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  1. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    I know a guy who knows a guy with a Donek shaped hole in his quiver that this would fill :)
  2. 2017-2018 season prep thread.

    Using that same cycling analog, all elite road riders should be great down hill mountain bikers too.... :) I have no doubt it"s my technique AG; and practice makes perfect, but try as I may I just can't seem to get the overnight grooming crew to leave me 20 in of Teton blower every night to hone my skills (although last season was almost that!). Still, if means suffering smoked quads and a terrible thirst, I'm willing to persevere!
  3. 2017-2018 season prep thread.

    I'm with you Jim; pow destroys me - I think its the constant lack of push back'feel' from the board that does me over - a reflex of always trying to find bottom (which makes zero sense)
  4. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Guessing that box of ammo is surplus to requirements when you're packin' a Death Star Monster and a fleet of Stealth bombers....
  5. Minds in the Water

    hmmm, maybe you could just flip the saltwater rig upside down, bolt up some TD3s and ride it as is - a swiss army board!
  6. Minds in the Water

    I like your thinking but suspect the foil would need to be mighty large!
  7. Utah: Best SL Resort for Carving?

    +1 on PowMow, but it would be close to double the travel time for justk from PC - makes for a real early start.
  8. Currency climbing

    Eric it sounds like I need to hunt down a 17-ish tanker too! :)
  9. Utah: Best SL Resort for Carving?

    Not sure I'd classify it as 'not all that great' (anywhere that racks 500in is pretty good in my book) but I get that it can be a bit stop-start & hard to get a flow. And the nazi resort is next door.....
  10. Utah: Best SL Resort for Carving?

    IMO Solitude will be the least crowded and grooming is pretty good; anything off Eagle is fun and there is a bit of a carving crew there. You can usually get 4-5 clean runs in if you hit first chair. On the downside, they hosted the FIS BX race there last year and the course really squeezed the space up, so it will pay to investigate if that will be on again this year..... I might have been more forgiving if they opened the course up to regular punters one the racing was done - some of the berms were awesome :) Brighton much busier, but running off Great Western can be good mid-week (and there is always the night session). The Bird is ok too, but the drive up LCC can be a real hassle.
  11. Currency climbing

    Dan I've often thought a board that was soft longitudinally (i.e front to back) but with good torsional stiffness would be ideal for exactly the circumstances you describe. Not sure if that is actually possible from a manufacturing standpoint, but I would be interested to know.
  12. Currency climbing

    Thanks Eric - I have not seen Mig in action (cue a google session) but sounds like you think his boards should be burly enough for us more "genetically robust" folk :) and great value to boot. I've always wanted a Swallowtail; could be time to bite the bullet and damn the torpedoes.....
  13. Currency climbing

    Hey Mig what is the weight range for the 171 H/head?
  14. Deeluxe Track 700 M27 BTS and parts-SOLD

    Hey Geofff BTS kit arrived safely today thanks..Appreciate the quick post. Cheers
  15. First time in Alberta

    Oh dear - you have just guaranteed an epic Oct opening and miserable late season - you are going to have to burn a board to placate Ullr!! :)