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    Killington, Vermont
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    Killington Mountain
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    Donek rev 175 a few burton alps from the early 90's and a Kessler
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    Upz rc10 before the upz's reichle 124's
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    f2 race titanium
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  1. Do you use a stomp pad?

    I went to whaleback on my alpine board with out a stomp pad on a donek rev 175 with a p Tex top sheep. Can you guess what happened next? It's good to see other people on here that go to whaleback!
  2. Deeluxe boots breaking

    It kinda just ripped a metal pin of of the whole mechanism to the point where I would have to buy a new cuff. My coach said it had happened to him but doesn't happen often. I used a friends upz rc10 with black tongue and they were amazing. So instead of replacing parts I just got some upz's. In the end it was most likely the 100 lb bag I was carrying.
  3. Deeluxe boots breaking

    Last weak I was riding back to my condo from a race with a heavy bag. So, since it was full of waxing equipment the bag was naturally heavy. I had some deeluxe 425's and was laying out some carves. I had a heavy bag on so it was nothing to crazy. I went in for a layed out toe side carve and folded the tongue and blue out the walk mode. I think it was mainly the bags fault but I don't really know. Has this happened to anyone else?
  4. UPZ RC-10 Modifications

    Get a BOOSTER it's for ski boots but works amazing!!!
  5. Deeluxe vs upz

    Upz vs deeluxe!!!!