm-With-Thias-Bindings-monocarve-extreme-carving/173128694160?hash=item284f463990:g:alYAAOSwg31ab56T Both not mine, but perhaps worth a look if you're looking for a skwal..
  3. @SunSurfer thanks for the insights, and @Eric Brammer aka PSR thanks for the tip. I've contacted Oxess to ask them about the recommended rider weight for their default boards. Haven't seen the actual board yet, but if I decide to buy it I'm picking it up close to where I live so I can check the inserts.
  4. Hi guys! I have a question about board length/construction and rider weight. I'm approximately 185cm tall and weigh a little over 80kg (180lbs). Currently riding a 170 Kessler Alpine which feels fine for me. Besides that, I tried a 163 F2 Speedster GTS (the most flexible of speedsters) but it felt really, really flimsy underneath my feet. Now, I might be able to get my hands on an Oxess RS160 (160cm slalom board), which comes in Carbon, Titanal or Zebrano construction. Still figuring out what construction it is before attempting to buy. The Oxess site unfortunately doesn't share any information on recommended rider weights. All I found on the net is that Oxess standard boards are supposedly aimed at 70-80kg riders. Does anyone have experience with Oxess boards, or is there some magical formula on length/construction and rider weight? Also, is 160cm too short for me in the first place? My trainer recommended 163 but idk how much difference this would make... So many questions! Hope someone here can point me in the right direction..
  5. Love night riding

    Ah cool. I lived in Norway in 2003-2004 (attended a folkehøgskole to learn Norsk) and had visited a resort there south of Oslo... but it's been so long I have no idea which one it was haha. Might well have been this one!
  6. Love night riding

    Kongsberg... that's in Norway, right? What's the ski resort in these pictures called?
  7. 60/55 vs 55/50?

    One of the hardboot technique trainers here in the Netherlands set up my bindings on 45/48 and 490mm apart before my holiday. He's all about balance and zen and centering everything (including yourself) over the board. When I joined a clinic by him last year, my first time, he set them up at 55/50 but told me the trend was now to ride in lower angles. Idk about trends or whatever since I'm just starting out, but I do know that after some adjusting on my own part I liked the lower angles a lot. No sore spots, no burned legs, nothing. Was really afraid I'd get my boots in the snow by the way, but that hasn't happened... Yet.
  8. Grats on the deal!
  9. My 3rd day on hardboots

    The overall area is call Silvretta Montafon. That particular slope is in the Gargellen area within Montafon. It's a very nice, rather flat and wide blue slope. This video was taken in the last week of low season (idk if that's what it's called.. it means that most people are expected AFTER that week), so it was really really quiet there as you can see.
  10. My 3rd day on hardboots

    Thanks for the kind words guys. It's a shame I don't live close to any mountains (the Netherlands is known for its flatness lol), but I will be training indoors once a month until I get back into the snow next year! Also, will be reading and posting here obviously. Still can't really believe how much of a blast it was to be on that board. And how comfy it was too, had no pressure points at all after 4 full days on the slopes with those UPZ's.. Such fun!
  11. Hi everyone, First, I'd like to thank everyone for all the tips I got in the topics I created before my holiday in Austria. I was aiming for carving one or two turns this holiday, and then probably switching back to my softboot setup. But I loved the control on the hardboots so much that I ended up riding my entire holiday that way. Here's a short clip of me attempting to carve some turns. Bear with me, it's only been my 3rd day on this setup after softbooting for 10+ years. I know I should be lower towards the snow, and could be way more aggressive, but this was for me a huge achievement and way more than I hoped for when I started on the newbie-slope two days before. Especially since this run made me realize I enjoyed the hardboot setup more than any softboot setup that I've been on in the years before. So yeah, this is basically a big THANKS to everyone on this forum. Read lots before I went, practiced lots of J-turns on the baby-slope, and here is part of the results. :D PS: UPZ RC10 (2012 model), Kessler Alpine 171 with F2 RT bindings. I also did 3 turns on a 163 F2 Speedster GTS but it was too flexible for my likings.
  12. carver vs non carver perspective

    Code or no code, I see it as general decency to anticipate. I look out for other skiers/snowboarders both when I'm downhill and uphill. It's a small effort and it can save everyone a lot of trouble and irritation. Same thing goes for when we're in traffic; people should be anticipating on traffic in front of them, behind them and next to them. I never understood why people feel so much need to 'claim their space', while there is so much space to share. Just seems to me that some people a specific bit of common sense when it comes to skiing/snowboarding. Or participating in traffic for that matter..
  13. Internet famous...

    Nice! Looks like you made a good impression