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  1. Banff/Nakiska 2017/2018

    Hey I looked at the Nakiska website earlier and it looked like everything was open. Here's hoping it stays that way!
  2. SOLD- Nice and Rare Burton 135cm kids race board

    Sent you a PM
  3. YYZ Canuck.. Great People, Great Service.

    They totally helped me out last year with some bindings. Great people, service and products.
  4. Banff/Nakiska 2017/2018

    I was up there with my kids on Sunday, soft bootin it. The conditions on Sunday seem better than Saturday, it was actually pretty good. Mapmaker was in mid season form I would say. They usually (or at least used to) blow this run first so it could be used for pre-season training, I am thinking that they still do that and open it to the public on the weekends to catch some more revenue. We didn't check out the glades (my boys are 7 and 9), but it looked like there was lots of snow elsewhere up top. It was super crowded on the one run, but lots of fun and no rocks. I wouldn't be comfortable on plates in that type of crowd, but I did see someone leaving with a carving board as we got there at noon. It certainly met (and probably exceeded) my expectations for getting a few turns in on the first weekend in November.
  5. OES 161, F2 Intek Bindings, Deeluxe T700 28.5 Boots

    Hey I sent you a PM about the bindings. Thanks!