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    Stafford, VA
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    Home Mountain is Massanutten
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    Never Summer Chairman 160, Never Summer Rip Saw 156, Never Summer Warlock 156, Burton Alpine 167
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    Thirty-Two Double Boas (trying to find Deeluxe or Head Hard boots in a 28 Mondo)
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    Union Scott Stevens Contacts, Union T. Rice Contact Pros, Burton Mission, GNU Psych
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  1. Demo Boards on Sale!

    Can I get additional info on the 159 Oxess. Jr rider with USASA and compete heavily in BX, GS and SL. Would like info on condition, sizing, pics if available. Looking to move up to a better BX board
  2. Burton Wind Hardboots

    If they are 27 Mondos I would like to purchase ... confused by the size range provided ... also shipping to 22554
  3. Kessler Summer Sale!

    PM Sent
  4. 5 Prior and Swoard boards for sale

    PM Sent
  5. Take 2

  6. TD2 Stepin Receivers - PRICE DROP

    Are these to modify Standard TD2s to be step-ins?
  7. ISO Slalom Race Board (162ish)

    Got one! Thanks to everyone that replied and gave me advice.
  8. SOLD TD2 standard SOLD

    Sending PM
  9. OES 161, F2 Intek Bindings, Deeluxe T700 28.5 Boots

    What is the waist on this board? Stiffness, I am a light weighted, but strong rider?
  10. Elan Speedball 157, Head Stratos Pro boots

    What size are the bindings? Will they fit a 28 mondo?
  11. ISO Slalom Race Board (162ish)

    Sent PMs or emails to those responding
  12. ISO Slalom Race Board (162ish)

    Rider is light around 120-130 with gear on. Very strong athletic rider. Placed 18th in Jr men on a regular snowboard at USASA this season in Slalom.
  13. ISO Slalom Race Board (162ish)

    Looking for a Slalom race board. Already have a GS board. Looking for something around a 162 or shorter but built for a lighter rider. Will be using hard boots with it. If it comes with bindings, no step ins. Please provide pics, specs, and price including shipping to zip code 22554.
  14. SOLD TD2 step in or clip in your choice

    PM sent
  15. Hey, A friend of mine and I are headed to showshoe, WV this weekend. We are a couple of youth riders trying to make the transition to hard boots for racing Alpine with USASA (getting in some practice before Nationals in a couple weeks out at Copper). If anyone is going to be out there we would love to ride with you and get some pointers. With so few coaches in the area with any hard boot experience, we are finding it hard to get good training on them and could benefit from riding with some experienced riders if you had the time.