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  1. A post of @Beckmann AG in the "Anyone want to buy Bomber" thread got me thinking: I know I would spend a significant portion of my boarding-related budget on instruction rather than gear, if only I could find some (at least semi-qualified) instruction. Using older gear more effectively is way more rewarding than repeating the same bad habits on a new piece of kit. I've had quite a bit of skiing instruction from ages 5 until my mid-20's, which has given me some context to self-critique my hardboot riding and hopefully catch bad habits as they develop before they get cemented into muscle memory, but an hour with someone who can break things down and suggest a few key things to work on is worth multiple seasons of riding by yourself. Hell, if I could even get someone to shoot vid of me from time to time I'd be way ahead of the game. Is there anyone in the PDX area who has some experience as an instructor who would be willing to do a few paid sessions a month at Meadows, mid-week nights from 6 to 9? Your experience wouldn't necessarily have to be as a snowboard instructor, some history as ski instructor would be OK if you're currently an active harbooter. It would ideally be at Meadows, as that's where I have a season's pass. I wonder about the efficacy of time spent with even a very talented rider with no formal instruction experience. I've found from my ski days that a lot of very good riders without some training in instruction can't articulate what another rider needs to do in order to progress. I've asked at the ski school at Meadows several times last year about this, but convinced that route is a dead end. A couple of the staff were like "I used to carve, it was awesome. Haven't done it in over 10 years..."
  2. new board help

    Something to consider about the SG FullCarve vs FullRace: I remember reading somewhere (but for the life of me can‘t find it again) that Sigi himself doesn’t freeride on the FullRace lineup, but only uses them for racing and training. Purely anecdotal, can’t substantiate it.
  3. Edge tools, which ones?

    I find that when I use a wax wizard, I can generate a fair bit of force along the board as well as down into it. The rubber pads seem to provide enough friction so that the board doesn't slide. I can imagine with sawhorses that I'd be tipping the horses over if I wasn't careful, whereas the vises mount securely to a surface. I have a large stuffed chair that I used to use before I scored this wintersteiger vise, and it worked well when I threw a yoga mat over the arms, but it's in the living room and working in the shared space with the rest of the family unit was a bit disruptive. And it's hard to sneak hotel chairs out of the lobby, past security, and into the van.
  4. Boiler Plate System

    If you're still looking, I've just listed one:
  5. ps. the white mark in the upper-left of the top shot is not a scratch, it's a reflection of the label of the board sleeve behind the plate. (Black high-gloss surfaces are such a pain....) Here's another more high-rez shot of that same area.
  6. For sale is a Bomber 4mm Lite Boiler Plate v2, purchased from Bomber in April of 2017. Has the 4x4 lowers, and includes all hardware and a wunderbar alignment tool. As much as I've liked riding this plate, I'd rather have the funds for another board I've got my eye on. $350 USD + shipping, Paypal and CONUS only please.
  7. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Jeez, that's all I need. A board that would constantly and subliminally say "Sorry, I can't do that Dave".
  8. Edge tools, which ones?

    Sold all my ski tuning tools decades ago and just getting back into doing my own edge work, so I'm slowly acquiring tools as needed. Like @st_lupo, I also use a swix fixed guide, hard to go wrong with something as simple as this, and you never have to wonder if you've reset an adjustable tool back to exactly the same angle as the last time you took a pass on a board. And I like the Diaface diamond stones for maintenance, have a 200 and 400 grit as well. Haven't had to do my base edges yet, but I'd probably go with the Beast base tool as recommended by @Keenan, same philosophy of fixed-angle tools never leading you astray.
  9. New Binding purchase assistance

    This makes me wonder if the Kessler bindings differ in any significant way from the F2 Race titaniums, or if they’re just rebranded F2s. The image shows a pozidrive head in the toe piece. http://www.kessler-swiss.com/en-US/products/snowboard/snowboardBindings
  10. New Binding purchase assistance

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy something off the website of an established and well-known European vendor like SG; if we didn't have the awesome custom options in NA offered by Donek, Coiler, Thirst, etc., (and I had the budget, maybe next year...), I'd certainly be looking at buying a FullCarve 163 from them. But €350 for the bindings (~$430 US), + shipping? Ouch. As much as I dislike pozidriv and wish the h/w on the F2s was 4mm hex, that's a hard argument to win (for me). They do seem nice though. And I curse every time I have to move the toe/heel blocks all the way to expose the bolt heads on the F2s.
  11. New Binding purchase assistance

    I see your profile says you’re in New Mexico. Where do you buy these in North America, do you get them from European sites and pay shipping and duty?
  12. New Binding purchase assistance

    With the UPZ internal boot ramp in the heel it works out to not as much lift as it looks. Do you wear Deeluxe or HSPs? Going with this setup (extra flat stack) in front and rear toe has been the missing piece for me in getting dialed in. Up until now this season for the first 13 days I was wiped by 9000 feet of vertical. I’ve got two days on this new setup, first day was 11.5k and still had gas in the tank, today was 18.5k, rode until the lifts closed and could have kept going.