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  1. Yo Lci!!

    We absolutely ruined some perfectly good snow today. Mario and Odd Job digging deep. Get better Pete! Looking forward to next season.
  2. Today's trench warfare

    Today at Loveland. Riders Big Mario and Odd Job WOOOOOOOSHHHHH WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  3. Hardboot beginner issues

    I'm not here to be helpful, but that is a very aggressive board for a beginner. Like learning to dirtbike on a CR500. If I were to try anything different it would definitely be a wider softer board.
  4. Thirst 7WARP superconductor

    Good review BWD. I've been eyeing one for a while so as soon as the funds come up imma have to get one.
  5. Yo Lci!!

    I combed through those vids and got some good stuff. I want more though before stitching something together. See y'all Sunday!
  6. Another Giffy Gif

    Little clip from the other day. Ink, still trying to work on carrying speed through turns. I tried some switch toes and ate it but imma keep trying.
  7. Eyeing up a jump

    Got this screen grab from the setup for a jump the other day. My mom thinks it's cool so I thought I would share. Video of LCI crew to come when I get more footage.
  8. Beaver Creek!!!

    Mon Tue Wed at keystone?
  9. Yo Lci!!

    It's tough today. Spring breakers are making life difficult. Lot was full by 10 on a Tuesday and nobody knows what they are doing. On a the other side of the coin, the snow is f-ing amazing. Chalk with a lovely layer on top. I just wish I could utilize it. Think happy turns. Think happy turns. Think happy turns.
  10. UPZ RC 11 vs HSP: New Boot Dilemma

    I liked everything about the T700 better than the UPZ except how they fit my foot. I just couldn't get them to fit right. Sold them to a member here that was using HSP for years and he really likes them. The UPZ are nice and adjustable but it took quite some time to adjust to the flex and what not.
  11. Little rock drop and bottom turn

    Thanks! You ride summit don't you? I'm in Silverthorne. Let's make some turns!
  12. Little rock drop and bottom turn

    Sure thing. 163 long 20 wide 10.5m sidecut. I bought it from a member here that had it custom made but it feels like it was made for me. I ride it everywhere except trees because it's hard to keep enough speed to decamber it. It's my go-to.
  13. Yo Lci!!

    I can. Not sure where. If rachel wants to ski we have to go to Loveland. If not I was thinking A Basin
  14. Snowfall in Colorado?

    Been slow but picking up. A basin, Loveland and copper have really good coverage. Haven't been to Keystone in a few weeks or Vail at all this season. Carving is really good all around but trees and the really steep stuff are mostly ride at your own risk.
  15. Little rock drop and bottom turn

    Thanks. It is a custom proteus