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    Home Mountain is Massanutten
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    Never Summer Chairman 160, Never Summer Rip Saw 156, Never Summer Warlock 156, Burton Alpine 167
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    Thirty-Two Double Boas (trying to find Deeluxe or Head Hard boots in a 28 Mondo)
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    Union Scott Stevens Contacts, Union T. Rice Contact Pros, Burton Mission, GNU Psych
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  1. I’ll tell mom that I’d like to get there early for a couple runs with you, if you’re still going to come with the expected weather. If you’ll let me know Friday night by 9 pm that would be great.
  2. I’ve got BX races during the day. Haven’t seen a schedule so not sure when they expect to be done. Hopefully it works out.
  3. Hey. Weather is looking to be rainy right now, but I’ll still bring my volk rentiger to ride just in case. Hopefully the weather will improve and you can come out.
  4. Would that be Appalachian Ski in Blowing Rock, NC? im coming down there for a BX race the last weekend in January
  5. ISO Race Plate for 163 Oxess

    Looking for a race plate that will work on my 163 Oxess. Jr racer looking for gear.
  6. ISO Catek OS2 bindings

    I meant we could work it out when you get back since I'm not home if they show up. Didn't want you to have to take them with you.
  7. ISO Catek OS2 bindings

    We’ve been traveling all day, so just noticed this. I can wait until after Christmas as I am away too.
  8. ISO Catek OS2 bindings

    Sorry to be slow answering but this just showed up on my email. I wear a 28 so it looks like it will work for me. Im interested in purchasing. Can you reconfirm the price?
  9. ISO Catek OS2 bindings

    Some questions because I’m not advise familiar with the Cateks. Long plates are the size right? What size range of boots does it fit? i know you said it comes with the standard Elastomers but can I upgrade them to the others at a later date or does this only work with the standard ones? very interested. Thanks for replying and look forward to hearing back.
  10. ISO Catek OS2 bindings

    Bump ... still looking
  11. BTS Manual Instructions

    Hello, I seem to have misplaced my BTS instructions to put them on my boots. Can anyone scan me a copy or send me a link?
  12. We may head down for a BX race down at App Ski Mtn this season but USASA Southeastern Series doesn’t even hold SL and GS Races. It’s why I asked once Bomber came back up.
  13. Agree. Mondo 28s are the toughest boot size to find.
  14. Just as an FYI, eBay has the 69s brand new with a basic liner for $242.15 and free shipping
  15. 2 Oxess 163 SBX boards

    Is the still available? Is the nose and tail a medium or competition? Is this a glass, carbon, to titanial carbon? What is the cost shipped to 22554? I'm a junior rider looking to step up.